Alleged Westmont Hilltop school shooting plotter released on bond

Earlier this month, 17-year-old Logan Pringle and 16-year-old Preston Hinebaugh were arrested for an alleged school shooting plot against Westmont Hilltop Junior-Senior High School in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. To summarize, Pringle is said to have threatened the school on more than one occasion and was expelled for trying to set the school on fire. Meanwhile, a cache of guns was found in the home of Hinebaugh including some ghost guns. Hinebaugh himself was said to have control of at least two guns that were seized. The pair was arrested after Hinebaugh reportedly let Pringle into the school and posted a threatening picture of Pringle in the school on social media. Both teens have been charged as adults. Bond was set at $250,000 for Pringle, while it was set at $400,000 for Hinebaugh.

Bond was recently posted for Hinebaugh, and he has been released from custody. However, while out on bond, Hinebaugh will be under house arrest, which includes GPS monitoring. Other terms of his bond include that he has no access to any firearms, and he is barred from being on any school district properties.

There still has been no word on who was assembling ghost guns inside the Hinebaugh household, or how Hinebaugh himself had control of multiple weapons. However, the investigation is said to be ongoing.

Source: Bond posted for 1 of 2 teens charged in alleged Westmont Hilltop shooting plot: Officials

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