Dispelling A Myth

Victim recalls shooter’s ‘mean’ look before rampage:

I’ve always heard from the mutants say that if more people tried to be friends with people like Harris and Klebold and now Jeff Weise that they wouldn’t have committed their crimes. I’ve always disputed that belief. Listen to the story of Cody Thunder. He tried to befriend Jeff Weise…

Before that day, Thunder said he had talked to Weise several times, even attempting to befriend him.

“He seemed like a loner, and I just felt like it would be good to go talk to him,” Thunder said.

But Weise “talked about nothing but guns and shooting people,” he said, and the attempt to reach out didn’t result in friendship.

Cody was rewarded with his attempt of friendship by being shot in the hip by Weise. Doctors have decided to leave a bullet lodged in his hip.

To all the mutants who think that the victims deserved what they got please tell me what Cody Thunder did to deserve being shot.

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