Mistrial declared in columbiner plot (UPDATE: Retrial scheduled)

Mistrial declared in columbiner plot
John L Schultz IV

This past Wednesday in Rochester, Indiana, a mistrial was declared in the trial of John L Schultz IV. Schultz, along with his cohort Donald V. Robin Jr., were arrested last summer for allegedly plotting a school shooting against an area high school.

Schultz and Robin were both columbiners who had complimenting Columbine tattoos. They referred to themselves as ‘Reb’ and ‘Vodka’, the nicknames that the Columbine cowards had given themselves. Both were said to have used pictures of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as their Facebook profile pics.

A search of their computers turned up web queries about trying to buy a gun from a pawn shop while underage, how to conceal a gun in a trench coat, and how to steal a propane tank. Propane tanks were planted at Columbine as homemade bombs that never detonated.

Both suspects were charged with conspiracy to commit murder, however, Robin pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to 17-years behind bars with nine years suspended. In return, he testified against Schultz.

At Schultz’s trial, the jury became deadlocked as they could not unanimously agree on a verdict for two of the three charges against him. Those charges were conspiracy to commit murder, intimidation, and possession of methamphetamine. It was a lone juror who dissented on two of the charges. It was not made public which charges they were.

The prosecution is adamant about retrying Schultz…

“I anticipate it being retried,” said Fulton County Prosecutor Michael Marrs. “We’re not dismissing it that’s for damn sure. If you go down this road of making threats or doing anything and you cross the line to where it’s criminal were going to come after you and we don’t care who you are.”

Meanwhile, Schultz’s attorney claims his client is innocent since no formal plan was ever written down. While it’s not technically a written out plot, I think the graffiti in Schultz’s room goes a long way in showing intent.

Neither side expects a plea deal to be extended. A new trial date is expected to be announced during a pretrial conference scheduled for August 9th.

UPDATE 8/10/2021: A retrial has been scheduled for December 13th.

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