Dude with ‘Love’ tattooed on his head, charged with molesting girl from Snapchat

Dude with 'Love' tattooed on his head, charged with molesting girl from Snapchat
William Caldwel Stewart

20-year-old William Caldwell Stewart is facing both state and federal charges for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old girl he met through Snapchat. Stewart is believed to have picked up the girl from her Pennsylvania home the night before her family reported her missing.

It appears that Stewart knew what he was doing was wrong, as he brought a wig for the girl to wear as a disguise. That’s some high-level predator shit right there.

Stewart’s main goal seemed to be to get the girl to his grandparents’ home in Tiverton, Rhode Island. However, before arriving there, Stewart was said to have made stops in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and a multiple night stop at a Connecticut motel. It was during this trip that it’s believed Stewart had engaged in sexual contact multiple times with his victim. The victim told police that Stewart allegedly shot up heroin, and that the pair had smoked crack and drank during the trip. Stewart was also said to have had a knife that he allegedly used to prevent the victim from leaving.

After Stewart and his victim reached Tiverton, police came to the house where Stewart was staying in the basement, naturally. Police had received a tip after the victim had reached out to a friend for help on Snapchat.

Since Stewart crossed multiple state lines while traveling with a minor, he’s facing charges in Rhode Island and on the federal level. The federal charges for Stewart are transportation of a minor with intent for criminal sexual activity, interstate travel with intent to engage illicit sexual conduct, and coercion/enticement of a minor to engage illicit sexual act. 

I’m not directing this at this girl’s parents because I don’t know the situation at this girl’s home. However, if you want to prevent one of your kids from ending up in the hands of a face-tattooed smack addict, you may want to learn how to enable parental controls on your kids’ social media. On Snapchat specifically, you probably want to make sure that your kid’s profile is set to private, so they can only communicate with family and friends and not have strangers showing up in their inboxes.

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