Your latest craigslist killer: David Sparre

David Sparre

Georgia man charged in slaying of Jacksonville woman he met on craigslist:

Cops Catch CraigsList Killer:

Teen Arrested In Woman’s Slaying:

19-year-old David Kelsey Sparre of Georgia has been arrested in the July 12th murder of 21-year-old Tiara Pool.

The pair are said to have met through the craigslist personals after Ms. Pool placed an ad. Ms. Pool was found dead in her apartment of multiple stab wounds.

Sparre was arrested in South Carolina where he was staying with family. He allegedly admitted to stabbing Ms. Pool but so far no motive has been given.

Police say that Ms. Pool was married but her husband was on active duty with the Navy.

I have yet to finds what section of craigslist the ad was posted in but since Ms. Pool was married I’m going to assume casual encounters.

In case you needed yet another reason not to hook up anonymously on craigslist this should be your wake up call if you haven’t gotten the other multiple wake up calls.

I also wonder if this story will crack the national media since it didn’t happen in New York or Boston.

10 thoughts on “Your latest craigslist killer: David Sparre”

  1. Her name was in the personals section. And David Sparre was not the only man she had an “encounter” with. THe ads have obviously been removed…for obvious reasons.


  2. Again it seems you don’t really know dick about criminal justice. The ads were removed more than likely because of the investigation.

    You’re more than welcome to continue to spout your childish conspiracy theories.


    1. After you remove the tin foil helmet from your head and eat the PB&ampJ you mommy made you, then we’ll get somewhere with this. I said —YOU FUCKING MORON—the ads were removed for OBVIOUS reasons….”obvious” being the investigation. Are you that retarded…really. Are you one of those people who talk to hear you own voice? You don’t know dick about your own dick.


  3. well i am overwhelmed by this whole thing. i googled my ex to find out he is a craigslist killer! can you just imagine what is going through my fucking mind right now!?


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