Eric Schorling sentenced for escape attempt

Romeo school stabber’s sentence increased after escape:

Eric Schorling, the 17-year-old who was convicted and sentenced to 10 years for stabbing Nicole Lambert in the middle of Romeo High School in Michigan, was sentenced yesterday for his attempt to escape. He was sentenced for one year for the escape. Unfortunately, he will serve this sentence concurrently with his 10-year sentence for the stabbing.

7 thoughts on “Eric Schorling sentenced for escape attempt”

  1. my name is kurtis diaz, i used to live in sterling heights michigan.. i recieved 2 months in the macomb county juvenile justice center.. i was in the same room with eric schorling, played chess and checkers with him, talked everyday life and i came to the conclusion that all the people associated with criminal punishment are pricks.. they dont know the feeling of being in a room for a long period of time with cold showers and car wash soap.. eric is and i will stand by this statement–is one of the most laid back persons i have ever known.. no1 in this universe has the right to tell another human being that he or she is a bad and worthless person…the things they may do can be considered malicious and crude , however untill those judges step down off their high horses and sit in a cell and go through something as bad as being locked up then they can all kiss my ***


  2. I don’t care if he was so laid back he was in a coma. He plunged a kitchen knife into a girl’s back. He deserved more than he got.

    And if you want to stay out of jail then don’t break the law.


  3. I knew Eric Schorling for years. He was kicked out of private schools for writing violent threatening notes to girls. He was always a strange person.


  4. what if i wasn’t in for breaking the law , what if i was in because i went state due to my parents dieing or they gave me up or emancipated me….Mr trench ur an asshole and all u have time for is finding reasons why people are bad….look at enron all those so called “respectable” bizz’ness men are facing 45 years for fraud and conspiracy….. you need to have ur ass sent to prison and then cum out alive and then talk ur mumbo jumbo bullshit about well dont break the law and u wont be sent to jail…well for ur information ur as a tax payer are paying to keep jails open soo put ur money to good use and sit in one for a long period of time…then lets see how much u have to say when 3 big “law breakers” send sum of there bullshit up ue trench…. eric is a good kid…the ACT he commited was what was wrong…ever think he might have a chemical imbalance…huh huhh..yeaaa…shove it


  5. i like how ur responses shorten less and less each time….u really have no clue do you?? so ur telling me that the kid is dumed for life because he stuck a metal blade into a girl….i say yeaa he deserves to be sent away, yes..but for his act..not bacuase everyone is saying ohh hes a bad and worthless kid..i know from experience that the things we do are worth punishing..but what are u going to say when hes out in 10 years and hes server his term for his crime..are u going to say ok now u have to serve another 10 years because u wern’t in the right state of mind when u did it..i personally think that if anyone has enough guts to stab some one that theres seriously something wrong with themmmmmm…


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