Philip Markoff: Drama Queen in death

Philip Markoff
Philip Markoff

‘Craigslist Killer’ Philip Markoff Wrote Ex-Fiancee’s Name in Blood as He Killed Himself:

We now know how Philip Markoff was able to take the coward’s way out and boy did he have a flair for the dramatic.

Markoff took a pen that was filed down to a slashing tool and cut major arteries in his arms and legs. I guess that Grey’s Anatomy book was used for something else besides hiding his gun. Anyway, he also wrapped the wounds in plastic from a plastic bag. He also stuffed toilet paper down his throat and put a plastic bag over his head. Officials say he did all this in order to make sure that medical staff would be unable to revive him. It seems that he really wanted to die. I bet he even went down the road.

But sometime in the middle of all this, he was able to scrawl his fiancée’s name in blood. Also, he committed suicide on what would have been their one year anniversary. You know, except for the fact that he was arrested for the robbery and murder of Julissa Brisman.

All I have to say is what a bitch. Markoff that is.

Julissa Brisman’s family have expressed their disappointment in Markoff’s suicide saying that he escaped justice. Not to be disrespectful but to them, I would say that I believe that justice can be served after this life. I’m sure that Markoff is currently receiving more retribution than this world could possibly inflict.

2 thoughts on “Philip Markoff: Drama Queen in death”

  1. You know what really gets me? His ex-fiance is going to have to live with knowing that this total asswipe made a dying declaration of “love” to her. It wasn’t bad enough that the poor girl had to accept and deal with the fact that the man who she loved betrayed her, repeatedly, but now she has another thing she has to try and get past (or is it passed? Don’t know, don’t care at this moment). That was a huge “FUCK YOU” to that girl.


  2. Philip was a good man with a panty fetish. It’s too bad that he had to hide his real self behind the mask of overachieving medical student. Had he not been estranged from his family, they who could not raise him effectively with the love and attention all children need, perhaps all this violent nonsense could have been avoided. Unlike most preppy med students, he was misunderstood which only amplified his isolation and distance from others. He had it all and he was absolutely alone. And in the end, there were only losers.


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