Trench on CNN about craigslist

The past couple of days have been pretty surreal for me. I’ve done all sorts of interviews before. I’ve been on radio, in major magazines and even local TV, but yesterday I was asked to be on Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN to talk about craigslist. Here’s a video from the show that was recorded and posted by Pat from Belchspeak.

Granted I’m only on there for 5 seconds it’s still pretty weird. I mean I still consider myself just some stupid guy from the Jersey shore yet here I am on national TV without the word WANTED underneath my picture.

But enough about me. I do want to talk about the segment some.

First off I wonder why they blurred out the face of John Katehis. It’s not like he hasn’t already been named and shown by the New York media even though he is technically a juvenile.

Wow, I look like crap. I’m not rocking the Abe Lincoln beard I actually do have a mustache to go along with that.

Here’s the part I really wanted to talk about at the 2:10 mark craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster says he looking into incremental changes that would make the site safer. Incremental? How far do you have your head in the sand Jim? craigslist is in need of vast sweeping changes to make it safer, starting with the removal of the erotic services section. If you can’t see this you have no business being a CEO. This must be a PR nightmare for you and yet you seem to still be denying what’s going on around you.

29 thoughts on “Trench on CNN about craigslist”

  1. You reckon that segment will inspire any REAL changes on craigslist, or is the CEO still just trying to put a band-aid on an arterial wound?


  2. The Craigslist forums provide a terrific venue for cyberstalkers and other agents of online harrassment because CL staffers do little to nothing to prevent such activities. Writing letters threatening civil litigation and cease and desist notices are absolutely usesless against the arrogant do-nothing team at Craigs List. I know. I’ve been there, and it was one of the most frustrating experiences in my life. Clearly Newmark and team have nothing resembling an online security crew. Starting a class action lawsuit with others who have been threatened and harrassed on Craigs List has crossed my mind. Maybe that will get their attention.


  3. Trench, I was a member in good standing of one of their online forums (Literature and Writing) for nine years, finally bolting in December ’08 after trying to get CL to deal with no less than three trolls who regularly harrassed me and others for four of those nine years they even blithely ignored my cease and desist letter. It’s the arrogant insulation I find incomprehensible, as if they believe themselves impervious to the whims and ways of civil and criminal law. Thanks TO CNN for featuring you in the piece on AC 360 last night. I never knew such a venue existed and I will be making regular visits here. Craigs List is an insidious virus that must be contained.


  4. Nice job, Trench. Too bad they couldn’t give you more time, to delve into the truly insidious nature of Craigslist. The idea of CL is a good one. The execution has sucked big time.


  5. ZC, I went with the suit hoping I can turn the media onslaught into a paying gig or else I would have had the Dio tshirt. My hair was even longer before I got laid off. Remind me to send you the pic of me with longer hair.


  6. LMT, I wouldn’t say hot just stunningly handsome. πŸ˜† Seriously though you are correct. This is the first case that the media is actually attaching craigslist to the murder.


  7. Nice job Trench….I scared everyone in the house, including the dogs, when you came on and I screamed, “I KNOW THAT DUDE!!!!!” I thought you looked good man….disappointed that you didn’t have a DIO shirt on though…..Grown the hair out a little since the last time I saw you…Nice job….I couldn’t do it as I have a severe case of stage fright.


  8. OMG Trench you’re HOT! Great piece!!!! I send your link out in every e-mail I write to politicians and people in the media with regard to Craigslist because you have documented these horrible crimes so thoroughly! Oprah has been doing several shows on slavery and child exploitation and I would LOVE to see you on her show talking about those problems on Craigslist! I have been sooooo irked about how the media has handled this latest murder because these women were hookers not massage therapists and most of the media just says craigslist helped provide information. This was one of the first reports that implied Craiglist had a hand in causing this problem and refuses to clean up their act!


  9. *lol* I don’t know about surly but with all the attention your getting maybe we should all start addressing you as Sir. Trench Reynolds.Seriously though, kudos!


  10. Sir: I didn’t know you were in Jersey. Another thing I like about you! I am a Jersey girl. All good things for you this week. I bet you are called on again and again as CL continues to be a playground for the sick and useless.


  11. What Bucky said was basically, “Blah blah… blahbitty blah blah, incremental blahblah.”I think their strategy here is to blow a bunch of hot air until some other target enters the media crosshairs and Craigslist is once again left alone.You did great, Trench!


  12. DUDE! You are a celebrity! Very nice job.I think that these sociopaths would find victims in another fashion if it weren’t for CL, but they obviously should police themselves better. m/


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