Alberto Del Rio trial rescheduled, still acts like he’s the victim

Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan aka Alberto Del Rio

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, the trial for former WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio, real name Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan, has been rescheduled for October 25, 2021. This coincides with what has been published on the official Bexar County, Texas court docket.

As you can see, Del Rio was originally supposed to go to trial on August 2nd, but once again, his date with the court has been extended.

If you’re new to the story, Del Rio was arrested in May of lat year for allegedly sexually assaulting and physically abusing his then-girlfriend at his Bexar County home. Del Rio allegedly accused the woman of cheating on him and subjected her to hours of violence. The victim claimed that Del Rio tied her hands with boxing straps, stuck a sock in her mouth, and sexually assaulted her with various objects. He is also said to have threatened his victim by telling her if she cried, he’d drop her son off in the middle of nowhere. The victim was also said to have various injuries on her back from Del Rio repeatedly punching her.

Like most abusers, Del Rio has been acting like he’s the victim ever since his arrest. As I’ve previously mentioned, the victim, who was said to speak little English, issued an apology on Instagram that said, “An apology to the Rodriguez del Rio family for the damages caused by my mistakes.” Since that so-called apology that doesn’t sound coerced at all, anytime Del Rio is asked about his court case, he claims that the charges are set to be dropped. He’s been doing this since at least late last year.

And today is no different. Recently, Del Rio gave an interview that was conducted by Cageside Seats. He’s still claiming that the charges are set to be dropped, but his attitude has changed a little bit.

“It’s still going. It’s still pending. But we’re just waiting. Everything is looking good. I have said what I needed to say in the past. Unfortunately, I can no longer talk about it because every time I say something, it affects my case,” El Patron tells Cageside Seats’s Shakiel Mahjouri. “I went out and I said what I was approved to say. That ended up hurting me a little bit. All I can say is that the truth always comes to light. We’re doing good.

Del Rio continues…

“My legal team is doing a fantastic job. It’s just a matter of time. It’s really difficult for me and my family to hear those things. Everybody talks about the five years to life in prison. That sounds horrible, but why does nobody say, ‘Or he’s going to be proven innocent.’ I have already said it. She has already withdrawn her charges. He has already talked to the DA’s [District Attorney’s] office and told them the truth. She apologized and gave us a public apology and everything. Everything people need to know is out there. I share a lot of stuff in the past but unfortunately, I can’t talk about it. What was supposed to be over last week got delayed because somebody got upset and I understand [it]. Me being me, a high-profile case. It’s difficult. As I said in my previous interviews, call me whatever, but I didn’t do any of those things.”

El Patron explains why the Bexar County District Attorney still has the case open despite his ex-partner’s status.

“It doesn’t matter. When it comes to cases like that, especially with the women’s movement and everything going on when it comes to family law, it doesn’t matter if I drop the charges or she drops the charges. The state follows it and it doesn’t end until the state says that it’s over,” he says. “It doesn’t matter if someone goes and drops the charges. It’s up to the state to decide when this is over. To me, I just respect the law in the great state of Texas. To me, it shouldn’t be like that.”

He sounds like a Men’s Rights Activist, or MRA for short. They’re kind of like incels, except they’ve had sex but still believe that it’s harder for men in society.

Cageside Seats even reached out to Del Rio’s attorney, Keith McMahon, and he had this to say…

“While we expect the DA to dismiss the case after they perform their due diligence he cannot commit to that any further at this time,” McMahon wrote.

I wonder why Del Rio’s bravado has suddenly curtailed. I mean, he still sounds like an egotistical ass, but a little bit less of one in this interview. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope in this case that there could be a Del Rio conviction.

So, why do I think Del Rio is guilty? First off, he has a history of erratic and violent behavior in the wrestling industry. You’re not really supposed to injure anybody in pro wrestling, but Del Rio has been known to not only take liberties in the ring, but has also assaulted a non-wrestling WWE employee. In that instance, Del Rio also claimed to be the victim. He’s burned so many bridges in the American wrestling world due to his erratic behavior that he’s almost unhirable. Of course, he tends to blame his problems in the wrestling industry on everybody but himself.

His tumultuous relationship with former WWE women’s champion Paige has been well documented. Just last month, he’s threatened to ruin her life and expose secrets that are supposedly being kept under a confidentiality agreement. This man, and I use that term loosely, does not sound like a victim in any way shape or form.

Then there are the details that the victim gave to police at the time of Del Rio’s arrest, Del Rio comes from a family of pro wrestlers, but he’s a legit tough guy. He was a decorated amateur wrestler in Mexico and would have competed in the 2000 Olympics, but Mexico could not send a team due to funding. Del Rio has also competed in legitimate mixed martial arts matches. So, when the victim says she was restrained using boxing straps, that’s just a little too real for me.

But again, this still may all be a moot point. If the victim is not cooperating with police or refuses to testify, Del Rio could go free. Free to hurt another woman.

Hopefully, he’ll be stopped by the law before he kills somebody.

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