No new trial for West Memphis 3

Judge: No new trial for West Memphis killings:

Circuit Court Judge David Burnett has denied the request for a new trial for the infamous West Memphis 3.

Just as I said previously Judge Burnett said that the highly touted DNA evidence does not clear Echols, Baldwin, and Misskelley of any wrongdoing.

“The court finds that (Echols’) DNA-testing results are inconclusive because they do not raise a reasonable probability that he did not commit the offenses; that is, they are inconclusive as to his claim of actual innocence” Burnett wrote in the order.

“Proof of actual innocence requires more than his exclusion as the source of a handful of biological material that is not dispositive of the identity of a killer,” Burnett wrote.

Burnett also said that even if he agreed that the new DNA evidence should be heard in court, he would deny Echols’ request for a trial because there was “not compelling evidence that he would be acquitted.”

But the WM3 supporters will let their emotions override logic. They’re like the Columbine mutants except with better PR. They glommed on to this case because they can identify with some characteristic of the convicted killers, Echols mostly, then they act like this is the greatest miscarriage of justice of our time. I should know I used to be one of their supporters. I fell for the documentaries but after a while, I realized that they only presented one side of the story. But it’s a cult of personality with Echols at the helm. As I’ve said before they all glom on to Echols, that includes media and the like, and Misskelley and Baldwin are mere afterthoughts.

Anyway, there’s a reason why their convictions have been upheld by the Arkansas State Supreme Court has upheld their convictions, it’s because they’re guilty and no amount of zealotry is going to change that.

Speaking of the State Supreme Court, Echols’ fancy San Francisco lawyer, Dennis Riordan, plans on appealing the ruling with the Arkansas Supreme Court. I guess because it’s worked so well in the past.

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