Mom shows up to active shooter situation with a gun

Mom shows up to active shooter situation with a gun

(Content Warning: Self Harm)

Earlier this month, there was an active shooter situation at Lowellville Schools in Lowellville, Ohio. A 13-year-old middle school student brought a firearm into the school. It’s believed that in the school cafeteria, the student produced the gun and fired once at the floor before turning the gun on himself. The student was taken to the hospital and put on life support. Tragically, he succumbed to his wounds a few days after the shooting. No other students were physically harmed during the incident.

That day, prior to the shooting, the school had just completed an active shooter drill. After the shooting took place, the school was on lockdown within less than a minute.

In what has sadly become routine in active shooter situations, students texted their parents to inform them of what was going on at the school.

During the lockdown period, a mother of one of the school’s students showed up to the school, allegedly brandishing a firearm. She was taken into custody without incident and charged with illegal conveyance of a weapon on school grounds.

As far as I could find, investigators have yet to find a reason why the student decided to take his own life. I also didn’t find any report about where the student may have obtained the gun.

I’m sorry. I know we’re discussing the death of a 13-year-old child. However, this is yet another reason as to why nobody should have guns in a home with children. That goes double for a home where a child may be dealing with mental health issues. Also, another tip to parents is when one of your children comes to you about a mental health condition such as depression, the correct response is not “What do you have to be depressed about?”. I’m not saying that’s what happened in this instance, but more speaking from personal experience.

As for the mother with a gun, I get it, sort of. With some parents, when a child is potentially in danger, they’ll move heaven and earth to make sure their child is safe. However, showing up to an active police situation with a gun isn’t helping anybody. In fact, there could have been deadly consequences. Although, I have to wonder if the situation would have had the same outcome if she wasn’t Caucasian, but that’s another topic for another time.

Firearms are far and away the leading method of self-inflicted deaths in the United States. This is just one more in a litany of reasons why access to guns should be limited, if not outright prohibited.


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