Is a new site trying to take Backpage’s place?

Is a new site trying to take Backpage's place?

Recently, one of New York’s less than trustworthy and more opinionated newspapers ran an article claiming online sex trafficking hasn’t changed since the federal seizure of Backpage. The article claims an ‘unnamed source’ within the NYPD is saying there has been no slow down since Backpage was shuttered. This newspaper seems to be one of the outlets that believe the ‘consenting adult’ myth, as they quote a john who said prostitution should be legal since gambling and marijuana are legal in some places. The problem with that analogy is weed and casino chips aren’t being repeatedly sold against their will.

However, the article then goes on to not only mention a new website but also links to the new site as well, supposedly the sleazy heir apparent to Backpage. I’m not going to link to the article, the website, or mention the website by name, but the site looks like it’s trying to copy Backpage even right down to the CSS. The ads on this new site seem to be even more blatant than the usually coded ads that appeared on Backpage. This new site also has the usual disclaimer that ads related to human trafficking will not be tolerated, asking ad posters to click on a button that says ‘I agree’. They’re even trying to be more shifty than Backpage was. In my research, I was unable to find any information regarding who owns the new platform. Their social media presence is almost non-existent, however, I was able to find some information that the site does business in Texas, although reports say the website itself is allegedly hosted in Canada.

While the New York tabloids may be decrying online sex trafficking has continued unabated since the closure of Backpage, it’s still too early to really tell. It’s only been less than two months since Backpage was seized so it’s still too early to say it’s business as usual. At its height, Backpage was responsible for 80% of all online sex trafficking in the US by most reports and had the financial backing of a media company. In today’s post-FOSTA world, it will be almost impossible for a website to be as lucrative as Backpage was at its zenith.

The online sex trafficking trade has been severely splintered. While it may continue to exist, it will never be at the level it was when Backpage was running things. This is a good thing despite protests to the contrary, as it causes fewer victims to be trafficked against their will. While the fight against online human trafficking is a constant battle, there will be fewer casualties in the future.

One thought on “Is a new site trying to take Backpage’s place?”

  1. I can tell that you really care and want to do good.

    I was surprised to see you speaking out against the legalization of prostitution.

    Of course, I can understand that perspective. I think Everyone has had that perspective before so it cannot be easily dismissed. If one looks at the state of prostitution today, it is easy to see how someone would say “this is terrible! We cannot legalize this! No way.”

    That’s because the illegality of it Causes the horror scenes. Or at least offers more shadows for it to hide in.

    It is really the same concept as drugs. Legal or illegal, the same amount of people are still doing it. All you are doing is causing More harm by handing the entire industry, profits and all, to criminals.

    If it was legal, we would Know wjere the kids are being abused. Not in the legal bordello that is regularly inspected and anyone can walk into. No, this will be happening somewhere that is not so easy to gain access to. Narrowing down possibilities for the police to track them down.

    A legal bordello, like legal pot shops, would be making so much money, they would not risk this legitimate business to deal with criminals and children. Just like you can’t go in a legal pot shop and buy heroin. It used to be that if you wanted pot, you went to a guy who also sells pills and crystal meth. Now that it is legal, it’s become seperate from those other drugs.

    Would there still be a risk that women could be drawn to the easy money? Yes. You are trying to eliminate that risk, and that is not possible. You think “out of sight, out of mind?” As long as it is pushed into the shadows where you and your wife and kids don’t have to see it, as long as you dont have to have that uncomfortable talk with your kids, you are more than happy to push these women into the dark…

    If it was legal, it would be a million times easier for them to escape from that life. By fighting against legality, you take away their chances at a better life.

    Will there be a risk Some women will turn to the easy money? Um yeah just like they are Right Now.

    Just like the drug laws. “But if we legalize it, people will be able to…Get High!”

    What you mean like they are already getting high, Right Now?? You’re not stopping SH. All you are doing is causing More problems. More laws = makes the problem even worse, Every Time. Haven’t you noticed that?

    Prohibition (of alcohol) literally CREATED THE MAFIA.

    The war on drugs and prostitution CREATED the CARTELS and STREET GANGS. Without drugs and sex to sell, these organizations would dry up and go away like dust in the wind…

    Yes some women are doing it for the money, just like some men break their backs working because they need the money, but guess what? Some women love it. If a woman is in control of herself, then there is no problem. Or, do You want to be the one in control of them? Trading one pimp for another isn’t an improvement. You are still being told what you can and cannot do. Except now you’re out of a job.

    When I’ve been really low on money, I have wished I could be a woman so I could work for a month and have enough to get a fresh start in life, While paying my ongoing current bills. As a man, I could never make that kind of money…unless I became a pimp or drug dealer… (think about the pressures and where people are pressured to go… I’m not going to become a pimp but I’m not the only male in America who has money problems…)

    Btw, I have never been with a prostitute. My mother was one until she discovered she was pregnant with me. I respect them. They provide a much needed service and have actually saved marriage. And probably ended them too, but that’s just the way it is.

    If there are women physically (or mentally through fear and threats, or economically etc) held against their will, or if children are involved… you tell me where they are and I’ll be the first one to kick in the door and rescue them.

    Good job I appreciate that people like you exist 👍 Please don’t take offense. I did not mean any. Sometimes I phrase things in a way to show a different perspective, but I never did mean to insinuate that you are actively or intentionally harming anyone, it is more of an indirect harm.

    We are NEVER going to stop adults from having sex and paying each other for it. (just like people getting high…they are out there, doing it, regardless of any law, no matter how much prison time you tack on…) So, with that realization… what now?


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