Did an Oxford High security guard think the shooting was a drill?

Remember the school shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan? It was back in November of last year when Ethan Crumbley killed four other students of the school. It’s hard to believe that was less than a year ago since so many other shootings happened, especially the one at Uvalde.

And speaking of Uvalde, it seems that Uvalde and Oxford have one more thing in common, besides teenage psychopaths with easy access to guns. Since the shooting at Oxford High, the victims’ families have been filing lawsuits. They’re suing the Crumbleys, the school district, and the gun shop that sold the gun to the Crumbleys that was used in the shooting. This is not meant to be a critique on the lawsuits, as they have every right to file them, but again I’m digressing.

Getting back on topic, the new thing that Uvalde and Oxford have in common is someone whose job it was to protect the school allegedly failed to do so. The families want to add a security guard who worked at Oxford High, to the lawsuit. The security guard allegedly thought the school shooting was just a drill. She is even said to have told investigators that the drill makeup looked real. She reportedly can be seen on security video walking past victim Tate Myre after he had already been shot. Video is also said to have shown the security guard opening the bathroom door where Ethan Crumbley was, but she didn’t enter the room. After she left, Crumbley shot Justin Shilling. The security guard isn’t just some rent-a-cop off the street, either. She is a former Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy.

In my opinion, this is akin to a retired firefighter working for the school and thinking a fire alarm and burning faculty lounge is just a drill.

I haven’t named the security guard, since she has not been charged with any crime. It’s unlikely she will be either. Scot Peterson has been charged for his inactivity at Parkland, but has yet to go to trial, and the less said about Uvalde, the better. And the reason none of these people will see any real legal repercussions is because police do not have any legal requirement to protect the public. This is a concept that has even been upheld by the Supreme Court. It’s known as ‘qualified immunity’ and it will be interesting to see if this immunity is extended to armed security guards, especially if they’re retired cops.


UPDATE 8/14/2022: The security guard in question has, in fact, been added to the lawsuit.

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