Quartz Hill suspect appeals adult status

Suspect seeks juvenile status:

Johnny Alvarez Casas, the then 17-year-old suspect in the Quartz Hill High plot, is planning to appeal the court’s decision to have him tried as an adult…

“As of this point in time, we have not seen any evidence that would support the charges being made against him,” said Casas’ attorney, James Stevens, after a court hearing. “Johnny did nothing.”

So stockpiling ammunition, possessing bomb-making materials, doing practice detonations of their bombs, and threatening to cut the arms and legs off of another student is nothing?

The hilarity continues…

“We believe it was a very improper and incorrect ruling,” Stevens said. “Johnny is a good kid. He has special-education needs that are severe. He has an IQ of 71, and he’s very young.”

Attending the hearing Wednesday were Casas’ grandparents, his mother and his girlfriend, Stevens said.

The only thing improper and incorrect here is what Casas was planning. His IQ must not be that low if he and his cohort were able to build and detonate practice bombs without blowing themselves up.

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