The Crumbleys want to stay with a locker room invading transphobe

The Crumbleys want to stay with a locker room invading transphobe
An AI approximation of what a locker room invading transphobe might look like

The last time we checked in on our favorite murderous Michigan family, Ethan Crumbley pleaded guilty to four counts of first degree murder. If you’ll recall, Ethan shot and killed 16-year-old Tate Myre, 14-year-old Hana St. Juliana, 17-year-old Madisyn Baldwin, and 17-year-old Justin Shilling at Oxford High School in Michigan last year.

During Ethan’s plea hearing, it was revealed that the gun used in the shooting was paid for by Ethan but purchased by his father, James Crumbley. Shortly after Ethan was arrested in 2021, both of his parents were arrested and charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter for allegedly allowing Ethan to have the gun. These kinds of charges against parents who allow their kids to get guns used in school shootings are almost unheard of.

A hearing has been scheduled for February to determine if Ethan Crumbley will face a shorter sentence than life without parole due to his age.

On the other hand, his parents have yet to go to trial. That’s not to say there isn’t any news out of the Crumbley camp because there is plenty.

According to a November court filing by the Crumbleys’ defense, James and Jennifer Crumbley contend they weren’t aware of their son having any mental health issues. They also claim that he did not ask them if he could seek professional help.

Instead, the Crumbleys only thought that Ethan was ‘experiencing sadness’ over the death of his grandmother, the death of his dog, and a friend moving away. So, to cheer him up, they let him buy a gun? Jesus, why didn’t they just put the gun in his hand as they dropped him off at school? They were essentially telling him, ‘either kill yourself or kill others, just don’t get us involved.’

Since the Crumbley’s were arrested back in 2021, they’ve both been held on $500,000 bond each. In all this time, the Crumbleys have been trying to get their bond reduced. In one of the latest instances, the Crumbleys are trying to convince the court that they aren’t a flight risk, except, you know, that time they fled to Detroit after their arrest warrants were announced. That was the same time the Crumbleys allegedly turned their phones off, so they couldn’t be tracked, and parked their car in such a way that the license plates were obstructed from view. That wasn’t flight at all, according to the Crumbleys’ defense, they were merely protecting themselves from harassment.

And speaking of their bond reduction, it seems the Crumbleys also offered to remain in the custody of a friend of theirs. They offered to stay with a friend of theirs in Sanilac County, which is one county over from Oakland County. Except, the friend known only as B.J. is allegedly not the most trustworthy fellow.

According to prosecutors, B.J. lied about being a trans woman, so he could enter a woman’s locker room at a gym. Now, before all the TERFs and other transphobes get all excited thinking this is what all trans women are like, they can calm the fuck down. We’re not talking about a guy who was in full drag trying to sneak into a woman’s locker room. What we’re really talking about is some guy wearing a t-shirt that read ‘transwoman’ on it. B.J. allegedly asked a gym employee which bathroom he could use before becoming agitated and saying he was ‘tired of this woke shit’. He’s also allegedly posted on his Facebook account that the COVID vaccine is killing people, the Democrats are trafficking children, and the Jews are persecuting Kanye. So, to put it bluntly to all the TERFs and transphobes, he’s one of yours.

B.J. is also said to be a concealed pistol license holder, which would automatically disqualify the Crumbleys from staying there.

If that wasn’t bad enough, even the law enforcement of Sanilac County say they don’t want the Crumbley’s there.

I’m sure a rational individual like B.J. wouldn’t allow the Crumbleys to flee prosecution, just to own the libs or something.

Keep in mind that the Crumbleys are proud ‘responsible gun owners™’ and Trump supporters. So, they might have deluded themselves into thinking that the courts would have no problem with them being released into the custody of such a brave patriot. I’m sure the concept of cognitive dissonance is lost on them.

The Crumbleys involuntary manslaughter trial is set to start next month.


3 thoughts on “The Crumbleys want to stay with a locker room invading transphobe”

  1. Huh, I didn’t know your thumbnails were AI art pieces. That explains the deformed look to them.

    I wonder if the Crumbleys get along with William Atchison’s dad, with them both being Trumpers stupid enough to take their kids out to buy guns despite knowing full well about Billy and Ethan’s respective past records.


      1. Has a Facebook where you can find plenty of right-wing talking point memes being shared. Ol Billy called him a “fat lazy idiot who watches Fox News all day” in one of his online rants.

        Why yes, the dipshit’s dad is also an assclown who played the bully card. Hate to break it to you Wayne but he hadn’t even been attending that school in half a decade, he wanted to kill Latino kids that didn’t even know him so he could fulfill his Encyclopedia Dramatica-pilled brain’s Columbine obsession.

        I don’t know what’s the sadder irony, that or finding out Christopher Pittman’s dad has a FB that’s shared anti-gun control memes.


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