Shooter’s parents get high-profile lawyers, while the shooter doesn’t and more news about Oxford High shooting

James and Jennifer Crumbley have obtained the services of some pretty high -profile attorneys. As you may know, the Crumbleys have been charged with four counts each of involuntary manslaughter for allegedly buying the gun that was used in the Oxford High School shooting for their son, Ethan Crumbley. It’s believed that the Crumbleys specifically bought the gun for Ethan, who killed four other students in the shooting.

One of the attorneys that the Crumbleys has hired represented Larry Nassar in the USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal. Considering he was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison and 40 to 175 years in Michigan, that doesn’t bode well for the Crumbley’s.

Meanwhile, Ethan Crumbley has been assigned a court-appointed public defender. That’s right kids, the Crumbley’s have hired high-priced attorneys while letting their son twist in the wind. Legal pundits have stated that the Crumbleys probably did this in order to deflect any responsibility they might have in their son’s actions, which is a lot if you ask me.

Meanwhile, the Michigan Attorney General’s Office has said that they will be reviewing the events that led up to the shooting, even though the school district has rejected their offer to be a third-party investigator. The Michigan Attorney General has said that when institutions hire outside firms to conduct reviews, it can serve to cover up mistakes or shield them from lawsuits. However, the school has said that they asked the Crumbleys to take Ethan out of school and they ‘flatly refused’. Again, I think the Crumbleys are more culpable than the school since they literally bought their son the gun, allegedly, that he used to kill four other students in cold blood.

Getting to tangentially related news, a Missouri man has allegedly threatened to shoot up a school in the Show Me State. 27-year-old Mitchell Lovelace of Festus, Missouri, has been arrested for allegedly threatening to commit a school shooting at Festus Senior High School in the name of Kyle Rittenhouse. This is only one in a series of school shooting threats that have happened all over the country in the wake of the Oxford High School shooting. One of these threats even targeted Stoneman-Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Yes, that Stoneman-Douglas High.

On the political side of things, the Right is cementing its reputation for being the most tone-deaf set of politicians in recent history. Republican Representative to Kentucky, Thomas Massie, posted the following on his Twitter just days after the shooting in Oxford, Michigan.

Resident Colorado loon, who just so happens to be married to sex pest, Rep. Lauren Boebert, quickly followed suit in support of Massie.

There’s nothing that really represents the holiday mood like letting young children handle AR-15s.

New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose Twitter game is always on point, tweeted the following…

“Tell me again where Christ said ‘use the commemoration of my birth to flex violent weapons for personal political gain’? lol @ all the years Republicans spent on cultural hysteria of society ‘erasing Christmas and it’s meaning’ when they’re doing that fine all on their own.”

She’s not wrong. Also, both tweets from Massie and Boebert are spitting in the face of every family who’s lost a loved on to a school shooting since the late 1990s, let alone any family who’s lost a family member to gun violence alone.

Lastly, I don’t know what YourTango is as a website, but one of their writers published a post yesterday that made me smile a little. The post is entitled “Why The Myth That School Shooters Are Usually Victims Of Bullying Is Dangerously Inaccurate.” I had to smile because it seems that people are finally starting to realize that the bullied school shooter is largely apocryphal. I’ve only been saying this for 16 years.

The idea that these school shootings could have been prevented if students had just been nicer to their peers entirely neglects the reality of these tragic attacks and deflects blame.

It leaves out an extensive list of factors from mental health issues and family problems to obsessions with guns and a disrespect for authority.

But nobody in power wants to do anything about mental health and guns.

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