Was the Plymouth mass shooting an incel attack? It most definitely was.

I wasn’t expecting to write another story about incels so soon, yet here we are. If you’re unaware of the incel subculture, you’re in for real treat. Incel is a portmanteau of ‘involuntary celibate’. They’re mostly young white men who believe they’ll never find love because in their words they lost the genetic lottery. They believe the only way to find love is if you’re over 6′ tall, have a chiseled jaw, and lots of money. Rather than work on themselves, they lay the blame squarely on women, only referring to women as females, femoids, and foids. They believe it’s their right for women to have sex with them. They mostly all hangout on the same incel forum, where they discuss their violent tendencies toward women. They even have their own language using terms like Chad, Stacey, blackpilled, wristcels, and mogged. This is only the briefest of overviews about incel culture.

A number of admitted incels have committed mass murder in North America. Tragically, last week, it was the UK’s turn.

Last week, in the English city of Plymouth, 22-year-old Jake Davison shot and killed five people before turning his shotgun on himself and taking the coward’s way out. Davison had a YouTube channel where he would frequently discuss his virginity. While not coming right out and admitting he was an incel, he would use terms like ‘Chad’ and ‘blackpilled’ which is how you can tell someone you’re an incel without saying you’re an incel. Davison was also said to have subscribed to other incel YouTube channels.

Not surprisingly, Davison was a fan of right-wing American politics and was a fan of the tangerine-tinged sex pest we used to have for a president. He’s even believed to have bought into many of the QAnon conspiracy theories as well.

Davison’s first victim was his own mother. He is said to have stormed the home of 51-year-old Maxine Davison, where he shot her to death. He then shot and killed 43-year-old Lee Martyn, who was walking with his 3-year-old daughter, Sophie Martyn. Davison killed her too. His next victims were 59-year-old dog walker Stephen Washington and 66-year-old Kate Shepherd, who was just outside of a hair salon.

The shotgun used in the attack was legally owned by Davison. In England, it’s legal to own hunting guns like sporting rifles and shotguns. Davison’s mother was said to have asked police to do a welfare check on Davison and get him to mental health treatment. However, Davison was allowed to keep his shotgun. Davison had previously said that he blamed his mother for him being a virgin. If this wasn’t such a tragic situation, I’d be interested to know the mental gymnastics that Davison used to come up with that conclusion. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say he probably resented his mother for getting pregnant by his father, which is how he ended up looking like he did. There is no logic to incels, only hate.

So, how is the incel community reacting to this mass killing? About as misanthropic as you might expect. I found this gem on the Subreddit r/inceltear which is an anti-incel Subreddit.

You can read the entire diatribe here.

Incels terrify me, but not for the reason you might think. Back in the 80s, I was a skinny, gawky, socially awkward kid, who didn’t have a whole lot of luck with the fairer sex. However, what I didn’t do was blame women for my lack of game. It scares me to think that if the internet was around back then that I might have fallen into the incel trap. If I did, though, I’m sure my dad would have set my ass straight.

As I replied to one incel’s comment on my YouTube channel, I believe that true change can only occur through life experience, and I hope these incels experience that change for the better before they hurt someone. Until then, they need to treated as a hate group and social media platforms need to stop letting them preach their impotent gospels of hate.

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