Plymouth UK incel was a Reddit creeper

It should really come as no surprise that Jake Davison liked to creep on underage girls on Reddit. The 22-year-old Davison was, for all intents and purposes, the incel who went on a shooting spree in the English city of Plymouth, killing five, including his own mother and a 3-year-old girl.

A recent report has surfaced that indicates Davison sexually harassed a 16-year-old girl on Reddit.

“[A]m i not entitled to my big titty 16 18 year old GF?? I don’t pursue girls that age. But for example if i were to walk into my room and find a 16 year old spread wide on my bed yeah i would have sex with her.” Davison messaged the un-named teenager.

He also said that the hypothetical interaction between the 16 and 22-year-old wouldn’t be problematic, as “in the uk its legal.”

Ugh. I’m not looking forward to reading that on the podcast.

Anyway, it’s believed that because of this interaction, Davison was banned from Reddit. The ban took place the day before Davison went on his killing spree.

Could Davison’s Reddit ban have been the motivating factor behind the shooting? I wouldn’t say it was the sole factor, but from what I’ve seen of incels on Reddit, it could have been a contributing factor.

Reddit was the first place I’m aware of that incels started gathering online. In 2017, Reddit banned the Subreddit r/incel for promoting violence against women. Most of Reddit’s incels then started their own community free of Reddit’s rules. That’s not to say that Reddit still doesn’t have its share of incels. Just recently, the incel-adjacent Subreddit r/MGTOW was banned. That stands for Men Going Their Own Way, which is basically a fancy term for incel-lite. However, MGTOWs are probably more incel than they think, since they were banned on Reddit for the same reasons r/incels was.

You can also find incels in just about any Subreddit on the platform. If they’re not harassing women for only dating Chads, they’re sexually harassing women and girls. I forget where I heard this, but someone once said that incels are like dogs that chase cars. What are they going to do when they finally get one?

The Reddit incels have to talk about their inceldom no matter the situation. It literally permeates every fiber of their being and defines who they are. On top of that, they can’t live without their precious Reddit. When they get banned, they make new accounts which also get banned and the cycle continues. Their compulsion is disturbing at best and downright pathological at worst.

What really concerns me about incels more than any other internet subculture is just how many of them there are. I’m not worried about some ‘blackpilled’ revolution or anything like that. However, if their numbers continue to grow, I’m afraid we may see more frequent killing sprees committed by incels.

All of this hate and violence just because they can’t get a girlfriend, and they can’t get a girlfriend because of all their hate and violence.

One thought on “Plymouth UK incel was a Reddit creeper”

  1. My experience with MGTOWs, MRAs and incels places them all more or less in the same category, namely as miscreant scum. They all want to treat women as objects for gratification and have a huge entitlement complex.

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