Italy High School shooter dies in prison

Italy High School shooter dies in prison

Back in January 2018, there was a shooting at Italy High School in Italy, Texas. A then 16-year-old Chad Padilla shot 15-year-old classmate Mahkayla Noelle Jones six times in the neck. Padilla was said to have had behavioral problems such as forming a hit list, throwing scissors at a girl in school, and throwing a school computer against the wall.

Immediately after the shooting, it was theorized that Padilla shot Jones after a breakup. However, Jones father said they were just friends and that Mahkayla had a boyfriend at the time. Here’s how the shooting was described to an investigator…

An investigator testified last year that Jones hugged Padilla, asked him to sit and told him he appeared angry.

She said that’s when he drew back and told her, “Sorry it had to end this way,” and shot her repeatedly six times in the Italy High School cafeteria, Jones said.

Oh, and of course, Padilla was said to have worn a trench coat the day of the shooting.

At the time, I thought that maybe Padilla was a ‘nice guy’. You know the type, guys who are nice to women only to think they deserve something in return.

Then, this story kind of fell off my radar. It must have been during one of my mental health breaks when I wasn’t checking the news at all for stories.

Since then, Padilla pleaded guilty to attempted capital murder in 2019, and was sentenced to 40 years behind bars.

This past March, Padilla was found unresponsive in his prison cell. The cause of death has not been released, but it is being investigated as a suicide.

Younger me would have celebrated his death by saying something like thanks for saving the taxpayers some money. Now, I realize that kind of cruelty serves no purpose.

However, his death should serve as a warning for other would-be school shooters. Whether it’s because you feel you’ve been emotionally slighted by your crush, or you’re just another infamy seeking copycat, this could be your fate. Dead and alone in a prison cell, with very few people even remembering you ever existed.

It’s never too late to turn your life around. Instead of embracing hate, use that fire to create something positive in this world.


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