Idaho Teen Honored in Michigan

Idaho teen honored for helping avert Detroit-area school attack:

Celia McGinty is the Idaho teen who tipped off authorities to Andrew Osantowski’s school shooting plot after online chats that they had. The school and community where the shooting was to take place are now honoring her. She should be. A lot of kids don’t have the courage that she did or would just dismiss it as idle talk. However, one person is not too happy about the celebration. Andrew Osantowski’s lawyer Brian Legghio. He had this to say…

“I’m absolutely appalled at the rashness of the Macomb County law enforcement community,” Brian Legghio told The Detroit News. “Their conduct taints the judicial process.”

“By glamorizing this young lady and claiming that she prevented some tragedy is to convict my client in the press and to deny him a fair trial by impartial jurors,” Legghio said.

Translation: There’s no way in hell I can win this case so I wish people would stop talking about it.

Mr. Legghio, I think, would best serve his client by doing his talking in court and not in the media. Then again I didn’t go to no fancy lawyerin’ school.

It will be interesting, to say the least, to see what Mr. Legghio’s defense strategy is going to be.

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