Has Alberto Del Rio’s trial date been rescheduled again?

Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan aka Alberto Del Rio

You can catch up on my posts about former WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio here. The tl;dr version is Del Rio is accused of allegedly sexually assaulting and physically abusing his then-girlfriend at his Bexar County, Texas home.

The last I posted about Del Rio, the news said that he was scheduled to go to trial on August 2nd. As of two hours ago, the 2nd came and went with no new news on Del Rio. I checked the usual wrestling websites that I trust about reporting real news, and they had nothing.

Then I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to the Bexar County Courts website, and I was able to find the case details for Del Rio’s trial. This is publicly available information, by the way. Anyway, the only things listed for 8/2/21 were noted as ‘trial date set’ and ‘awaiting trial’. I’ve included a PDF of the case details below.

I have to plead ignorance in these matters, as the only times I’ve been to court were for a lawsuit my mom filed after a car accident and my divorce. Do these notations really mean that the trial has been rescheduled again? For that matter, if they were rescheduled, why?

Maybe by later today, we’ll hear some official word on what really went down. However, for now, it doesn’t seem like the charges have been dropped yet like Del Rio keeps claiming. He’s looking at a potential life sentence if convicted.

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