Sexual assault charges dropped against Alberto Del Rio

Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan aka Alberto Del Rio

The last time we talked about former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio was back in August, when his sexual assault trial had been rescheduled again, this time for this past October. During October, while I was taking one of my extended mental health breaks, Del Rio’s trial was again rescheduled for this past Friday.

Well, this past Friday, what I feared would happen has happened. Due to the fact that a witness failed to appear, all charges were dropped against Del Rio, whose real name is Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan. I would assume this means the alleged victim failed to show, necessitating the charges be dropped.

If you’ll recall, Del Rio was arrested in May of last year for allegedly sexually assaulting and physically abusing his then-girlfriend at his Bexar County, Texas, home. Del Rio allegedly accused the woman of cheating on him and subjected her to hours of violence. The victim claimed that Del Rio tied her hands with boxing straps, stuck a sock in her mouth, and sexually assaulted her with various objects. He is also said to have threatened his victim by telling her if she cried, he’d drop her son off in the middle of nowhere. The victim was also said to have various injuries on her back from Del Rio repeatedly punching her.

If you’ll also recall, late last year, the victim issued an ‘apology’ on Instagram that said, “An apology to the Rodriguez del Rio family for the damages caused by my mistakes.” Previously, I have said that this apology sounds coerced, and I still stand by that. I wouldn’t be surprised if the victim was intimidated into not appearing in court on Friday.

Sadly, this outcome leaves Del Rio free to possibly assault another young woman, except the next time might even be more violent to prevent any future ‘witnesses’.

If any solace can be taken from this outcome, it’s the fact that sources within WWE have said that Del Rio would never work for them again. And personally, I don’t see AEW ever bringing him on either. While he’s essentially been blacklisted by the wrestling community in the US, there’s always the possibility that some promoter will use the controversy surrounding Del Rio to sell tickets.

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