Phoenix woman uses MySpace to have sex with teenage boys

Woman Accused Of Being Online Predator:

Police in the Phoenix, Arizona suburb of Goodyear say a 36-year-old woman used the web to pull a kind of “bait and switch” on teenage boys. The woman is now in jail.

Neighbors say there are plenty of kids in this new west Valley neighborhood where Peggy Ross lives.

Goodyear police claim 36-year-old Peggy Ross used the popular website posting a phony profile to lure teenage boys to chat rooms, then to her home.

Cmdr. Ralph Mclaughlin says the picture she posted on was not hers, but that of an unknown teenage girl.

Investigators say a 15-year-old boy eventually came forward, claiming he had sex with Ross who police say has three children of her own.

Police believe other boys were victimized but reluctant to come forward, perhaps because the suspect is a woman.

Again this is no different from any of the male predators that have been seen on this site.

3 thoughts on “Phoenix woman uses MySpace to have sex with teenage boys”

  1. that is so sad,and they trap our kids like that,like flies to honey!then the kids are ashamed to tell!people have said to me that if a teenage boy didnt want it,they wouldnt/couldnt
    get an erection.but that is ignorance.there are several differant kinds of rape! i have a teenage son and if a woman that age got to my son there wouldnt be enough left of her, for the police!!!


  2. Sharon, this kind of rape is running wild in America these days between teachers and their young male students. Obviously the sentences for such crimes is not enough to keep some teachers from preying on their students. It’s sad but true.


  3. I’m ashamed that she carries the last name I do!! No connection what so ever!! Has anything been done about this trash of a so call woman who now lives in Eloy az !!! I’m bothered by the fact she is still out in the streets and our systems aloud these ppl to continue to do to others!! When does it stop??


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