YouTube rejects mutant monitoring

YouTube rejects calls to monitor videos:

YouTube and their parent company Google are saying they will not monitor their site for videos inciting violence against schools. Much like the video that Pekka-Eric Auvinen posted shortly before killing 8 at Jokela High School in Finland.

Peter Fleischer, privacy counsel at Google, which bought YouTube last year, said the website was not considering passing more information to the police to avert such events. “Logistically we couldn’t do pre-screening,” he said. “We don’t want to become censors of the web.”

I fail to see how that would be any different from pulling copyrighted material off their site. They don’t seem to have an issue with that.

Mr Fleischer said privacy was of paramount importance but admitted there was no blanket ban on passing on information. “If it were child pornography then we would inform the authorities immediately. In the case of somebody doing a video that looks something like hate speech, however, we would remove the account. In most of these cases we don’t report it.”

Except they don’t suspend the accounts. The accounts for Auvinen and Dillon Cossey were still active after their respective incidents occurred. Cossey’s was even up for weeks after his arrest.

As long as YouTube allows these hate-filled mutants to post video tributes to mass murderers they’ll just continue to be the whipping boy whenever one of these events happens.

One thought on “YouTube rejects mutant monitoring”

  1. In my opinion, if you’re going to own/run such a huge website like youtube where kids and other people are able to boast about their crimes before and after they commit them, they have the responsibility to monitor them closely. They need to hire more people to spend the time looking for such videos and deleting accounts daily and banning IP addresses, etc. It’s their responsibility. If they don’t, they don’t deserve to reap the benefits of such a website at the cost of murderers slipping through their wide-open fingers.

    Free speech and expression is only free when it harms none.

    Just watch. All of the next shooters will have been posting threats on youtube for years. I wonder how many deaths it will take before they will realize their responsibility. Keep track of it. Take it all the way to congress every year, add the next year’s death tolls to it until someone listens.

    Youtube is providing a forum for them to publish their own version of their mimicking of the “basement tapes” etc. There has to be some law that can be used to force them to monitor their site and hold them partially accountable for providing such a forum without moderation…

    In real life, if parents allow their kids to meet up with other kids who are full of hate and want to kill people, it’s a crime. It’s called child endangerment. If a parent doesn’t know what their child is up to and where they are and who they are with, they can go to jail. But parents can’t be held accountable for not knowing what their kids are up to in cyberspace because it’s imaginary. Allowing kids to congregate in real life to further their hate and talk about their plans of destruction is something the parents can be arrested for.

    Do it in cyberspace and no one can be held accountable for having ANY responsibility whatsoever to put some goddamn restraints or restrictions in place. Heaven forbid we draw any lines in this “free” society.


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