NH suspect had ‘sister-wives’ bring him blindfolded underage girls

NH suspect had 'sister-wives' bring him blindfolded underage girls

(Content Warning: SA)

I’m surprised there is so little information about this story, since it tells a lot without telling much.

Anyway, 43-year-old Jesse Reynolds, no relation, of Nashua, New Hampshire, has recently been arrested for allegedly assaulting underage girls. Reynolds is said to have had 40 different profiles on the dating app and social network MeetMe. He would use MeetMe to bring his victims to his home and assault them.

Reynolds was under investigation since 2016 after several assault victims came forward. According to prosecutors, Reynolds would use women he called ‘sister-wives’ to pick up his victims for him. These women would pick up his victims from their homes or schools, blindfold them, before bringing them to Reynolds’ home. This creep sounds like he was straight up running a sex cult. From what little I’ve seen of the guy, I can’t imagine how he convinced multiple women to essentially kidnap his victims for him. So far, I have not seen any information if the sister-wives have been charged with anything.

When Reynolds caught wind of the investigation, he allegedly fled to Michigan, where he was arrested earlier this month. At his initial court appearance, the judge called what Reynolds was doing “a version of human trafficking.” They’re not wrong.

While not mentioned in the linked news article, his defense attorney is using the ‘they said they were 18’ defense. Essentially, the defense is claiming some of the victims misrepresented their ages on MeetMe. This is one of the go-to tricks predators use when they get arrested. Also, they almost always think that they’ll be the first person this defense will work for. Spoiler alert, it never does.

I always find stories like this about MeetMe ironic. MeetMe originally started off as MyYearbook and, if memory serves me correctly, it was started as a safer alternative to MySpace for teens. Now it’s just a meat market for hookups and predators. MeetMe is both a website and an app. So, if you’re going to look for activity on your kids’ devices, you’ll have to check browser history along with their apps list.

Not to beat a deceased equine, but this is where real child traffickers live. They can live in your neighborhood, work at your place of employment, or even attend your church. They’re not in some imaginary ivory tower drinking the blood of children while paying tribute to the lizard people.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this story. Stay tuned for further updates as they happen, and as time allows.

Source: Man accused of blindfolding, sexually assaulting teenage girls

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