NC school district puts AR-15s in all schools

NC school district puts AR-15s in all schools

Even though I used to live in North Carolina, I don’t know much about Madison County. I lived in the Charlotte area, which is worlds away from Madison County. From what little research I’ve done, Madison County is one county over from Asheville. If you’re not familiar with Asheville, it’s said to be the North Carolina version of Austin, Texas. However, it seems the blueness of Asheville doesn’t extend past the city limits and definitely not into Madison County.

Both the Madison County Schools and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, have come together with what, I think, is the dumbest way to try to prevent school shootings. All the schools in the district now have AR-15s to supposedly deter a school shooting.

To be fair, there are only six schools in the district. Also, it’s not like each school now has an armory of dozens of assault rifles. Each school has a safe that contains a single AR-15, breaching tools, and a couple of magazines that contain ammunition.

I can almost understand how they came to this decision. Someplace like Madison County is where school shootings happen. How many of us heard of Littleton, Red Lake, Parkland, or Uvalde before school shootings plagued their communities?

But even when I was a 2nd Amendment-defending conservative, I always thought putting guns in schools was one of the most dangerous decisions a school board could ever make. You’re putting the gun closer to a potential school shooter in the place the shooter probably hates the most. No safe is 100% foolproof. Anyone with access to a certain YouTube channel could likely learn enough to possibly gain access to the safe.

Madison County made this decision in the wake of the Uvalde shooting. But the problem with the Uvalde shooting wasn’t a lack of firepower, it was cowardice and incompetence.

You may think you have the perfect plan to prevent school shootings. You don’t. As Mike Tyson once famously said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Or in this case, everybody has a plan until they lose an assault rifle to a student.


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