Lack of coverage

Father of Columbine Victim: America ‘Callous’ to School Shootings:

Darrell Scott, the father of Columbine victim Rachel Scott, has said that there hasn’t been enough coverage of the Red Lake shooting in the mainstream media…

“One of the things that concerns me … is that I noticed there wasn’t [much] exposure in the media to what had happened [in Red Lake],” Scott observes. “When Columbine’s tragedy happened, there was massive coverage for months, and [now with] the second-largest shooting in American history in schools, it was like the third and fourth story in different places that I looked.”

Scott says the anemic media coverage of this most recent incident indicates that Americans have become “callous” toward such things. He says what he told congressional leaders in 1999 still rings true.

You know what kids? He’s right. I didn’t find out about the shooting until 4 hours after it happened and someone had to e-mail me about it. And when I did turn on the major news channels it was barely a blip on their coverage. All the news channels were talking about was Terri Schiavo. Nine people are killed by this scumbag and all the news can talk about is a woman by all rights is still alive.

Now, this part may cost me some readers and friends but I don’t care. It’s not just the mainstream media either, it’s also the “blogosphere”. Out of all the blogs that I frequent only two made any mention of the Red Lake shooting. No mentions of the shooting, no thoughts or prayers for the families of the victims. The worst school massacre since Columbine and all you all can talk about is Terri Schiavo. Which leads to believe one of two things. You either are deferring to me as the authority on this subject which I doubt since I am far from an authority, or you just don’t care. Have we become so jaded since Columbine?

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