Uvalde cops cowered from AR-15, while shooter wrote ‘LOL’ in blood

It’s almost been a year since the tragic school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Uvalde was not only the deadliest shooting in Texas history, but the third deadliest in US history, only behind Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook. One of the reasons the Uvalde shooting was so deadly was because the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police (UCISD PD) gave the shooter, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, all the time he needed to kill as many as possible. The UCISD PD refused to engage Ramos, and there was more than an hour between the time Ramos entered the school and US Customs and Border Protection agents arrived and finally subdued the suspect.

About a week after the shooting, I wrote that it was my opinion the UCISD PD didn’t engage Ramos since he was armed with the mass shooters’ gun of choice, the AR-15, along with seven high-capacity magazines, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. All of which were legally purchased, I might add. As it turns out, I may have been right. Not that I’m any great prognosticator or anything.

The Texas Tribune touts itself as a nonpartisan newsroom informing and engaging Texans on state politics and policy. Last month, the Tribune published a report where they asserted the UCISD PD was absolutely terrified of engaging a suspect with an AR-15. Quotes from officers on the scene were published by the Tribune after their investigation. Let’s go over some, shall we?

“I have a male subject with an AR,” Sgt. Daniel Coronado said.

The dispatch crackled on the radio of another officer on the opposite side of the building.

“Fuck,” that officer said.

“AR,” another exclaimed, alerting others nearby.

The officers weren’t expressing their frustration, they were expressing their fear. As the Tribune put it, “They were unwilling to confront the rifle on the other side of the door.”

Here’s another receipt…

“You know what kind of gun?” state Trooper Richard Bogdanski asked in a conversation captured on his body-camera footage outside of the school.

“AR. He has a battle rifle,” a voice responded.

“Does he really?” another asked.

“What’s the safest way to do this? I’m not trying to get clapped out,” Bogdanski said.

Here we have police officers acknowledging the AR-15 is a military rifle. A weapon of war that typically finds its way into the hands of untrained civilians, with many of them just looking for a reason to shoot someone with them.

Yet, Texas, and many states like it, want to make it easier for rednecks and psychopaths to get their hands on this most destructive of firearms. How destructive is an AR-15? Let’s just say that according to the Tribune, many of the victims at Uvalde had to be identified by DNA, and let’s leave it at that. And that’s what the AR-15 was designed to do. Except it was designed to do that on a battlefield and not an elementary school classroom.

While I understand every situation is different, it only took two Nashville police officers to subdue the shooter at The Covenant School, who was also armed with an AR-15. More on that in a future post.

Even former school district Police Chief Pete Arredondo mentions the gun in response to their lack of action.

“We’re gonna get scrutinized (for) why we didn’t go in there,” Arredondo said. “I know the firepower he had, based on what shells I saw, the holes in the wall in the room next to his.

And that’s why he’s the former chief.

I just can’t imagine how anyone, let alone supposedly trained police officers, could sit there and wait for 77 minutes for Border Agents to arrive while children were dying.

It was revealed last week by State Rep. Joe Moody, D-El Paso, to the families of the victims that Ramos smeared the phrase ‘LOL’ on the classroom’s whiteboard with his victims’ blood while police were sitting there with their thumbs up their asses.

Instead of the Yellow Rose of Texas, maybe they should change the song to the Yellow Streak of Texas.


One thought on “Uvalde cops cowered from AR-15, while shooter wrote ‘LOL’ in blood”

  1. Of course it was no excuse for his vile atrocity — especially one against completely innocent young children he’d never even met — but Ramos had been brutally bullied in high school, in no small part due to a speech impediment.

    Although I’ve not heard anything indicating he had autism spectrum disorder (ASD) issues, neurodevelopmental disorders among young people who commit school or mass shootings are not uncommon.

    Adverse childhood experience abuse/trauma is often inflicted upon ASD and/or highly sensitive children and teens by their normal or ‘neurotypical’ peers, so why not at least acknowledge it in some meaningful, constructive way?

    For one thing, neurodiversity could be taught in school, albeit not overly complicated or extensive, to perhaps reduce the incidence of chronic bullying against such vulnerable students.

    By extension, we might prevent an eventual bloody retaliation on some school day in the form of a mass shooting of innocent students, including peers who’d never even talked to the tortured-student-turned-gunman, let alone offended him.

    Such neurodiversity curriculum could explain to students how, among other aspects of the condition, people with ASD (including those with higher functioning autism) are often erroneously deemed willfully ‘difficult’ and socially incongruent, when in fact such behavior is really not a choice but instead instinctual.

    Furthermore, when around their normal or “neurotypical” peers, people with ASD typically feel compelled to “camouflage” or “mask,” terms used to describe their attempts at appearing to naturally fit in, an effort known to cause their already high anxiety and/or depression levels to worsen.

    This exacerbation is also reflected in the disproportionately high rate of suicide among ASD people.


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