Bend supermarket shooting was almost a school shooting

There’s a saying that goes, “History doesn’t repeat, but it often rhymes.” Back in May, there was a mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, where a racist gunman killed ten people in a predominantly African-American neighborhood. That shooter had gotten in trouble with his high school for threatening a school shooting when he was 17. A few Sundays ago, there was a similar shooting at a Supermarket in Bend, Oregon. Two people were killed, including a store employee who confronted the gunman. In this case, the supermarket shooting was supposed to have been a school shooting.

On August 28th, 20-year-old Ethan Blair Miller went into the Safeway in Bend armed with an AR-15 and a shotgun. He was also equipped with four high-capacity magazines that carried 30 rounds each. As he fired rounds through the store, he shot and killed 84-year-old customer Glenn Edward Bennett. Miller was accosted by 66-year-old store employee and Army vet Donald Ray Surrett Jr. Surrett is said to have attacked Miller with a produce knife. At this point, Miller shot Surrett before turning the gun on himself and took the coward’s way out as police stormed the store. Surrett unfortunately died from his wounds after being rushed to the hospital. Surrett’s actions almost undoubtedly prevented more deaths from happening.

The thing about this shooting is it was supposed to have been a school shooting. After the Safeway shooting happened, investigators found the almost obligatory manifesto, or as I’ve taken to calling them, ‘you’re-not-really-a-man-ifesto’. It was entitled ‘The Downward Spiral Of Ethan Miller’ because these cowardly assclowns always have to be so melodramatic.

Originally, Miller had intended to attack Mountain View High School on September 8th, 2022. But Miller couldn’t wait for school to start and moved his attack to August 28th at the supermarket.

Unlike the Buffalo attack, this was not a racially motivated attack. This attack was a surrogate for a school shooting, and Miller even said so in his screed.

‘The Rage has become uncontrollable and It can’t wait 2 More Weeks,’ he wrote Saturday. “Tomorrow. Sunday. August 28th 2022. Doomsday.’

So what gave Miller so much rage? Was he the victim of some grave injustice? Some may try to have you believe that. But in Miller’s own words, he blamed the COVID-19 lockdowns, fights within his family, and his inability to find a girlfriend. That’s right, it sounds like we have yet another incel on our hands. He even claimed that ‘society created him’. Whatever social media he may have used, I bet his accounts were full of Joker memes.

If possibly being an incel wasn’t bad enough, Miller was also a columbiner and detailed his fanatical dedication to the two Columbine cowards.

‘Yes Columbine partially inspired this. I’ve been interested in the case for a long time and it has provided the Blueprint and Part of the Inspiration for Doomsday,’ he wrote.

‘I relate to Eric and Dylan on some level as well. they were the same as me. Good young men F—ED by SOCIETY.’

Within the past decade or so, there has been a substantial overlap between columbiners and incels. You can read more about that in my piece entitled Incels vs. Columbiners. But once again, I digress.

Getting back to Miller, there was a belief that he may have been bullied at school, because of course there was. Miller is said to have trained at a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym while he was in high school. His instructor believed he was bullied at Mountain View High School. However, a classmate of Miller’s says the opposite. According to the classmate, Miller was such a fan of MMA, he tried to fight everyone he could. The classmate says that this always resulted in Miller getting his ass kicked.

The reason I mention this is that even 23 years later, there’s this myth of the bullied school shooter that has perpetuated since Columbine. In the early reporting of Columbine, it was reported that the shooting may have happened because the shooters were supposedly bullied. In my opinion, there has been no evidence to corroborate that assertion, but the myth continues. The majority of school shooters, including the Columbine cowards, were bullies themselves rather than the bullied. Miller appears to have been no different.

But let’s get back to the fact that this was a supermarket shooting. This was not the first and probably won’t be the last. Instead of regulating guns like the AR-15, where are the ridiculous ways to prevent supermarket shootings like politicians always come up with to prevent school shootings? Are we going to have shoppers carry bulletproof shopping bags? Will the aisles be equipped with doors that police will refuse to enter? Will there be proposals to arm every stock boy and cashier? Will ‘tots and pears’ become a weekly special?

Sadly, this story faded out of the news cycle as quickly as it happened. It brought about no change whatsoever. It was just another day in America. Is blood the price we have to pay now just to get groceries? Is this the new normal we have to live because so many ‘responsible gun owners™’ keep reciting an incantation from their religion of gunpowder and blood that hasn’t applied to America since the days of the ball and musket? I’m afraid it is.


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