Pittsburgh teen shot and killed in school van

Marquis Campbell

There were three school shootings in the U.S. last week, this was the first of them.

This past Wednesday, 15-year-old Marquis Campbell was sitting in a school van outside of Oliver Citywide Academy in Pittsburgh. Classes had been dismissed for the day and Marquis was waiting to go home. It was the first day Marquis had attended school in person after remote learning.

It’s believed that Marquis was killed in a targeted attack. Police say that two gunmen approached the van and opened fire from outside the van. Marquis was struck twice in the chest and died from his wounds at the hospital. His family was not even allowed to be with him before he died due to COVID protocols.

At last check, the two gunmen remain at large.

All this for what? What could a promising and bright 15-year-old kid possibly have done to deserve being shot in the chest twice? This is where we’ve sunk to as a society. Everything has to be settled through the gun. It doesn’t matter how many dead schoolchildren we have, as long as our precious ‘human right’ to ‘defend‘ ourselves isn’t infringed.

An armed society is not a polite society, as the ‘responsible gun owners™’ would have you believe. An armed society is a society with an itchy trigger finger just looking for an excuse to exercise their ‘rights’.

Hopefully, police will apprehend the suspects as quick as they would if this happened in a different neighborhood, if you know what I mean.


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