Pedophile fire captain turned in by own daughter

Sort of…

Former South Jordan fire captain charged in child porn case:

45-year-old Michael Farnsworth of Riverton, Utah is under arrest on child pornography charges. He used to be a fire captain in the South Jordan Fire Department.

It all started when his daughter found a fake MySpace profile he was using that said he was 21-years-old. The daughter told Mrs. Farnsworth who confronted him about it. He claimed that was the profile he used to monitor his daughter’s activity on MySpace. I don’t know how he explained why all his MySpace friends were underage girls.

A co-worker of Mrs. Farnsworth tipped off police. I wonder how the coworker was tipped off. Anyway, police did a forensic search of Farnsworth’s computers and found a cache of child porn. But not just any child porn…

A forensic analysis of Farnsworth’s computer hard drives revealed several child pornography photos, including two listed on the nationwide Child Victim Identification Program.

You can’t much lower than that.

16 thoughts on “Pedophile fire captain turned in by own daughter”

  1. “including two listed on the nationwide Child Victim Identification Program”

    Why is this particular part such a big deal? Generally when police find a cache of child porn (especially a large amount), they find at least a couple photos that are in a national database of KNOWN child porn.

    This Database exists because some photos are of children who cannot be identified, and thus not proved to be under age 18. The fact that some of these images were found on his hard drive is not surprising.


  2. I know a man my this name &amp age. It worries me that someone may have their reputation discredited due to haveing the same name as a pedophilist. It is a very common name too. A photo should be shown to protect any other person who is not him but happens to have the same name.


  3. Qoute: 45-year-old Michael Farnsworth of Riverton, Utah

    Does yours also live in Utah? And is yours also 45 years old? )


  4. I have no clue what he does anymore, lost track of him after his divorce many years ago. All I know is he remarried and moved down somewhere SLC way


  5. Hey I’m also from Melbourne Australia. Do you all live in Utah? That’s where I met Mike Farnsworth. He actually was engaged to my best friend at one time.


  6. Is the Media going to clear this man’s name if the findings are wrong? No, I think not. Crusify the hero to make a name for yourself or sell a newspaper. That man served the public risking his life to help others and this is the thanks he gets…name slandered, loss of job and probably his family all on accusations. We are a sick society


  7. Anyway, I’m in Canberra… I googled the national id system… it uses face recognition technology to identify victims of child porn so that when new kids come up that haven’t been rescued from perverts, they can investigate.


  8. Fat lot of good that did for us. I lived in Australia 15 years of my life and my grandfather was a pedophilist. There wasn’t any court that saved all the childrens lives he ruined. Neither in Australia or Scotland where he moved back to. He finally passed away last year at age 93. Can you just imagine the path of distruction he has left behind . And that is just one man out of millions. Very sad &amp sick disease.


  9. Annette I’m sorry for your pain, very much so. That’s horrid. I’d never call pedophilia a disease though. Cancer’s a disease. Pedophilia’s just sick on an entirely different level.


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