Oxford shooter thought shooting would impeach Joe Biden

Oxford shooter thought shooting would impeach Joe Biden

The parents of Ethan Crumbley, James and Jennifer Crumbley, have asked for the involuntary manslaughter charges against them to be dropped. If you’ll recall, the Crumbleys’ charges stem from the belief they bought their son the gun used in the shooting that left four students dead at Oxford High School in Michigan. They believe the District Judge who held them for trial abused her authority when she said the Crumbleys could have prevented the shooting if the Crumbleys had exercised ordinary care. I’m fond of that phrase ‘ordinary care’. It’s like saying if the Crumbleys had done the bare minimum of parenting, they could have prevented the shooting. But I digress.

The Crumbleys have also filed a motion asking that Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald be barred from discussing the case outside of court. They feel that Ms. McDonald’s statements to the press could taint any potential jury pool.

However, the main event of the Crumbley’s filings are the ones where they have asked to have certain pieces of evidence from being presented during trial. The evidence they would like to have suppressed includes the following…

  • Text messages between Ethan Crumbley and a friend in which he allegedly told the friend that his mom laughed at him when he asked for help, and his father told him to “suck it up.”
  • Ethan Crumbley’s internet searches and evidence related to his Instagram posts
  • Discussion of the Crumbleys’ hobby of riding horses and their alleged marital discord
  • Testimony and evidence related to a bird head found in a jar in Ethan Crumbley’s bedroom
  • Testimony related to parents’ involvement with alcohol, marijuana and a coin from Nazi Germany found in their home
  • Testimony relating to the time Ethan Crumbley spent playing video games or “any other evidence that would attack the parenting actions of the Defendants in general but do not involve violence and guns.”

The only one of those I actually agree with is the one concerning video games. Let’s not give Jack Thompson any more reason to strive for relevance.

But getting back to the story, I intentionally left one crucial piece of evidence out of the list the Crumbleys want suppressed. That’s the 22-page journal that Ethan Crumbley wrote about his plans for the shooting.

Besides Ethan Crumbley saying he wanted to hear the screams of children as he shoots them, he also believed that the shooting would cause President Joe Biden to be impeached.

”Ethan also refers to President Joe Biden as “Sleepy (expletive) Joe Biden” and hoped the shooting would get the president’s attention and force him to “apologize.” Ethan wrote, “Hopefully my shooting will cause Biden to get impeached.”

Apologize for what exactly? I’m guessing Crumbley is referring to the stolen election conspiracy theory. I don’t get the mental gymnastics it takes to think that a school shooting would cause Biden to be impeached. Except for the fact that the Crumbleys were an Ultra-MAGA family.

If you’ll recall, Jennifer Crumbley wrote what can only be described as a fan letter to ex-President Trump. She signed the letter “A hard working Middle Class Law Abiding Citizen who is sick of getting fucked in the ass and would rather be grabbed by the pussy.”

Obviously, I’m no legal expert. I’m not even a paid non-attorney spokesperson. But in my opinion, each and every piece of evidence the Crumbleys want quashed is very relevant to their trial. Not only does it show how little the Crumbleys cared about Ethan’s well-being, but also how their callous and gun happy lifestyle literally put the gun in Ethan’s hands.

This is what actual indoctrination has wrought.


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