Mass. man convicted for Kik kreeping on 10-year-old TN girl

Mass. man convicted for Kik kreeping on 10-year-old TN girl
Nicholas Nassif Hayek

Before we even get started, how sad is it that I had to check to make sure this wasn’t a duplicate story?

Anyway, 22-year-old Nicholas Nassif Hayek of Leominster, Mass, was recently convicted on five counts of sexual exploitation of a child. Hayek was arrested in 2018 after exchanging nude photos with a 10-year-old Tennessee girl. Again, not a typo. The girl was ten, X, diez, dix, 10^1, etc. But wait, it gets worse.

Hayek first approached the girl on Instagram before moving the conversation to mobile messaging app Kik. And why would someone like this want to move the conversation to Kik? Say it with me now. Because Kik is full of sex offenderspedophileschild porn collectors, and child traffickers. I should have that put to music.

The girl’s mother discovered the messages between the girl and Hayek. In the messages, Hayek convinced the girl to send explicit pictures of herself to Hayek over Kik.

Federal investigators took over the conversation, posing as the girl. Hayek asked the girl for more images and said he wanted to ‘make love’ to the girl. For those of you who don’t get it, and you’d be surprised how many of them there are, a 10-year-old can not, in any way shape or form, consent to any sexual activity.

And for parents who don’t get it, 10-year-olds have no business being on Instagram, let alone Kik. They don’t need a phone to access any of these apps. If a device, like a tablet or iPad, has a camera and internet connectivity, it can access these apps. And if they can access these apps, predators can access your children.

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  1. How much time in jail did Alex j Harrison received for shaving off the girls here and beating her severely with 50 lashes of a belt update where is the girl today who does she live with how is her mental status is there an update for that child

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