TN man missing after leaving for craigslist job

TN man missing after leaving for craigslist job
Joseph J. Williams

Joseph J. Williams of Claiborne County, Tennessee, went missing after responding to a craigslist ad for a job on April 25th. Family members say he went to go work on a job with someone named Ben he met on craigslist six months ago.

Anyone with contact information is asked to call the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office at (423) 626-3385

While Mr. Williams’ disappearance may not be completely related to craigslist, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say it reminded me of the story of Richard Beasley. Beasley and an accomplice would place craigslist ads for non-existent ranch hand jobs. He killed three people who responded to his ads and almost killed a fourth. He committed these crimes because he was already facing jail time on other charges and was planning on stealing his victims’ identities in order to evade capture. Beasley was not only convicted of murder but was sentenced to death. He’s currently awaiting execution on Ohio’s death row.

My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Williams’ family in hoping for his safe return.

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