Wisconsin cowards want more guns in school

If you’ve been reading my site for any amount of time, you know that I suffer from depression. If I’m not writing or recording, there’s a 90% chance I’m dealing with depression. Typically, the only thing I can do is wait it out. However, there is one thing that can snap me out of a depression quicker than anything, anger. I’m not talking about anger like driving away while leaving your coffee on the car roof. I’m talking deep-seated anger over a governmental fuck-up of monumental proportions that could have violent repercussions for generations. It also doesn’t help that it’s one of the most obviously idiotic ideas ever vomited forth from the polluted minds of politicians.

So, what am I talking about, I’m sure you’re wondering. Well, Republicans in the Wisconsin State Assembly have passed legislation that would lower the concealed carry age from 21 to 18. But we’re not done. The legislation also allows anybody legally allowed to own a gun to have it in their car when dropping off or picking up their kids from school. But wait, there’s more. This legislation would allow anyone 18 and over to keep a gun in their car while at school. This legislation was passed in a week when there were three fucking school shootings in the country.

The author of the legislation, Republican State Representative Shae Sortwell argues that since kids can vote at 18 they should be able to carry guns.

“They are mature enough, they are adult enough to make these decisions and yet we are going to deny them the basic human right of self-defense?” Sortwell said.

No, no, they’re not mature enough. When I think about what I was doing when I was 18, if a gun had been involved, someone would have most assuredly died. Not only that, but how many school shooters were 18-years-old or older? A lot. This also puts countless guns on school grounds that could be stolen to be used in a school shooting.

Obviously, Representative Sortwell must believe in the good guy with a gun myth. So what happens if a school shooting breaks out at a Wisconsin school? Will a bunch of these so-called good guys go running to their cars to retrieve their guns? Then what? Not only will you have a shootout between numerous inexperienced teenagers, but the police won’t be able to tell between the good guys with guns and the bad guys with guns. That could lead to the wrong gunman being shot and killed by police, which I’m sure Rep. Sortwell probably considers an acceptable loss as long as there are guns in the hands of every 18-year-old Wisconsinite.

Thankfully, this is nothing more than the lowest common denominator of a way of appealing to a Republican voter base that seems to be made up largely of uneducated hicks, and the “responsible gun owners™” who are constantly looking for a reason to shoot someone. The legislation will more than likely be vetoed by Democratic Governor Tony Evers.

Source: Republicans vote to allow 18-year-olds to carry concealed weapons on school property

7 thoughts on “Wisconsin cowards want more guns in school”

  1. Guns belong in schools. How else are students and teachers supposed to defend themselves? The gun free zone rhetoric is bullshit. Every kid should be equipped with a gun.

    Ok In all seriousness aren’t school already technically failing at being gun free zones. Most parents are over the age of 21 and so they could have a gun in their vechicle, however I’ve never heard of a case where this is an issue. Most students steal their gun in secrecy in the home.

    This law could be an issue because it would give easier passage for a student to bring a gun into the school. However 18 year olds are already legally allowed to own a shotgun and rifle so if they were really determined to bring a gun to school ; they’re going to have it concealed in their car wether they are allowed to or not . And unless they have friends they drive around no one is going to know. Most school violence is commited by 14-16 year olds, most teenagers have grown out of that initial stage of immaturity and emotional despondency by the time the reach their late teens.

    Cases that I know of where the perpetrator was the age of 18; well shootings where the perpetrator was arebeant don’t count because they were no supposed to be on school grounds in the first place; Aztec, Parkland, El Granite, the hostage situation in Denver 04,

    So the only cases left is Stem, Catoctin, and Columbine. In the case of Catoctin the plot was foiled. In Stem and Columbine they are presumed to have brought the firearms the day of the shooting, they were planned events and not an impulsive desicion to go out to the car go back inside and shoot someone.

    Regardless of their age and if they store a firearm in their car or not students are going to continue to bring gun into school because they can. Wether out of self defense, to show it off, to threaten someone, or to ‘hurt’ someone one they will do it. See Campbell County, Timberview, Thurston (Kept a pistol in his locker).

    Yeah I guess this law would do more harm than good good but honestly from what history has shown us so far Espically with the ages of perpetrators like this I doubt it will hardly make a difference. Because honestly no sound adult is going to throw away their life and bear the consequences of their actions knowing that the penalty for their error is going to be severe since they are of 18 years of age.

    They are going to do in most cases when they have reached this age they plan on commuting suicide at the end of their act to escape consequences unless they are a desensitized idiot with like in the case of Parkland.
    The stemshooter wasn’t going to commit suicide, he thought he would be elusive of his crime be pinning the blame on his co-conspirator.

    Also Wisconsin has already had a school shooting even though the student fired three shots and took a class hostage he is for some reason not considered an active shooter. He was only 15.

    P.s I’m the one that wrote fuck you. I think you are to gullible in believing that every single shooting is totally authentic, and believing the lies in Dave Cullen’s retarded books, and you are to harsh on perpetrators in events. Like it’s one thing if the shooting/plot is commited by someone in their twenties and obviously you know the differences between right and wrong. But teenagares expericnce hormonal imbalances and are suceptable to making immature mistakes. When I was still in high school I made a lot of bad desicions that are affecting me negatively in my current time, and I’m distraught to the point I am contemplating ending my life. If I had channeled my anger, frustrations, trauma, and depression when I was still in school would that really make me a monster and not deserving of pity or redemption. Maybe the shooters deserve to be in prison for the rest of their life but you are to harsh on them; you should go a little easier on them they are human too.

    By the way I love you’re blog it’s an excellent archive of school violence that has occured since 04? And contains cases that would otherwise be forgotten and most of time they have details with sources and references. I only wish I could filter out all of the pedophillia/Craigslist/Kik/ because they are distracting and not what I’m looking for.


  2. To clarify it would be better if you stopped buying into Cullen’s propaganda. Eric and Dylan may have only been merely teased and blew the bullying they endured out of proportion, but you can’t deny deny that there was tension between the two groups; the threnchcoat mafia and the jocks.

    Just stop insultingjuvenile shooters, why should they be defined by a single descion they made on one day of their lives. Most of them can be brought back into society without fear of them being future offenders. Seriously youre incessantly condoning and poking fun at shooters is probably the reason Kimveer Gill blew his fuse.


    1. The “single decision they made on one day of their lives” to kill someone isn’t something that can just be overlooked…would you feel the same way if you and/or your loved ones fell victim to one of these sociopaths? Also, if everything Dave Cullen wrote is a lie, why haven’t the families of Harris and/or Klebold sued for libel/slander/defamation? Not to mention it wasn’t Trench’s fault that Gill went off the deep end…maybe the latter should’ve sought psychiatric help.

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  3. By the way I k ow that many teens have resentment to authorities and parents and struggle with depression and feel as if know one is an aknowleging their pain. And these people still don’t go on killing rampages.
    Well I’m not really talking about them; the average school shooter per see. I’m more of talking about shooters where the perpetrator was obviously troubled and there was much foreshadowing of the event. In these cases I feel as though the people around them were responsible for preventing the outcome because they ingnored the warning signs. So like if the person in question was very young 12-15, experienced a dysfunctional family/domestic violence, absence of parents, neglect/abuse, bullying, a mental disorder, autism, prior suicidal threats, unrestricted access to the internet, isolation, and lack of friends. I feel like these cases are actually rare.
    Most school shooters want to claim to be victimized and so they make the claim they are bullying and try to justify their actions. I do think that many come from a family where there is turbulence in the home, but obviously this is no call to continue the cycle.
    Most of what they are just craving is attention and notoriety.

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  4. After all these years, I thought you would have outgrown your boy-crush on Harris and Klebold yet here we are.

    As I’ve told you many times in the past, premeditated mass murder is not a ‘mistake’, and anyone who commits it needs to be removed from the rest of society.

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