Damien Echols has fooled you all

How does my hair look?

It seems that 2011 is shaping up to be the year that child killers are released. First Casey Anthony gets off then the West Memphis 3 are released. What’s next? Will Wayne Williams be released?

Let me reiterate on why I think the West Memphis 3 are guilty. The first reason is that to me the West Memphis 3 fit the profile of school shooters. If they were born just 5 or 10 years later I think they would have been prolific school shooters. Damien Echols is their Eric Harris and Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin are the Dylan Klebold-like sycophants. The second reason is that Damien Echols was a known animal abuser who not only bragged about killing animals but a witness even testified about how Echols violently killed a sick dog. Next is the fact that during testimony Echols testified how he would have committed the killings if he was the killer. Kind of like that book OJ Simpson almost put out called “If I Did It”. You’ll notice that those details were left out of the ‘documentaries’. Speaking of OJ much like that case there is no ‘real killer’. The West Memphis 3 supporters can’t decide if it’s the mysterious Mr. Bojangles, Mark Byers who is now a supporter of the WM3, or Terry Hobbs. It depends on which one of the supporters you ask and how well they’ve been paying attention. Notice I made no mention of anything even remotely occult related.

Much like other teen killers that I’ve posted about Echols has always maintained that it’s everybody’s fault but his that he was in jail. “Arkansas is too Christian, we look different, wah wah wah.” But Damien Echols is one hell of a showman because he has just about everybody fooled. In my opinion, Echols is the second coming of Charles Manson. Scratch that, he’s better than Manson because not only is he basically getting away with killing three children he got thousands of more people to follow him than Manson did. Rather than trying to convince everyone he was superior he preyed upon their emotions and most of you have fallen for it hook line and sinker. Including such ‘celebrities’ as Johnny Depp, Natalie Maines, and Eddie Vedder. Remember people, they are celebrities, not PhDs.

It’s that cult of personality that Echols has culled over the years combined with the ‘CSI Effect’ that has led to their recent release. It’s my opinion that because of all the attention and misinformation about the case that if they were to be tried again they would not be found guilty so they offered the deal that allowed them to be set free.

Their release had nothing to do with justice and had everything to do with showmanship which you’ve all eaten up with a rusty spoon.

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  1. Check the DNA evidence from 2007. Before you blog about stupid shit you don’t know, why don’t you research first… seriously.

    Watch ALL parts, especially part 6.

    Thanks, and have a nice day.


      1. These are raw facts. While they may seem questionable, they are still un-debatable facts. From a legal perspective, there is no bias, despite who is delivering the info. Info is info facts are facts. Personally, I do not think that Hobbs’ hair in the literature knot is all that compelling, since the children spent time in each other’s homes. In fact, I’d be surprised if they didn’t find some transfer fibers or DNA. However, I think that Jacoby’s DNA being found at the site is extremely curious.


      2. Makes me question why did Johnny Depp rally around his release and commented the following “This one Damien designed. It’s one of my all-time favorites, and it means quite a lot to me,” Depp told The Associated Press before the premiere of the documentary, “West of Memphis,” about Damien Echols and his two co-


    1. YALL NEED TO RESEARCH…NO EVIDENCE ALL THE EVIDENCE POINTS TOWARD TERRY HOBBS…WHAT EVIDENCE POINTS TOWARD DAMIEN?? THAT HE WAS A CREEPY KID?? ALOT OF KIDS ARE CREEPY IT DOES NOT MEAN HE’S GUILTY..and a bogus inconsistent confession from a retarded teenager?? they were released bc even the police know they innocent..thats why they made the 3 teens sign a paper saying they will not sue arkansas..go read all the stuff on wm3.org and you will realize what everybody else realizes



        The fact that you called someone retarded just blows my mind. 

        Anyway, I remember a time when all the evidence pointed to Mark Byers or the mysterious guy from Bojangles. Now all of a sudden it’s Terry Hobbs. 

        Let’s just forget the fact that their convictions were held up multiple times. 


        1. I wouldn’t think that someone unfamiliar with the cultural environment of Arkansas in the early ’90’s would understand that these kids were convicted for being different. I wouldn’t understand this had I not lived in the area and experienced prejudice for being different in Arkansas in the ’90’s. However, your opinions are just that. Not one shred of evidence will support Damien, Jason, or Jessie on the victims or at the crime scene. The true killer is not theirs to prove…and it is tough to match up bite marks on the victims when there are no teeth to be examined…
          Don’t you find it at least intriguing that the SAME judge upheld their convictions? The same one who allowed a ‘mail order’ Ph.D to testify as an ‘expert?’


          1. Yep, I totally don’t know what it’s like to grow up in a conservative small Christian town while having long hair, wearing all black and listening to metal. Oh wait, yes I do. The difference is when I became an adult I could look past it to see where Echols and his gang are guilty. 

            By the way that mail order PhD you speak of also has degrees from several well known brick and mortar universities and has trained under some pretty impressive criminal investigators but since they left that out of the movie I’m sure you think I’m lying. 


          2. dale griffis also has written a book about alien invaders as well.seems to me he is anm “expert”on things that cause paranoia.


          3. A dear friend of mine was a “different” teen.  In Arkansas.  During the 90’s.  He was never accused of harming anyone.  The most he was ever accused of was wearing a pentacle in school, refusing to take it off, and refusing to submit to the principal for corporal punishment.  He was never accused of animal abuse, or any of the other horrendous shit that Echols was accused of.  Even with the long hair, listening to probably the same music, dressing all in black, etc., he was considered by all to be generally a good kid. 


        2. There was no evidence that pointed to Byers or Hobbs, just conjecture.  There was DNA evidence at the crime scene that did not belong to any of the victims or defendants.


        3. Their convictions were upheld because the original sentencing judge presided over the appeal hearing(s). From a legal standpoint that’s an absolute conflict of interest. I am not debating who may or may not have killed those poor little boys. But, before running your mouth stop your silly soapbox, try doing a little research before posting such nonsense. I was an antisocial teenager who used to wear black and listen to Metallica also. Does that make me a potential school shooter? Forensic evidence cleared the WM3. Plain and simple. It’s prejudicial assholes like you who isolate kids and make them want to shoot up their schools in the first place. Weirdo.


          1. Their sentences were also upheld by the Arkansas State Supreme court.

            Also, did you miss the part where I said “Yep, I totally don’t know what it’s like to grow up in a conservative small Christian town while having long hair, wearing all black and listening to metal. Oh wait, yes I do. The difference is when I became an adult I could look past it to see where Echols and his gang are guilty. “


      2. read his two books…he’s a egotistical sociopath..and he admits one creepy video, that he licked blood…look it up on youtube


        1. You’re right. It means a lot. I love how people defend these guys saying that there are a lot of creepy teens out there. To different degrees. These guys went into court laughing. At the very least, they had no respect for human life and the tragedy of these children. It shows a lot.


      3. Whats evidence is there against Damien you ask? Show’s your just like a sheep. What about one of the convicted child killers confessed 5 times and implicated Damien in the killings, some of the blood found on Damien’s necklace matched only 11% of the population – guess what Stevie Branch, one of the victims, (who Jessie said Damien had tied up and killed) is included in this 11% of the population. Blood on the necklace included Damien’s and also from a second source that included 11% of the population that includes Stevie Branch. Think about that more a minute. Who would find blood on their own necklace for start especially from another source unless you had done some dodgy shit? The 3 convicted child murderers also have no alibi for the time of the murders – I know this is circumstantial but what is the probability that 3 teenagers who were good friends could not produce a viable alibi for 4 hours of an evening unless they were together! As for accusations against Hobbs, it’s hardly surprising that one strand of hair was found matching his considering he lived with his step son – think about the odd hair you find on your clothes from someone who lives with you and those are the hairs you actually notice! Damien Echolls and co are convicted child killers for a reason – they are guilty as sin.


        1. Thank you. People like you and your family need good weapons and defenses for long and prosperous lives with others like you.


      4. Exactly! You seem pretty nasty and judgemental (Reynolds). Get a life, some sense, and some compassion. Jesus Would.
        (This comment is a reply to “Chris’s” comment left on Aug. 23, 2011 @ 5:28am.)


    2. I know im sending this late in the game but I dont know what the fuss is all about. Everyone wins in this case. The west memphis 3 admitted to guilt in the case and was let go with time served which means that they did thier time for the crime so if “Trench reynolds” wants to think they are guilty then he can sleep well knowing that they paid the price and the west memphis three win because they are finally set free. No more time in jail. Now in reality, the governement let these guys go because they hate admitting it but the finally found out they might when a appeal case because there is a very good chance they are indeed innocent and they did not want to get sued for a ton of money so they did what the court calls. The play it safe theory just incase. Bottomline. either these kids are innocent or they deserve a oscar because thats the best acting I ever seen. either way you look at it “Innocent” or “Guilty” it is time to let these boys become men and be let free. Leave them alone. they did thier time.  


          1. Jules,
            I just would like to say that could you please not refer to these deviants as ANIMALS. I just really dislike when many people, and not just you, link horrible behavior of people as animal like. It is not!!!!  Animals are innocent creatures which only kill out of means of survival or if they feel you are a threat. Instead we should all start describing people what they are really acting like are DEVILS or DEMONS which describes their true behavior.  Thanks for listening Jules, and everyone else.


          2. They should have been executed. Full stop. These people (sic) are now living off the proceeds of their crime. Any money earned should go directly to the victims of this hidious murder of 3 inocent kids. Rest in peace young people. Fair minded folk know that they were all guilty and gutless. Dr Dimon Australia


      1. Man you people are fucking morons. If you knew what you were talking about you would know that Arkansas is one of many states where you CANNOT sue the state for wrongful imprisonment. The problem with people anymore is they hear something on TV or by some moron actor or singer and they believe it’s the truth.
        Meanwhile a twisted, freaky, child molesting, and child killer goes free. And yes, he did kill those kids. How do you fucking morons sleep at night? Hopefully you never have something like that happen to you or your children. Can you imagine how the parents feel after seeing this narcissistic soulless pig go free while their children never got to live their lives?
        Go watch the view and listen to celebrities and go to hell.


        1. Denny you are an ignoramus. Yes they COULD sue the state, it’s just that AR has no statute. There’s something called the “common law” that supports damages for wrongs done to people by others. If they could not, then the state would have had no reason to require releases (which, by the way, would never hold up if and when the WM3 actually were proven innocent). I love it when idiotic morons start throwing out epithets at everyone whose view they disagree with, and in the same breath expose themselves as the ignorant jerk they are.


      2. Michael Moore, Steven Branch and Christopher Byers are not winners in this case. They were tortured murdered in 1993 by Echols and his henchmen. Michael Moore’s parents relive the heartache of May 1993 every time that horrible spin-u-mentory “Paradise Lost” is shown. The movie opens with the dead bodies of the young children laying on the side of the embankment. Proves to me HBO and the film makers do not care about the victims or their families.


    3. If the DNA evidence was THAT strong 7 years ago, do you think there would not have been an arrest. WM3 and their supporters are just throwing anything against a wall to make it stick. They pled GUILTY to the murders of those 3 boys. No innocent person would even do that, no matter how long they stayed in prison. Face the facts, there are 3 child killers out there. God help the kids that live near these murderers.


    4. Your post is irrelevant. Your opinions are backed by NOTHING… They are just that– opinions. Sorry but DNA evidence proves his innocence you jackass.
      Get a second job… Something you would be good at, because this isn’t it.


    5. DNA does not lie!!! These three are free because they did not do it!!!! They paid the price and had their names shit on! Know the facts because they are present unlike your stupid opinion!!!! I watch Paradise Lost frequently and found nothing at all that could even convince me they were guilty at the very start! The black man with the blood in the resturant…. Well… Where is the blood sample? Where was the investigation on him? They couldn’t find him? Detective work was shy on that. West Memphis police just had it out for those three and needed to answer the angry parents!!! End of story!


    6. Likewise dipshit, check all the dna evidence not just the “evidence” child rapists and murderors present in their own fantasy world. Of course you can always just wear your “i free child rapists and murderors” from the prison and death they righly deserve and see how long you last.
      Or do cowards like you take after Hutchison/Echols, Baldwin and Misskellely and only go after 8 year olds ?


  2. I couldn’t agree more, Trench. I’ve watched this unfold with a sick sense of disbelief … can’t believe they got to walk away from this.


  3. I’ve had to defend Metal music &amp alternative fashion on many occasions myself.   I, too, came from a small town… was a juvenile delinquent, rebelled against authority and became quite the manipulator.  I never hurt anybody but got locked up with a lot of people who did. 

    I’d love to be on the “cool” side of the fence with Depp, Rollins, Manson, Vedder, etc.  but I know better.   I don’t even think Klebold &amp Harris were as sick as Echols.  You’re right Trench.  He’s manipulated everybody.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen next.  The right interview could blow this thing wide open and I’m just dreading all the Christian conservatives who are going to line up to rub noses in shit.  It could get really bad.


      1. Of course they weren’t! Echols is literally a Satanist. He probably thought he was doing a really groovy sacrifice when he raped and killed those boys. Look at the Crowley sex magick rites.


    1. I agree..Harris &amp Klebold were definitely not as sick. I know murder is murder but just look at how these babies were mutilated and even raped after death. This is a whole other level of depravity that mass murderers like school shooters are not capable of.

      Yet these are the sick fucks the judicial system released back into society…In a perfect world they’d be stoned to death on the streets and even then it would not bring those 3 innocent babies back..


  4. If you think about it though, they’ve already spent more time in prison than most killers.  Don’t worry, you’ll certainly hear Echols name in the news, quite soon.


  5. Oh, I’m pretty sure he’s going to commit another crime and he’ll get caught. Because he’s intelligent, he’ll think he’s untouchable.


      1. Echols has some serious underlying mental issues that I think are going to lead to an eventual decompensation and return to violent behavior.  If he makes it a year, I’ll be surprised.

        If he’s taking medication, he can maintain, but eventually, he’ll go off the meds and then he’ll be just like he was at 18.


  6.  I have a hunch that Echols isn’t going to do as well some think.   These guys grew up in jail.  Celebrities, interviews, women,
    clubs.  Endless opportunities.  Echols is smart but how soon before he
    grows tired of his own weird family?  They’ve served their purpose &amp
    are going to cramp his style.  They might turn on him for $$


  7. I agree with everything you (and Krayon) have said. After all the crap I have had to read this last week from people that cannot think for themselves (much less spell their opinion correctly), it does my heart good to read your stance.  Thank you so much for taking the time to post it.


          1. Interesting that even family members believe they’re guilty… kinda makes you think.

            Well… unless you’re a brainless dolt who refuses to look at anything that might prove that you’re wrong about something.


    1. Jeffrey Dahmer cut penises off as well, so was that personal? I guess poor old innocent Jeffy  was railroaded and innocent.


      1. I am sorry you getting derailed on the subject. Jeffrey Dahmer the state proved their case. (DNA Bodies)The state of Arkansas had no case. False testimony nothing to link them to the murder. Did they do it ? Innocent till proven guilty. Sorry but you cant just guess who did it. I cant even guess who did it . They had no proof of anyone . I think the police should have taken the help that was offered for this case. They shouldnt have just jumped for the arrest .


  8. 100% agree with you all.  Misskelley will confess yet again (he has never actually stopped confessing – Mike Allen said he was still confessing to his prison counselors).  Anyone who has any doubts should read Jessie’s “bible confession,” in which he confessed in graphic detail to his own attorney, describing the route to the crime scene, describing where he disposed of his Evan Williams bottle (which was later found), and details such as Damien jacking off over one of the boys “just to be sick.”

    Glad to see not everyone values hype and celebrity over the truth.


    1. How interesting.  One would expect to find DNA from that “jacking off over one of the boys” incident, but there was absolutely zero DNA found from any of the three convicted men at the site where the bodies were found or on/in the bodies themselves.  (I say “in” because of the claims that Damien raped them.  If he raped them, there should have been anal tearing at the very least, but also DNA if no condom was used.  Condoms were never mentioned, so one must assume one was not used.)

      I guess maybe there’s something to that witchcraft business after all, right?  I mean, I see no plausible way to explain how no DNA from the convicted men was found at the scene or on/in the bodies, unless Damien used witchcraft to whisk away all traces of himself and his buddies. 

      Or, you know, they could be innocent. 


    2. I can feel they are guilty “because when your inoccent no matter how it happen and you didnt have nothing todo with there is no way they can’t make you realy say your guilty and jessie miskelly gave in quickly, they know deep in inside they have to hide cause thats the only way they will stay away from the truth “!there is something that the same police most be hideing there is no doubt”


      1. Gave in quickly? He had the IQ of a 10 year old, was told he could get a new truck if he testified, and was questioned for roughly twelve hours only two segments, totaling 46 minutes, were recorded. Read the facts.


          1. Have you ever thought that he was involved and NOT the others? A mentally disturbed person put my aunt and an orderly into critical care because they thought she was looking at them the wrong way (she works in an a home for the mentally disturbed.)

            He was there, the others NOT.


          2. How exactly could one teenager, convinced a trio of children to tie each other up? And then killed them? The boys were boyscouts. He could have told them it was just practicing Knots and after the first two were tied he tied the last. How is your grip on Damien overshadowing the fact that kids look up to teenagers more than their own parents?

            Last week after church, my 15 year old son convinced 10 kids to tie their shoes together (not to each foot but to the other children’s feet) for no other reason but he wanted to know if they would do it just because he asked. They did.


    3. You people are abolutely MORONS… To all you Non’s out there.. you are not looking into and reading the facts and evidence bout this case you are being judgemental.. You don’t even know the truth… There are many people who thought these boys were guilty, because they had not taken the time to read the information about this case..  But as more and more information had been providing for the public.. Most of the people who thought they were guilty has now changed their minds.. Including some of the parents of the victims… We want Justice for all 6.  Damien, Jason and Jessie, spent half their lives in prison, for the mere fact of being from the poorer side of town, making  a few off colored remarks, which they were not serious when it was said, they were just kids playing off rumours that were circulating about Damien…  How could these young teenagers ever have believed they would have been convicted for the murders of Stevie Branch, Christopher Byars, or Michael Moore. These Men are innocent! Please read the information about the lack of eveidence, and stop accusing… Even Arkansas New they had no evidence to convict them this time… Thats is why they let them go! It is a shame that they HAD TO PLEAD GUILTY! But that was so Arkansas did not have to pay these men a dime! STATE OF ARKANSAS!!!! YOU OWE THEM WHATEVER THEY NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tina Gill


      1. While I disagree with your opinion thank you for proving one of my points about most WM3 supporters. 

        You see, you don’t need religion to be judgmental or be a zealot. The fact that you use the term ‘nons’ leads me to believe that you’re just as judgmental and zealous as you claim their detractors to be. 

        I used to be one of their supporters. I believed the movies and the books but then I found out that they only present one side of the argument. 

        My opinion comes from the facts that were left out of the movies such as Echols’ abuse of animals. Plus I’ve been writing about violent teen crimes for 11 years. Even the worst writer would pick up a few things along the way. 

        And my opinion still stands that Echols committed these murders to be infamous and now people like you have succeeded in making a multiple child killer legitimately famous. 


        1. I used to be one of their supporters. I believed the movies and the books but then I found out that they only present one side of the argument. 

          I know someone who worked on a few documentaries.  According to him, all documentaries do this.  Documentaries are less about presenting the facts than they are about presenting the facts as the director sees them.

          BTW, I used to be one of their supporters, as well.  Now, I’m horrified they’ve been released.


        2. My my, Mr Reynolds talk about being judgmental… I notice that while you couch many of your comments by saying ‘in your opinion’ you bash others for doing the same when it differs from your own. What a way to make an intelligent point.

          Do you have legal background as well? Just curious.

          I’m sure you realize, with your vast experience and sharp intellect they weren’t saying that mr. Bojangles did it. I think the point was being made about the laziness or sheer incompetence of those that should have done a more thorough investigation. But as YOU say, that’s just my opinion. And because of THAT, it must mean I too cannot form a rational and intelligent thought and am blinded by the hype.

          Just sayin’…lol


      2. Tina Gill try reading through the case files and stop relying on biased documentaries. Wow you watched Paradise Lost so they must be innocent!


  9. Don’t forget about that Jordan kid in PA who killed his father’s pregnant fiancee – they moved his case back to juvenile court, so he’ll be out in less than 10 years. The justice system is impressively lax on child killers this year.


      1. First paragraph in the OP:

        It seems that 2011 is shaping up to be the year that child killers are released. First Casey Anthony gets off then the West Memphis 3 are released. What’s next? Will Wayne Williams be released?

        Though the woman wasn’t a child, she was carrying an unborn child at the time of their murder.


  10. Let’s just hope they don’t kill any more innocents, and that there’s no blood on Jackson’s/Rollins’s/Maines’s/Depp’s/etc etc., and especially that moron Vedder’s hands. Not counting on it, though… the WM3 are bloodthirsty and evil. With influence and power comes responsibility. The way all these highly-revered artists have abused their power, by putting their weight and money behind a case they so transparently didn’t even bother properly researching, on the back of a single documentary, scares me beyond words. They’ve basically turned this scum into martyrs and heroes, rewriting history not just the masses, but also for major media. Scary precedent. I mean, now that this is over, all those righteous subcultural deities (umm…and Maines) need a new cause, stat, lest they get bored. i shudder to think about the possibilities.   


    1. I agree with you Jana about you being scared beyond words &amp even a hell of a lot further, For you puppet can’t accept truth. You and reynolds boy here are the type that yell kill them now &amp we will investigate later. So why don’t you do every one a favor ? Scared little one &amp go hide in a closet. FOREVER.


  11. As for Echols’ cult of personality, I’ve always felt he was remarkably uncharismatic for what he was trying to (and managed to) pull off. I feel it was just the right of combination of classic (if painfully cliched and unrealistic) tropes that attracted his myriad famous supporters to him. The story, as framed by Paradise Lost, contained all the right ingredients for the hip but angry, edgy but righteous “artiste” set. The supposedly moronic, trashy Southern Christians they so despise vs. a supposedly misunderstood kid who supposedly embodies all the hip individualism and rebellion they ascribe to themselves and adore so. I think it was that, rather than any significant ability of Echols’s, that made the case what it is. It made the”alternative” set and their fans feel special, and so much better than all those stupid rednecks with bad teeth and crap tastes in music made them feel like they were on a mission, fighting the Man. just look at their rallying call: “This could’ve been any of us”. Us, us, us, me, me, me. This was always about them, not about Echols.    


    1. Ug.  Jana….I know.  Those angry, edgy, artists are my people too.  By all accounts I should be on THAT side of the fence (I want to be) but I see things as you do.

      I don’t think that Misskelley is bloodthirsty but I do think that a time will come where he tires of being called retarded.  As for Echols…can he hold it in?   How long can he go on playing victim now that he doesn’t have to?


        1. Wasn’t he diagnosed with degenerative psychosis and some form of schizophrenia? I know nothing about psychology and psychiatry, but doesn’t that mean it might be completely out of his hands? I assume he was medicated in prison (?), and I really hope it stays that way, but I’m not sure how much that can control illness of that magnitude. 

          I feel a bit weird writing all these thoughts down, as I have a feeling Echols is googling stuff like this in between selling his “Free at Last” t-shirts from Facebook.


      1. Yeah, agreed, Misskelley is just a very aggressive bully. Not bloodthirsty, and not someone who’d have killed like this without the other two’s lead. I think you have a point, he might get fed up with the label of retardation (especially since Echols is in the habit of calling him “that retarded kid” on national television). He’s a thug with lots of anger (punching a 13-yr-old girl among other things), and he’s the obvious choice to be the first (only?) reoffender. He’s also the one who I think has a decent chance to go back to prison without killing anyone in the process. 

        The other two, though… While Echols is the centre of attention and the kinda-sorta-charismatic one, the often overlooked Baldwin is one screwed up guy. He was more violent than the ringleader during the murders. Maybe he was trying to prove himself in front of Echols, maybe he was just genuinely so bloodthirsty, I don’t know. Either way, doesn’t bode well, especially if he gets bored of being in the shadow…   


        1.  Did you read Echols book (Almost Home) Jana?  I’d be interested in knowing what you think.

          I gave in &amp read it last night.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I don’t like to write because I’m not good at it.  Unsolved puzzles intrigue me tho and I needed to fill in some blanks.

          This whole thing is tragic.   Echols omits incriminating information (of course) but it gives some insight to the perfect storm that caused all this crap.  Intelligent kid, bible belt, poor &amp uneducated parents, first &amp forbidden love, religious fanatics, fear, unresolved heartbreak, experimenting with the occult, hopelessness, anti-depressants, alcohol.

          Damien hits on “nature vs nurture” which is interesting.  Throughout the whole trial and even to today, it’s as if he drops hints &amp pebbles of truth .  Very complicated but then life is hardly ever black or white.

          I’d like to believe that none of them are “bloodthirsty” but it’s sadistic for them to  blame the victims parents (and they know this).  If there’s any truth to the animal cruelty, that’s a concern as well.  Those things make it hard to hope for the best.

          I don’t see how it’s possible for any of them to find peace carrying that kind of a secret.  Jason &amp Damien have each other but  I can’t see Damien lasting with Lorri for any extended amount of time.  He may love her on a certain level but I think it’s a love of convenience &amp necessity more than anything else.


          1. No, I never read the whole thing. Here’s the thing – I don’t believe a single thing out of Echols’ mouth. He lies all the damn time. So I’m not sure I could really glean any actual info from the book, other than the fact that he’s a huge liar, which I already know.

            I did read some excerpts -lies, huge sense of self-importance, no empathy (huge surprise there, ha!), pretentiousness… same old, same old from Echols. He did have a terrible childhood, but he’s rotten to the core. Though if he’d had a better family, they would’ve worked harder to help him with his many mental issues, which maybe could’ve prevented something like this from happening. We’ll never know.

            Echols and Baldwin are definitely bloodthirsty, there’s no doubt about it. And I don’t think they have any problem whatsoever with carrying this secret. Though I can see Echols admitting it one day down the road just because he finds it amusing. I’m also not sure they “have each other”. Did Echols ever really care for Baldwin, or did he just enjoy having a follower? Could they just resume their unhealthy friendship after 18 years? I don’t know.  And Lorri… she puzzles me. I can’t decide if she’s a prison groupie, or just a very greedy schemer who never counted on hubby actually getting out.  


          2. All lies have bits of truth weaved thru them to make them more believable.   I find that you learn a great deal from how lies are told.

            I don’t think he would have had any mental issues with a different family, different hood.  In a nutshell, he fell in love with a girl who played around with the occult.  Damien doesn’t do anything half-ass so all the scary bullshit was for her in the beginning.   Basically, showing off for a girl.  After she finally dumped him for good he thought he was going to end up stuck in trailer park hell forever so he raged &amp “jumped the shark” (anti-depressants &amp alcohol helped this happen) and took Jason &amp Jessie along with him.

            Poor pathetic dude probably thinks now that killing children really gave him special powers because (ta daaa) he’s famous.  Once you’ve crossed the line &amp killed you can’t come back over without some sort of redemption.

            One thing is for sure…Lorri isn’t his type any more than Sandra Bullock was Jessie James’ type.  He’s going to have to get his freak on eventuality.  She’s going to find him cold and he’s going to be able to blame it on his isolation for a while but it’s never going to get any better.  He’s going to request (quite nicely and diplomatically) some time alone. 

            I don’t think we have anything to worry about with Jason &amp Jessie.

            Jason just wants to be left alone.  He won’t follow Damien to the point of risking his freedom again.

            People claim Jessie is retarded but he tried.  I’ll give him that.  I’d have rescinded my confession as well if they planned on sending me to the same prison a snitch.  If he were smart he’d do a big interview &amp set the record straight once &amp for all so people could quit wasting their lives on this shit and idolizing Echols.  He’d better do it before ALL the DNA evidence is tested tho.  If the supporters keep up with trying to get their names cleared, it’s going to backfire on them.


          3. Can’t find the Reply button on your other comment, so…

            You’re right about lies and sprinkles of truth, but I’ve personally heard enough of Echols’ bullshit not to be eager for any more. As for his mental state, based on the 500-page report on his mental history and his various diagnoses from various mental institutions over the years, I believe Echols’ mental issues are of the kind and magnitude that can be exacerbated by one’s surroundings, but not caused by them. And the girl might’ve gotten him interested in dabbling with the occult, but I don’t think that’s of much importance, since he only ever superimposed the quasi-Satanic stuff on his already dangerous powder keg of a psyche. I do hope you’re right about Jason and Jessie, this story doesn’t need any more death in it.  

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          4. You are aware that the overwhelming majority of murdered children are murdered by their parents or caregivers, right? 

            The parents of a missing or murdered child are always, always investigated to rule them out — or at least they’re supposed to be investigated.  Just like when a married person goes missing or turns up dead, the first stop for questioning is the spouse. 

            If the parents were never questioned, that’s a problem.  Not questioning them in the first place was shoddy, inept policework at best. 


          5. You are aware that Damien Echols is an unmedicated bipolar schizophrenic that was admitted 3 times to the psych hospital in the year before killing the little boys.  You are aware that  Damien Echols wrote twice that he was HOMICIDAL on his SS disability forum just weeks before killing the little boys.  You are aware that Damien Echols bragged about killing the little boys in front of other teenagers and at the courthouse blew kisses to the grieving parents. You are aware that Jessie Misskelley confessed THREE times even though his attorney begged him to stop confessing.   You are aware that Jason Baldwin confessed to Michael Carson and Michael passed a polygraph on this.


          6. “Not questioning them in the first place was shoddy, inept police work at best.”

            you mean like the video evidence of Gitchell smoking inside the crime scene boundary?  and the missing blood evidence from Bojangles?  don’t get me wrong…i have no idea if they’re guilty or not.  they could all be guilty, they could all be innocent, one or two may be guilty…no one knows except the killer(s) and the victims, and unfortunately the victims can’t tell us.  all i know for sure is that was some of the most fucked up police work i’ve ever seen, not to mention there was no way they could have gotten a fair trial anywhere in Arkansas.


          7. Wendy, the problem with that theory is that the boys were unrelated, which makes it highly unlikely that ANY of the parents were involved.  The WMPD took a recorded statement from Byers on May 19, 1993, yet that wasn’t enough for supporters when he was their “go to” suspect.  They alleged the WMPD should have done more.  Some people called in tips involving Byers in the murders and these were rule, a fact which was consistently ignored by supporters.

            The WMPD obtained confirmation about Todd Moore’s alibi, yet I’ve seen supporters allege that he was involved.

            While they should have questioned Hobbs, it’s also important to note that none of his wife’s relatives came forward any of the abuse they’ve alleged in their declarations signed in 2009.  Had they done so, the WMPD would have had reason to look at him.  The witnesses who claimed to have seen Hobbs with the boys also failed forward.

            Steve was not home when Hobbs arrived home from work.  He did not come home prior to Pam leaving for work and she knew he wasn’t at home.  They even stopped at the Moores looking for him, according to Pam’s testimony.  There’s no reliable evidence that Hobbs ever saw the boys.

            If anyone’s to blame for the failure of the WMPD to consider Hobbs a suspect, it’s Pam and her family members, as well as the Clark/Ballard witnesses, who all failed to report serious allegations against him for more than 15 years after the murders.

            The whole “Hobbs did it” movement is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, just as the “Byers did it” movement was between 1993 and 2007.


      1. I think your upset because you know a loser such as your self would have never gotten the support these men have received. What’s wrong reyonlds boy ? Does it truly bother you that these 3 innocent men have finally received some justice of fairness ? Do you write this garbage hoping that the celebrities that are involved in their support will give you some attention as well ? Well your getting attention, However i think   Your the type of person that comes to mind when i think of what type of sick bastard would of did this to them little boys. It’s just my opinion after all. How does that feel you sick scum ?  Was one of your family members a part of the jury that convicted these innocent men ? because they were  to stupid to see through the ignorance of those that framed these men ? I know, sit &amp think about it awhile. DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH  


  12. Can the families of the victims sue these three for wrongful death in civil court, or does the Alford plea disallow that scenario?
    I’ll be curious if they will try and profit from “their stories” (you know, all the bullshit they’ve spouted over the years).


  13. damien echols is pure scum.   he’s twisted clever and evil.   for what he’s done to animals i would love to run him over.  oh what pleasure to feel that bump.   i truly loathe him.   nasty despicable little coward.   what self respecting dope of a woman could have anything to do with him.    tell me that. jesus i would love to paralyse him.   cant stand these lowlife scum, or the dopey women who hang with them.  


        1. Let’s see. Prone to violence, filled with rage, ego-maniacal, and a misconceived persecution complex. I don’t see how that’s a stereotype. 

          Besides, you said stereotypes. I’m still waiting for the others. 


  14. Awesome, so not only have we established your argument is based on stereotypes, but now it can be confirmed that it is also made on baseless assertions.

    Let me know when your opinion is based on some…you know….ACTUAL evidence. [I’ll give you a hint, you won’t]


      1. Actually so much of what your assertions are based on is not actual evidence, but manipulations and fabrications by the prosecution and police dept.

        But hey, what do we expect from irrational zealots who are so entrenched in their misguided opinions that any actual evidence that proves their stance wrong is dismissed as if it doesn’t exist.


      2. Trench my hat goes off to you for trying to unmask these three child killers.for some time already. it seems that everyone jumped on the wm3 bandwagon after watching the terribly biased hbo crapumentaries. if they were so for getting the truth out there why did they not present the whole thing as it really was showing damien’s true colors? and we are talking about his violent past and all that disturbing past that shadowed him. no they were just in it for the media circus followed by those three numbskull californians who have a thing for serial killers. so ok the lack of evidence that they did is there but..is there any evidence that someone else did it? now have any of his celebrity fans or supporters ever gone to visit the graves of any of those three children? has damien ever done so as well? why was he always caught in inconsistencies and lies? why was he not able to dismiss the accusations against him? how or why did jessie manage to identify them as the perpetrators and when push came to shove they were not able to dismiss it? even though jessie has a low he still managed to get some truth out there before and after his conviction so supporters dont try to say he was cruely interrogated for a long time that is just an urban legend. and lets face it, those 3 californians who kept pushing for their release led by that brainless blonde kathy bakken..they strike me as the type of people who have a thing for serial killers..they probably have charles manson and john wayne gacy pictures and posters all over their rooms..stop the lying tonto..i mean! johnny depp. and my uestion again is…why have none of the supporters ever reached to the victims families? i think we all have an idea of what they are all about .


        1. Thanks for the comment Spidey.

          Unfortunately when the supporters reach out to the non-supporting families of the victims it’s usually with venom.

          (I believe I made a funny there. Spidey, Venom, get it?)


  15. They fit the profile? Really? They “could” be school shooters? Are you serious? Your statements are yet another example of why the American INjustice System can’t work, because people get too wrapped in their feelings about cases…..just like during the trials. I’m so glad they’re free. 


    1. And the West Memphis 3 movement has nothing to do with feelings, riiiiiiiiiight. 

      The WM3 supporters are just as guilty of the same intolerance they accuse the other side of. 

      And while it may be my amateur opinion you may want to look up this thing called criminal profiling. Even the FBI uses it. 


  16. Since day one of learning about this case I have been probably the biggest single supporter of the WM3 I’m sure,If not,I I’m close,I am not bragging but I say this because I have spent countless hours blogging, reading every single document,you name it,I did it. No one in this world could ever convince me they were guilty and I assumed after thousands of pages of the docs that I was like Damien, “I knew it all” I bought the movies,books etc…and I’m not kidding you when I say I have 100’s of the documents from the case file and sometimes spent 2 nights in a row without sleeping because I couldn’t get it out of my mind..How wrong the sytem did these boys? I very seriously doubt there are many bloggers who don’t know me and my posts and how passionate I can get about certain cases and when I heard this one,It killed me that three little boy’s were murdered and SIX little boys lives were taken and the killer roams free and thought I knew everything there was to know about the case and i constantly put the word out about the Injustice that was done by the WMPD and I say all this because as of Friday/Saturday around 2:am I became a Non -Supporter ( alittle to late now) by reading about the case as it actually happened and there was no doubt in my mind that they are guilty! I am terrified to think about Damiens wife Lori? Did she take the HBO documenatary into account like I and many many others have all this time? or did the famous people read what I had just read? If they did then I don’t think they could say they’re Innocent and I’d hope she wouldn’t of married him if she knew? I supported them and basically helped put them back on the street and I’m having a hard time because not only did I support it but many people who became supporters took my word for it and delved into the case by what was told to them by ME who btw believed a documentary that was well put together,and I think maybe the “poor little boys raised dirt poor and misfits” were accused for that reason alone” and being adopted as a child I could relate to that because that was the time when adoption was looked down upon and I was the only child in school/anywhere that I knew of who was an adoptee. Though I was never picked on for it because I spent my life laughing when someone even tried so it didn’t last long if someone did,but these boys were never targeted….period,It’s just the excuse they used and yeah,they were targeted because they were guilty,That’s what cop’s do,LoL Heck if I did it I’d think they targeted me too….I mean seriously!Anyway that’s why I think I related to the poor boy thing but poor or not I know I could never hurt a child let alone stomp them todeath,tie them up back to back,they were defenceless by being 8 yrs old and yet tied up and beat to death IMHO. The boys ligatures were a mystery nobody could figure out because of the way they were tied but now it all fits into place. I can’t imagine the horror those little boys faced or that I helped and in some ways praised them for it basically and I’m sure my post is a jumble but I am so ashamed but I have to straighten it out somehow and apologize for being so blind,I believe now with all my heart that Jessie’s confessions were true BUT remember too that he was drunk so maybe he did get confused and some things were a blur and I now agree with one blogger who said if a person were to read the 500 files and STILL say they are innocent, then I am afraid you are a lost cause.


    1. Cathy I would love to know what changed your mind?  And I know of a place you can do some “penance” (for lack of a better word) if you are on facebook?  If you’re interested let me know and I’ll tell you how to contact me.


  17. They have DNA evidence that proves it could not have been him. Until 2007 when it was found I believed they did it, but now it’s impossible to believe. You’re being ignorant and hard headed if you say otherwise. And above all, they were convicted in a trial that should have never constitutionally taken place.


    1. DNA evidence is not the smoking gun that everyone thinks it is. Yes, it is in the majority of cases, just not this one. Like I said before the bodies of the victims were found in a creek which could have washed away any incriminating evidence. 

      And by constitutionally not taking place you’re discounting Misskelly’s many confessions and witness testimony about Echol’s bragging about it. 


    2. Ashlyn, you are wrong.  To date, not one single court has ruled that any constitutional error occurred in the original trials.  Echols’ state post-conviction proceedings were final in 2005 and not one shred of evidence was presented that proved allegations of constitutional error.  Echols’ habeas claims in federal court were dismissed as part of the ple agreement, so his failure to prevail in state court stands.  No constitutional error.

      The appeals on Baldwin and Miskelley’s state post-conviction claims were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.  Therefore, their failure to prevail in the trial court stands.  No constitutional error.

      As for the clams of actual innocence, the three pled guilty four months before the new trial hearings at which they would have presented their “evidence” of innocence.  Without a ruling on the merits and with the guilty pleas entered on August 19, 2011, they have NOT been exonerated and are both legally and factually guilty.

      What’s funny (at least to me) is that the solicitations for donations to continue testing and investigation haven’t raised a single red flag with supporters.  Had I thought them to be innocent, which I never have, this would raise a huge red flag to me because they have claimed to have sufficient evidence of innocence for 18 years.  They claimed to have sufficient evidence when they filed their new trial motions in 2008 and had the benefit of three additional years of testing and investigation prior to the hearings.  Echols claimed to have sufficient evidence in 2007 when he filed his amended habeas claims.

      Why would they need to continue testing and investigation to exonerate themselves if they had sufficient evidence in 2006 (5 years ago) when the initial Bode reports were received?


      1. yep.  Instead of presenting evidence that could acquit – they did the opposite – they admitted there was enough evidence to convict.  GUILTY! 


      2. Constitutional error is not the same thing as a mistrial or a case going to trial based on faulty evidence.  Having “expert” witnesses that had credentials from a MAIL ORDER university, and even SAID ON THE STAND That he took ZERO Classes, would have led to a mistrial in most ANY normal court in America.  Any other jury in America would have doubt beyond reasonable doubt when ALL The evidence hinges on a confession that didn’t have the RIGHT TIME OF DAY.  I don’t mean like the correct hour…or what time of night but the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NOON and NIGHT.  REALLLLYY????  REALLY?????????????

        Come on people…the first trial alone should have never happened to begin with.  


      1. Do you know him personally?  If you don’t, you’re not only “nutty”, but you’d be considered a negligent parent.  Who answers “yes” to a question of “would you leave your child with this person you’ve never met before?”?


        1. well you leave your kids at school, in sports, in church, in friends houses…etc. and really you don’t know them. Like I said above…I don’t trust my kids with anyone…but the reality is kids are around strangers all the time.


          1. I do no such thing.  Well, school, of course.  But I checked the school out very thoroughly, and the setup is such that there is never any reason for any of the children to be alone with any of the adults working there.  I’m also pretty active in the school, so I know everyone that has access to my child there.  (But the second I’m able to convince my husband that homeschooling might be a good idea, I’ll be yanking them out and joining some homeschooling networks before he has a chance to change his mind.)  No, my children don’t go into the homes of friends without me, their father, or one of their other (trusted) relatives.  I’m Pagan, so I don’t go to church unless there is a religious milestone of a family member or friend happening at one.  My kids occasionally go with their grandparents, but they’re with them the entire time.  Sports?  I’m not one of those parents that drops her kids off and leaves.  I don’t drop them off for playdates, either.  Playdates are a great time to get to know the parents of your child’s friends.

            So to say that kids are around strangers all the time, without the supervision of a parent or trusted relative, is a cop-out.

            Either way, all of those situations are a world away from leaving your child with a convicted child murderer.  If you don’t see the difference, you’re nuttier than Al.


        2. I DO know Damien personally, and I don’t believe for a split-second that he would hurt my child — even if she weren’t his goddaughter.

          Yeah, you read that right. Damien Echols is my child’s godfather. THAT is how much I love and trust him. And you know what? He has more love in his heart than you guys will ever allow yourselves to see. More’s the pity.

          But you know, I’m not going to sit here and say that they were railroaded for being weird, or blame the arrests on black clothes and Metallica. Let me just break with tradition and state the obvious: The cops had every right to look into him as a suspect based on a mental health history like that. BPD is a hell of a thing. The problem is that the tunnel-vision created by that history never allowed them to look anywhere else. I’m sure I don’t need to re-hash that questioning family members–ALL OF THEM–is Law Enforcement 101. Someone should have been able to say, “Hey Jerry? Shut up for five minutes so we can work this thing out. You’re screwing up our brainstorm here.”

          Now, I’ve read EVERY scrap of documentation over at Callahan. I’ve read the 500. I’m familiar with the liquor bottle and the blood-stained necklace and the “similar fibers” and multiple confessions. I’m not some idiot who saw a few movies and went, “Oooh! Isn’t he INTENSE? He’s just like I WAS!” I think many of the supporters ARE ignorant–often just as ignorant as the people who say, “His eyes are creepy, therefore he did it” or, “He had a violent history, and therefore he did it.” I want to gag when I see some of the nonsense spouted by BOTH sides.

          Supporters and non-supporters alike are REALLY good at ignoring or rationalizing away the evidence they don’t want to look at. It’s kind of a requirement for coming to one position or another. I just happen to think that the evidence OF guilt is far less credible and plentiful than evidence AGAINST it. Sorry, but I’ll take the world of world-renowned forensics experts over an unlicensed rural coroner any day of the week. World-class experts don’t get to be such by releasing results based on who’s paying the bills if they did, their entire professional reputation would quickly go down the toilet (just like Griffis’ did), and their word would no longer mean anything. And really, who’s going to tell the FBI rockstar that he’s wrong? You armchair experts are going to tell the guy that caught the Green River Killer and Wayne Williams and dozens of others that he’s wrong? Really? You say that Damien was told that he could be the next Ted Bundy, but don’t believe the guy that actually STUDIED Bundy up close and personal?

          Frankly, I think every single person, “pro” or “non”, that banters endlessly about the legalities of this case and ISN’T a lawyer should just STFU already and get on with their lives. Damien’s not out to get your kids or mine, and if someday one of them does wind up back in prison, you’ll all get to pat yourselves on the back and talk about what hardened criminals they are and how stupid we all were to believe in them. In the meanwhile, we (me and my family–I won’t speak for D and Lorri) are going to kick back and enjoy the hell out of what this life has to offer.

          I’ll tell you what one Arkansas police chief said to me, though: “I’ve been to West Memphis, talked to folks down there, and let me tell you something — I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot a West Memphis cop, and I’d aim right for the badge.”


          1. Or you could just be some nut who claims to know Echols. You’d be surprised how many people used to leave comments claiming that they knew Eric Harris. 

            But I’ll play along. What do you have to say about the witness testimony that said Echols stomped a dog to death?


          2. Yeah, I have to agree… either this person is talking out there ass, or they’re fucking insane for making someone who’s in prison for murdering three little children (who claims to be Wiccan, no less…) the godfather of their child.


          3. what happened to said dogs body then???noone in poor west memphis ever reported their “great dane” missing around that time…great dane’s are expensive dogs…..one would think someone would be missing their dog…also where are the other people that saw this happen???you are trying to say that only 1 person witnessed this???stomping a huge dog to death,seriously…in a trailer park no less…yet bartousch was the onlyperson who witnessed this…


    1. I don’t trust anyone with my children.  I certainly wouldn’t trust most of you…after reading most of your comments it is obvious many of you have some serious issues and are obsessed with vengeance and revenge and half of you act like reactive idiots who lack any ability to see things objectively.  That usually a sign of some deep seeded psychological issues…so no.  And no…. no one gets to be around my kids who just got out of prison, no matter how innocent I think they are.


      1. it is obvious many of you have some serious issues and are obsessed with vengeance and revenge and half of you act like reactive idiots who lack any ability to see things objectively.

        After reading about what was done to those three little boys, you don’t feel that whomever is responsible for that carnage should get the death penalty?


  18. Trench,
    Very good read, opinionated but solid.I go back and forth on my opinion of who committed the crimes. In some ways I see Damien as cold, calculated and disturbed. But it is hard not to see both step fathers in the same light.

    Something never spoken of was the fact that the kids had bikes. I knew every bully and weird kid in my town, no way I stop my bike for those guys in the woods, even at 8 I had instincts. But now I am assuming they were on their bikes when attacked.

    We can debate all day about whodunit. But what is not refutable, on both sides, is the fact that the police were in WAY over their heads and botched this case. By the letter of the law, Misskelly was given statements without a true understanding of his Miranda rights. If his IQ was indeed 72, it is fair to assume he was clueless of his right to remain silent and have legal reps present. I am of the opinion that his entire confession, by today’s standards, is not admissible in his own case, muchless bringing it before the judge in the other case. One cannot “unring the bell”.

    To your responders that say Echols will slip again soon, maybe so. But not entirely based on his mental state, but based on the fact he has been around killers, rapist and crooks the last 17 years. Prison does not reform, alas nobody would ever return. It simply makes good criminals into super criminals. It’s a school for scumbags.

    In closing, I offer no opinion on who I believe did it. HBO has it’s take, believers of the justice system have their’s. I am inclined to believe that the state of Arkansas would not have offerer them the Alford plea deal if they had a reason to believe the boys would have lost in a new trial.

    Things we can all agree on…West Memphis cops in 1993 were a little shady, 3 boys are dead, West Memphis will NEVER fully recover, the step fathers are pimping a 72 IQ just like Misskelly and somewhere, a killer, or killers, are walking the streets.


    1. In some ways I see Damien as cold, calculated and disturbed. But it is hard not to see both step fathers in the same light.

      I’d be feeling pretty cold and calculating if someone murdered my child, too.  I’d be out for blood.


  19. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. Trench, you are free to believe whatever you feel like believing. 
    If you want to argue that it isn’t Hobbs because we used to think it was the Bojangles guy (*who it could still be, who knows) or J. Mark Byers (who’s an attention craving loony) then I just have a few questions… What’s your explanation for Terry Hobbs being the last person to be seen with the boys but yet lying about it? What about the fact that Amanda Hobbs was brutally beaten and raped by her father for years? That before Stevie Branch died he told his aunt that his step-father forced him and his sister to engage in sex acts together in front of him? Or the Jacoby guy who is friends with Hobbs and still says he’s lying? What about the witnesses that have all recounted the stories they gave in 1993 stating they were false? Who comes out 20 years later and says they lied under oath just to “look cool” now? 
    No one even considered any of this until the hair found could be a match to Hobbs, (not any of the WM3). This was a crime filled with hate, calculation, and malice… you are really going to try to tell me that 3 white-trash teenagers are THAT intelligent to wipe away all traces of evidence? 

    Anyways, I do support the WM3 but I would like someone on her who does not to look a little into Terry Hobbs sexually violent background and tell me which you would prefer to leave your child with…  


    1. AL Simon, you need to get your facts straight… Where the hell are you getting that Hobbs was the last one to see the boys?   The Ballard’s accusation that they heard Hobbs yelling at the boys – is suspect since she didn’t come forward until how many years later? 15’ish?  There were plenty of witnesses who saw the boys heading towards the woods alone..  Kim Williams,  Cindy Rico, Bryan Woody,  Dana Moore.. and the list goes on.

      Why do supporters have to skew things?  He was NOT the last person to see the boys.  Period.

      Why did Jessie confess multiple times? How did he know specifics about the crime?  Why did he confess AFTER he was convicted? Twice.. he confessed AGAIN right after he was convicted in the car ride back to the jail.. Then he met with investigators, his lawyer, as well as prosecutors and wanted to confess yet again.. even though Stidham begged him over and over not to..  It’s all transcribed and on tape.   He even told Stidham and prosecutors about the Evan Williams whiskey they had been drinking in the woods.. and lo and behold, when they went to the area – guess where the Evan Williams bottle was.. Right where Jessie told them it would be!  

      Why did Damien claim the murders at the ball park? He consistently denied ever saying the things the others heard.. yet finally a few years back – admitted he did say it, but that it was a joke..  why does Damien lie so much, if he’s innocent?

      Why did all three confess to someone?  Jessie to LE, Damien to the kids at the ball park, and Jason to Michael Roy Carson.. Carson passed a lie detector test.  Damien failed his lie detector test.

      Have you ever read Damien’s medical records?  After one of his arrests – possibly when he threatened to murder his stepfather, mother and sister… he got sent to the psych ward.. for one of the many appeals the defense unsuccessfully attempted – the psychiatrist Dr. Woods – wrote up a frightening analysis of Damien’s mental health.  The signed affidavit is on callahans – if you care to review it.. 

      Damien was so mentally ill that he qualified for disability in the state of Arkansas.  He was collecting disability due to his bipolar disorder, psychosis and schizoid personality.  

      I find it mind boggling that anyone has the gall to claim they’re innocent.  If you’ve read all the information, especially the confession post-conviction from Jessie – where his lawyer begs him not to confess again, but is in the room as Jessie confesses… yet again… and including Damien’s medical records and all the other circumstantial evidence, then I’ve got a river to see you!


      1. Nicholas, these things you claim to be “facts” I think is a load of BS, just like you think what I believe to be true to be BS. My post was also less about the WM3 and more about the possibility of someone else just because I know there was no reason to claim innocents on a board with a bunch of people stuck in the mindset that the American Judicial System is prevalent… but it’s good to see you attack it anyway :)I also find it hard to believe that the state of Arkansas would allow the WM3 a Alford Plea if they were still so convinced they were guilty. Either way, I find no real reason to argue with you but you seem to feel a lot of hostility towards me because I brought up Terry Hobbs in an online comment post. I’m sorry I ruined your day, dude.


    2. Nicholas, these things you claim to be “facts” I think is a load of BS, just like you think what I believe to be true to be BS. 

      My post was also less about the WM3 and more about the possibility of someone else just because I know there was no reason to claim innocents on a board with a bunch of people stuck in the mindset that the American Judicial System is prevalent… but it’s good to see you attack it anyway 🙂

      I also find it hard to believe that the state of Arkansas would allow the WM3 a Alford Plea if they were still so convinced they were guilty. 

      Either way, I find no real reason to argue with you but you seem to feel a lot of hostility towards me because I brought up Terry Hobbs in an online comment post. I’m sorry I ruined your day, dude.


    3. “What about the fact that Amanda Hobbs was brutally beaten and raped by her father for years?”
      just out of curiosity, where did you come by that information?


  20. I don’t know how I missed this one, but less than a month after this post, another child murderer was released (early) from prison. 
    Now, that piece neglects to mention that Woodmansee was convicted of murdering a 5 year old boy in 1975 (but wasn’t caught/convicted until 1983), and that, according to his journal, he sexually assaulted the boy before murdering him and stashing he body in a trunk in his basement.  According to his journal, he later cooked and ate the boy.  The boy’s polished bones were displayed on his dresser.  He was only caught because he attempted to sexually assault and murder a paperboy in the early 80’s, who was obviously lucky to escape with his life.

    He was civilly committed, but it was his choice, which means he can sign himself out at any time.


    1. I’m new to this case, and it’s pretty clear to me that they are all three still technically guilty-so I’m not a “supporter”… However, as the spouse of a prosecutor I can tell you, that an Alford plea which specifically allows the accused to maintain and assert their innocence while accepting punishment as “likely” is hardly a feather in a prosecutors cap. In fact, it’s so rarely used partly because a prosecutor never, and I mean NEVER accepts that deal if they have don’t doubt their case. So, that’s interesting. But


      1. I’m also interested if anybody can point me to evidence
        Putting the “3” at the crime scene…other than confessions. The confessions of Echols to third parties are often in admissible as hearsay. Further, there are obvious questions with even all three of misskelly’s. An aside, I can assure u that a huge percentage of people (especially teens, and mentally troubled teens at that) would break down and confess under twelve hours of interrogations by a trained interrogator. Interrogations derived confessions, while allowable, are al to often, and for good reason, not sufficient to prove a crime. American POW’s with medals of honor and college degrees often “confessed” to their captors after twelve or more hours of mind games, lies. Pressure tactics, induced stress (all if which are legal to do as a police interrogator btw)


  21. I think most of you are a bunch of fanatics, on both sides.

    Does it occur to any of you that a rational position would be that the trial was a travesty, that new evidence does add additional doubt, and yet that it is still impossible to be reasonably certain the WM3 are innocent?

    Life is not a TV movie. It is full of doubt and uncertainty. 

    Learn to deal with it.


  22. Echols definitely got away with murder. The shame of it is, those 3 little boys were completely forgotten in all the pageantry.


  23. Believe it or not I stumbled across HBOs documentry on the Memphis 3 today…I had never heard of them before or studied their plight…but on the back of this i have been reading as much about it as I can  all off the web…My conclusion is this…although there are many flaws in the American justice system sometimes people are guilty….you can pick fault in the police investigation or even the atmosphere and attitude of West Menphis but HBOs documentry was indictive of trial by media on behalve of the defense….It is easy to believe that all police are corrupt and that defendents are misrepresented or coerced…..but not always….why didnt  Baldwin take the stand and proclaim his innocence? And can anyone explain to me in Laymans terms what the ‘Alford plea is


    1. I’m not a lawyer but from what I understand an Alford plea is the same as pleading no contest. That means that while you don’t plead guilty you plead that you believe that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict you. Basically it’s like pleading guilty without actually admitting guilt. 


      1. If you are not a lawyer, and never have been in actual court, witnessing any trial, you are not entitle to make a legitimate comment. Of course you are free to make a bull shit page and stir your shitty soup as much as you want….after all it’s a free country.
        The thing is now that you made this page, and its a free country, and I’m permitted to leave my comment, I would like to let you know what I think
        Mr. Reynolds
        You are a big time wannabe (wannabe writer, wannabe reporter, wannabe lawyer, wannabe district attorney, wannabe forensic expert, and wannabe investigator)
        and in real life you are indeed no body. No one that significant that I can think of, or remember about. You made a pathetic page, and you are just happy with what you have, thinking it’s a big deal.
        One day when you die, no one remember your name, you have never made a difference in society,or in anybody’s life.
        SO, please dont make a big deal. No one hears you!


        1. it seems trench has stirred your feelings quite a bit for posting the truth with his opinion. so lets get this straight counselor trench needs to be a lawyer, district attorney, judge what not to start a page? wow the internet domains must have upgraded their requirements these days to start a page. you seem to get your knickers in a knot spamming this page with your nonsense and hate. you as well as trench, me and anyone else who pays a visit here is entitled to their opinion. the thing is yours is funny and quite hypocritical. you accuse trench of the same thing that your ridiculous wm3 have done. so aside from being celebrities and supporters they are also lawyers, district attorneys, judges and reporters. wow johnny depp must be having a hard time in holllywood along with eddie veder cause they cant make enough money. and yes we have heard trench you included otherwise you wouldnt have spammed this page with your ignorant posts. -)


  24. I just saw the 96′ documentary, few days ago, have done some research on this case for the past few days and even looked at court transcripts etc.  The trial(s) were a complete farce!  Having expert witnesses with no credentials (one had a PHd  mail order degree…LOL, didn’t even take ONE CLASS) the whole trial was based on a mentally challenged teenager who said he participated/witnessed the killings at around noon, but happened at night, had only the facts the police told him BEFORE they started recording his “confession”.  Yes that’s right it now has come to light.  

     There are so many things wrong in this trial that in most states it would have been THROWN OUT OF COURT.  The only REAL evidence they have points to the stepfather of one of the victims.  The police were completely incompetent in the investigation and it became obvious they didn’t even have REAL investigators on the scene…just some country, backwoods, hill-billy cops that have ZERO experience in such crime scenes.  PATHETIC all the way around.  Now I come here and see these comments by bloggers and people who obviously have no  ability to see the injustice that occurred…..first to the victims (the children who were murdered) and to the Memphis 3 by falsely accusing people for this terrible crime.  There was not ONE piece of evidence tying these kids to the crime other than a mentally challenged individual who had many of the most BASIC fact wrong.  Like the time of day it happened.   PATHETIC!!!!!


    1. Another one of those suckers that PT Barnum talked about. 

      Again, the movie only portrays one side. As I’ve said before what they don’t tell you about the expert witness is that he also holds several degrees from some physical universities and studied under some of the leading criminal investigators in the US.

      And could you specify which stepfather you’re talking about?


  25. Hi Trench. I respectfully disagree with your opinion but you did write a good article. I am not a supporter who bashes or insults people who don’t happen to agree with my opinion and it’s refreshing to see that either are you. I don’t want to debate but I am not out to prove any one’s innocence. I just don’t feel the evidence was sufficient enough for conviction. I think the stereotype of some supporters as poverty stricken, uneducated, and Gothic types is unfortunate. While I respect all walks of life and the lifestyles of others I must say I loathe being labeled by some individuals as in this category. While these types simply support the defendants because celebrities do and because of the media circus that is absolutely not a standard for me. I will continue to read your articles. Thanks for taking the time to read this.



  26. DNA doesn’t lie!!!

    I pray that every one gets a fair shake if they go to jail.  DNA testing should be the number one issue always.  They released a man I saw on the news the other day for murder up north.  A black man who lost around 20 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.  The DNA matched someone already in the data base.  How do you make up for someone losing years of their life in jail for a crime they didn’t commit.

    I worked for a law firm there are issues that simple every day people don’t see and don’t understand.   If those boys did it there would have been DNA to prove it.

    Every single American should demand DNA be done on every crime so no one is wrongly accused or killed and that justice can be really served by catching the real killers.



    1. Oh, you worked for a law firm? Well that settles it then. I’m convinced. Do you happen to be a criminal justice student too. A lot of them seem to think they know everything too. Mostly from those schools that advertise during daytime tv, but I digress. 

      I’ve already explained why the DNA in this case is not the be all and end all. 


  27.  I think Damien Echols is a narcissist and a cunning and deceitful
    manipulator. Everything is about him his poor living conditions while
    in prison, his poor health, his lack of exercise, his lack of seeing
    sunlight and more. While I agree that living on death row is most likely
    not conducive to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, those on death row
    at least are alive, something their victims are not. Why do prisoners
    feel that they are so deprived of basic things? Their victims are dead
    and gone, never to see the sun rise or set, never to feel the comfort of
    a loved ones hug or touch, never to eat meal again, never able to
    experience the joy of a wedding or the birth of their own child. Yet
    Damien married, he got contact visits and is now free to experience life
    I do not understand how anyone can read the exhibit 500 and think for a
    moment that he was a misguided teen experiencing teen angst and this was
    just a phase. If you are a parent that has a daughter and she brought
    home her new boyfriend that had the same record as in Damien’s exhibit
    500, could you honestly say you would be fine with this? Supporters will
    say the exhibit 500 is a lie. How do they explain away that Damien
    wrote he was a sociopath and homicidal on his application for SS
    disability benefits? Was he coerced into this? Was he joking or doing
    what it took to bring in money? If so, then that is fraud.
    While supporters yell that the three could not have done the crime as
    there was no DNA evidence found, one should realize that the lack of DNA
    does not mean one is innocent. Good DNA material is available in only
    one in five felony cases:] and often there is not enough DNA for a
    sample, or it is old or contaminated. And it is not necessarily proof of
    guilt or innocence. You can commit vicious crimes without leaving
    physical evidence behind.
    I think Damien Echols is a ticking time bomb and time will only tell. I
    question the fund that is asking for donations, the one that his wife
    runs/started. Has anyone been able to obtain a report of where that
    money goes and to whom? I have read that Peter Jackson has paid most of
    the fees associated with this.
    “Hollywood director Peter Jackson announced last week he secretly
    bankrolled much of the investigation — one insider says defense costs
    might reach $10 million through direct expenditures and in-kind
    contributions — attacking the state’s case from virtually every angle.
    They challenged forensic findings and witness statements, uncovered new
    witnesses and even pointed a finger at a new suspect.” taken from http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2011/aug/28/hollywood-directed-defense-of-three/?print=1
    so donations are supposed to pay back some rich film maker? Peter
    Jackson is a New Zealand-born director, writer, and producer with an
    estimated net worth of $315 million dollars.
    Does anyone find it odd that Damien and Jason jet set to far away
    places, enjoy a trip to Disney world, while Jessie struggles to find
    $300 bucks to get his electricity turned on? Or maybe Jessie is a lot
    smarter than the claims of the borderline mental retardation and is
    playing people for donations? Is Jason and Damien employed? Was this not
    one of the stipulations of the Alford deal?

    While I agree that the PL films are very convincing, so is Al Gore
    and his theory of global warming, which another documentary film
    challenging his claims will convince you the other way. Documentaries
    are biased and made to convince you to believe their point of view.


  28. I agree with you Mr. Reynolds.  They would have had to put me to death before I would have copped to killing 3 boys.  I do think Mr. Echols death sentence should have been overturned to life without parole one because of their age, two because I do believe the police did not investigate other suspects and three because of the confession of Miskelley not matching facts of case, but I do believe in my heart these three are guilty of this murder.  My main reason for this belief is Mr. Echols actions after the crime  Same as Casey.


  29. Have you seen the interviews with Damien’s family recently? While I expect his mother and sister to believe in his innocence, I find it appalling that Damien has not visited his mother. While there are some who will claim the public needs to leave this part of his life alone and private, I disagree. He has made his life public, now and while in prison. He was not afraid to make claims of rape. Some may say that he never wants to return to Arkansas, which is acceptable, but he has the means via his celebrity friends, to make arrangements to bring his mother to him. His mom stated that she was not sure where he is and he moves a lot.  Moves a lot? In the 6 months that he has been out, why is he moving a lot? She was strong in her interview, but I felt for her because this child she gave birth to and believes in him, dismisses her.
    I have read supporters views that the three should be enjoying life, doing whatever it takes to reclaim the last 18 years. I think the three should realize that they are being judges by their actions and under the scrutiny of public opinion. While many think they do not need to prove their innocence, I think their actions speak volumes.


    1. Hi Mstby.  I think I can understand him wishing to stay the heck out of Arkansas.  I would.  Actually, I think, guilty or innocent, he must fear for his life after everything that’s happened and would fear for it even more there.  Maybe for his family’s safety while he visits, as well.


      1. You are either insane or delusional. The MONSTER psychopath Satanist child murderer Damien (Satan’s son) Echols lives PROUDLY in New York City after living in Salem, Massachusetts…nothing creepy or telling about that, at all…where he sells his shitty ‘art work’ of boring, repetitive Satanic and Occult sigils for thousands of dollars. He has made a good living out of manipulating and charming people with his Cult of Personality. He does workshops that sell out quickly for his sycophantic ‘fans.’ Anyone who can be a ‘fan’ of a man who tortured three 8 year old boys to death in a Satanic sacrifice to ‘gain power’ is a fool. Anyone who buys his ‘art’ or supports him in anyway is just one of those sick people who idolize serial killers like John Wayne Gacy and who buy the ‘art’ of Jeffrey Dahmer. He is the Ted Bundy type…intelligent, charming, and reasonably good looking. He is also incredibly arrogant and cold and has not seen his mother nor interacted with his own son since he got out of prison, where he belongs. I believe he will confess on his death bed and have a good laugh…before going to hell, where he belongs.


  30. Hi, everyone, I have a question.  Could anyone tell me where to look into the allegations of Damien’s animal cruely and/or killing of animals?  I’ve read the first 103 pages of the 500, thus far.  Will there be anything about it in there?  Is there any recorded testimony of the witnesses or people who say they heard him talk about?  Any other evidence of it that I’m not thinking to ask about?  Thanks!  Everyone’s comments on this have been an interesting read.


      1. Oh, my mistake, sorry.  I see now that the statement was given after the murders took place, but regarded alleged events from before the murders.  Sorry.


    1. A great researcher into the WM3/ Crowley connection is : William Ramsey- his YouTube channel is called: occult investigations. Mr. Ramsey has done excellent unbiased research into the case. In regards to Damien’s animal cruelty: a loosely connected person to Damien’s Coven at the time of the murders is a man by the name of Elvis Klonbly…(don’t quote me on the spelling of his last name) he stated during police interrogations that Echols was known to collect animal skulls that he would bleach and have as “trophies” or “keepsakes”. He also admitted to witnessing Echols stomp on a dog until he killed him. His vids are super interesting and very compelling!

      Mr. Ramsey has countless hours of videos of police interrogating other acquaintances/coven members and he also has documentation on the case that proves there guilt such as exhibit 500 and more stuff in callahan8. Which the famous supporters and non famous continue to ignore the elephant in the room.Proving and pointing towards YUP! They did it.

      The way they committed the crime was clever hence the boys were found in water. Water will dilute and wash away most DNA evidence. An innocent person in there sound mind, isn’t thinking”hmm…screw it, ill just use my ‘ Get Outta ‘jail’ free card and admit that YES, I’m guilty. And you the state has enough to convict me so I’ll sign off on this plea deal… WTF and Why?? Truth stands alone! An innocent person would actually say there innocent and fight to prove there innocence at the time of the accusations.Damien never said “Im innocent!” He shamelessly and cowardly pointed fingers at others(Byers/Hobbs). All the while relishing the attention good or bad he was getting by making stupid jokes about wanting to be famous or infamous as the West Memphis boogeyman!? Where do they do that at? Come on! Read between the lines. Damien and Jason are pretty evil. Jessie is no choir boy but he has what I consider a conscience or has shown some remorse as evidenced by his multiple confessions and his demeanor during his trial. He knew what he did was wrong!!! Jason(looked like a deer caught in
      Headlights at his trial while Damien just kept cheesing it up for the cameras finding it amusing- he must have known That this was his big break into the industry, Thsnks to the producers of PL1.How pathetic!!!

      Where is the innocence??? Those 3 babies that were murdered were innocent. There parents i.e Pam Hobbs and Mark Byers support the WM3 NOW because they(unfortunately) get stipends( there getting paid for going along with the official story)
      How sad!! And you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look it up!!

      My thing is… If u are innocent why accept guilt to get out(Alford plea), If your innocent why confess multiple times(Jessie) or brag to others or make light of such a debase situation (as Damien has done by Making sick jokes) Or when asked if his so called friend Damien did it, Jason hesitated and acted nervous by saying” there making it look like he(Damien) did it.

      Are you for real? You must think I’m retarded. Let me guess cause I’ve researched the topic and I refuse to go with the “official” but untrue story. I see.

      So if I’m so innocent wouldn’t I want to distance myself from those who could have cause to ruin my reputation??? Why become a member of a known luciferian sect known as the OTO and be seen/or associate with known Hollywood occultists like Manson, Vedder, Rollins, Depp that continue to perpetuate the “big lie” that these kids were railroaded etc and the “icing on the shitstorm” cake Echols also has close ties to hardcore devil worshippers-process church members such as Genesis P. Orridge from Throbbing Gristle Psychic TV(to name a few of his bands)and who was run out of England on suspicion of producing snuff films.

      Does any Of this sound like the plight of 3 innocent teenagers?? I think not. Do your research. And stop focusing on what the media wants you to believe to be true. That they were loners, who wore black clothes and listened to hard, fast and heavy music. I was that child, who grew up and still appreciates the music, art, fashion.

      However, Truth be told it’s convienent wrapping paper designed for mass consumption. If they can get you to empathize and take the side of the disenfranchised of society who also happen to be 3 convicted child murderers, and they can get you to side with there rogue dark operatives( cause this is really about making the bad look
      appealing and the Good look
      Boring and bad- changing societal perceptions to further there agendas behind the scenes i.e normalizing pedophilia, and mainstreaming the acceptance of satanism, They got you…hook, line and sinker. A good analogy of this is the blatant attack of Christians who are accused of being bigots, sexists and racists. When truth be told Yeshua came to preach love, and tolerance. And he came in the Flesh not as a good looking blue eyed white rich man as the catho/pagan sect will have you believe. But he comes as a humble,poor, black/middle easterner with Wooly hair that was demonized for teaching good,wholesome principles! And now they attack Christians and say we are bad…wake up! Heiglian dialectic is the technique the 1%
      use on us to keep us ignorant and in a state of arguing with eachother and confusion.

      The victims in this travesty and gross mis-justice are Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, Steven Branch and there families. Let’s not ever forget that! It’s a trend as of late in Hellywood to portray the “villains” as heroes and the “good” guys as bad (dead pool, batman- dark knight) it’s a form of predictive programming. If They can get you to switch sides and look at evil as fair seeming then they got ya!There is such a thing as good and evil. I believe that if Michael(a.k.a Damien), Jason, and Jessie repent and come to Yahwhashi with a sincere change of heart they will be forgiven and can go to heaven to reign with the Heavenly Father.Until then like the rest of us if they continue in sin there is a special place in hell for them.

      Please remember to research everything and question everything!!! Do not fall for these celebs and there own idol worship!!! Satanism
      Is the worship of self, material possessions and intellectual pursuits. Stop thinking that these sorry ass celebrities give a rat about you and I. Stop giving them our hard earned money…

      Read between the lines.They are all connected to the brotherhood( they are all Mason’s) they perform blood oaths, perform animal and human sacrifice to stay in the “game” and remain relevant while making money and making there handlers/masters rich! They don’t give a damn about you and me.

      In an interview shortly after his release Echols did an interview with Depp regarding his release from prison and his new book at the time. Life after death I believe it was called. In this interview Damien sat next to Depp and stated clear as day Johnny’s like a “brother” to me first thing we did when I got out was get matching tattoos. Is it a coincidence that all
      The common tatts that these so-called brotherhood members get on themselves are all
      Occultic/coven/satanic in nature??? I think not..,.extremely telling. It shows there true colors or allegiance tot there cause and Lucifer,

      Stop the in-fighting with eachother (cause that’s what they are hoping we will do instead of digging and uncovering the truth) if we are caddy, and fighting amongst ourselves nothing will get done. Time to wake up and see it’s US against them, the Frankenstein media machine that never relents to try to control us by keeping us fighting with eachother so
      The truth never gets out!!! Trench keep

      The truth is OUT, Damien your gigs up, and most of Hellywood should be boycotted. I see past his veneer. He is a wolf in cheap Sherpa clothing loI
      ?I no longer pay to sit in a dark room, and be programmed by people who don’t know me, never met me, and could careless about me and more about possessing the very essence of who I am. A loving, critical-thinking , very-awake, person. But above all a human being who no longer chooses willful ignorance. Alot of us are in a deep state of denial and willful ignorance.

      Another small tidbit before I go…
      I use to be a West Memphis supporter and a HUGE Johnny Depp fan. Until I realized how scum-baggery is often disguised as a beautiful, talented and rich man or woman.

      On a clip of an episode of the David Letterman show shortly after the release of the movie Depp was in: Public Enemies’ Letterman asked Depp if he ever watched any of his films. To which Depp replied, “No.” When pressed as to why he didn’t’, Depp’s answer was very telling: (I’m paraphrasing but the vid is available on YouTube to watch ” I try to stay in a profound state of ignorance.” Why is that??? It is my opinion that Depp knows the effect films have on the subconscious and he also knows who he serves, But SSSsssssh,,…. Cause he’s not telling. Boycott these parasites…they are evil and they know it!!!Stop watching there movies, buying there books, and lapping up everything they say or do as gospel. Research everything. Trust very few and be open to learning new things always!!!Thanks Trench!!!


      1. Very well said, Mia Sorrow. I actually looked up that General P. Orridge, sick Satanic transexual freak…these evil creeps truly are running the world. The connections are so deep. We now have #Pizzagate which reveals Satanism and child sexual abuse, rape, murder, and even canniablism of the victims. The Satanic Black Magick Witch Marina Abramovic runs in Hell-ywood circles, Jimmy SO-VILE aka Jimmy Savile raped 500 boys and girls and even was into necrophila, The Elm Guest House, Royal family of the UK involved in pedophilia and satanic practices…child sex rings suddenly exposed in Norway, this is a global phenomenon. Evil at the very top.


  31. i totally agree that the Wm3 are guilty of killing those three 8 year olds and that Echols is a master salesman and has fooled the world. why? Jesse misskelley’s three confessions. nobody talks about confession number 2 or number 3 (with his lawyer present) do they. do you honestly think the abusively strict misskelley sr would teach his low iq son to deceive the police? ill bet he even sent jesse jr to the cops to confess after all he just beatup one boy real bad and baldwin and echols cut them and drown them. he left during the middle of it all. it makes sense to confess beating up a kid, after all damion and jason did the abusing and killing. jesse probably thought im not going down with these two weirdos.


  32. this last post is to Trench, There is a very good chance these guys are inncoent. i’d probably say 80% and they are still fighting to have the verdict reversed, your going to feel real dumb and your going to have to eat alot of crow if they get it reversed so think about that. always play it safe because you never know and I truly think you assume things and you just dont know. Your gonna feel dummb when this happens and I’ll be watching to rub it in. LOLOLOL 🙂  P.S. they may very well be inncoecnt.


    1. Nope, they’re 100% guilty. They were convicted and their convictions were upheld even by the state Supreme Court. The only reason they’re out is so a politician can make a name for himself. 


  33. I think anyone on here posting anything negative towards the WM3 have got to be just as sick as the one(s) truly responsible for the murders of them innocent little boys. You people are the type that just take orders from those you perceive to be in authority with no questions asked. Your a fukn robot. What should truly be able to take place is their (no option pleas) be voided &amp have a retrial &amp then have every one of them corrupt S.O.B. that denied them a fair trial locked up for life. NO EXCEPTIONS. Im guessing by the stupidity of your postings you all might be related to them corrupt no good bastards. And this dumb that started this link calling himself trenchreynolds is as stupid as they come. He needs to be in a trench. I thank GOD for the few people that seen something wrong with this trial/convictions to raise attention that grew into the 10s of thousands of supporters that forced the liars involved with this case to offer a plea deal. They knew they would be exposed if they didn’t. Who can blame any of them men for accepting the plea to get out of the hell hole they were wrongly put in. It’s not over boys &amp girls, Now evidence is really going to start rolling in, &amp we all know the feds can overturn any conviction(s) the corrupted officials in AR. placed on these men before releasing them. Damien,  Jason, Jessie  I wish you all long happy fulfilled lives. For one these days those responsible for framing you men will be held accountable whether that be here or the afterlife. Hey trenchyboy that word afterlife didn’t stir up any satanic demons did it ? You are so damn stupid.  For those of you that don’t believe in wronly convicted go check out the site http://www.innocence project.com &amp that will expose you to what you refuse to believe takes place in our great American Judical Courts. 


    1. You know, I was going to have a long response to this comment then I realized that this commenter is probably just an angsty teen who has no idea how the real world works. 

      And if you’re not an angsty teen please get an education. 


  34. Have to say I feel for all the families
    involved both the victim’s and the accused.  Although I can’t understand
    the convictions at all, considering the pure lack of any real evidence and the
    overwhelming reasonable doubt.  


    Clearly the jurors had preconceived
    ideas.  The justice system did not work in this case the convictions were
    based on opinion and religion.  


    I am neither for or against religion, I
    am happy for people to believe freely in which ever god/goddess/guru they like
    but just a little common sense must come through.   It is not our
    place to judge people on race/colour/creed/religion.  But this case was
    very much all those things.  


    I believe the cases should have been
    heard in place far away from the unfortunate outdated town that the crimes were
    committed in.  


    I did watch the movies after the release
    of Echols, Baldwin and Misskelly.  I
    am amazed that John Mark Byers did not seem to be able to tell a truth no
    matter how hard he tried and there is no way you could watch this man and
    suggest that he was in anyway an upstanding citizen. (not suggesting he is
    guilty of anything, just that he is a blatant bare faced lier – you would have
    to question that possibly his brain tumour – if he indeed has one, maybe
    causing him to lie about his criminal history, his medical history is he (bi
    polar/ Manic though I thought these were the same thing mentally unstable
    suffering PST or just a pill popper?


     Mr Byer’s wife seemed to be taking drugs for the same things
    and more, their murdered son was also on a mind altering drug (or was he?), his
    use of a particular knife in question, the loss of his real teeth, the timing
    of the loss of his real teeth. Face it the man does not appear to have the
    ability to tell the truth about much, the one thing I do believe is his grief
    for the loss of his adopted and or step son – oh, many people who have killed
    their own children also grieve the loss).  


    Sure not all these lies were not told in
    court but 1 was brought up in court that would have to raise huge reasonable
    doubt against the 0 actual evidence brought against Echols and Baldwin.  


    Remembering when it comes to a conviction,
    as a juror you are asked to make your decision based on factual evidence beyond
    any reasonable doubt.    


    Just as a side note I find it interesting
    that the God fearing Church going people of this town can imagine and verbalise
    such horrible things that they want to happen to and will do to the 3 convicted
    boys that’s mighty Christian of you all (there was one man in the movie the
    grandfather of one of the victims who appeared to be a true Christian and was
    willing to forgive as his understanding of the bible was so he would be
    welcomed to the resting place/heaven/God’s home to meet up with all the
    relatives he had lost and to do this he would need to forgive (there is a true


    I Don’t recall anyone for the wican
    community or Heavey Metal fans or supporters of the convicted offering any kind
    of evil witch crafty spells or any harm at all to anyone, other than to explain
    there belief of the power or symbol of 3 that any good or bad that you put out
    there will come back 3 fold.  And yes I understand, there are extremists
    out there, that talk of some weird occult stuff like human/animal


    I am a little confused though as
    Christian religions also talk of human sacrifice are they not reminded all the
    time how Jesus sacrificed himself for all mankind and then rose from the dead 3
    days later and will come again In communion you are given the body and blood of
    Christ???? If you had never heard this before in your life and were introduced
    to this information would that religion not seem just a little creepy and scary
    to you.  


    As for Damien Echols religious thoughts
    at the time he was picked up, he seemed to me to be like a lot of teenagers
    grappling with growing up, religion, belief, puppetry and having been brought
    up catholic was questioning this and looking at other religions which is reasonably
    normal for any teenager to question life and all it’s mystery.  I’m not
    going to protest anyone’s innocence or guilt, DNA has come a long way and still
    being developed although a lot of evidence is now lost.  So hopefully for
    the young boys no longer with us there will be real justice.  One last thing, we once were told to
    believe the world was flat, someone with courage went that step further and
    found he did not fall off the edge of the earth, should he have been punished
    for not believing? 


  35. Only God can judge these three not you not me not anyone, so just leave them be already, none of this back and forth shit is doing anything to bring justice to those 3 babies


    1. Actually a judge can judge them and they were convicted. Some more judges judged them and upheld their convictions. 

      Justice for the victims would be Echols executed and the other two serving out their sentences. 


      1. Of course they got away with murder. Echols (why did he change his name? Damien like THE Damien in “The Omen”) is a sociopath of the worst kind who tricked them all. They are all guilty, no doubt there. All it took was some support by famous, like-minded people (most of them are part of the Illuminati) ready to spend every sum you name and who would pressure the system so long until they would give in. Welcome to the year 2012. That’s bascially ALL it takes!


  36. I must say I was one who fell into the “hype” as every 48 hours mystery, HBO document, etc. only showed where the police may not have been very thorough in their investigation and left room for ppl to believe these 3 may have been convicted because they were different.  However, after reading much of the transcripts and documents on Callahn.8k I believe my mind has changed.  I can understand a confession under pressure, especially for someone who may have a low I.Q.  However, Jessie confessed to his own attorney after the court trial and everything was done and their was absolutely nothing to be gained by doing so.  It was very explicit and if he was so simple-minded, too brilliant for him to have made up.

    Additional points:  on a you-tube video, Echols admits wanting to be famous and everyone knowing him for something.  Well, they do now, don’t they?  I honestly don’t believe if they were truly innocent that they could have stood by and allowed themselved to even be accused of these crimes.  I guess their choice to play it cool (as seen in another you-tube video with Damien and Echols talking about “who follows who”) was their own downfall if they are truly innocent.

    The necklace that was recovered which had blood on it, actually shot by HBO but left out of the documentary (on youtube).  It’s too bad DNA analysis was evidently not up to par at that time to determine whose blood it belonged to.

    I am studying to be a criminal forensic investigator and this case is fascinating to me and I would love to know how a new jury, knowing nothing about this case, would see all of the evidence or lack thereof.  This is definitely one for the case books because it is either a huge injustice for these three to have spent 18 years in jail or a huge injustice that they are out. 

    Either way, I think making movies off of this horrendous crime considering the horror and torture of those three little boys is nauseating.  We’ve taken away from the sadness that is the loss of three very innocent lives and are capitalizing on three people who are now basking in fame and could quite literally be guilty.  It’s sickening.


    1. Wonderful post, thank you. YOu said everything I wanted to say. Those babies are the real victims here and their last hours were filled with brutality, torture and pain. I can’t even begin to imagine the fear those darling boys suffered.


  37. I watched Echols on television with his interview. I hearde him lie several times. 1) He never went outside while in prison (It is a regulatio that all inmates have outside time). 2) He tried to commit suicide in prison with sleeping pills (does not have access to sleeping pills) 3) Watch while 30 people went to their death on death row (Blatant lie- anyone can count the number of people put to death in Arkansas If he lies about things that don’t matter he will lie about things that do.


    1. 1) He was rarely ever allowed out. Keep in mind, he was on death row for the majority of time. It’s a whole different thing. 2) He absolutely did attempt suicide with his antidepressants that he saved up. (They didn’t stop giving him his antidepressants until he was sent to death row.) 3) He names every person he remembers being sent to death row in his book. Look them up and you’ll see that you’re wrong. You should try doing a bit more research about his “lies.”


  38. I am a supporter of the WM3. I believe everyone is entitled to their beliefs and I respect that. However, I do not see your argument being backed by sufficent support to be valid or strong. I am not an expert in philosophy, but even I can see your argument is the result of faulty reasoning.


  39. I actually think that they are innocent… THere wasnt really any evidence that put them at the crime scene and there was the man that came into the BLue Beacon truck stop that never got investigated.. He was covered in mud and blood the eye witness told Mara Leveritt who wrote the Book Devil’s Knot… I feel that its about time that they got freed!!!!! How can you compare them to Casey Anthony??? She is a child killer and because her daddy was an ex homicide detective she knew how to cover her tracks!!!!! I believe that those boys should have been let go long before now!!!!!!!!!


    1. You mean no evidence except the multiple confessions by Misskelley even after he had been convicted? How about Echols testimony about how he ‘would have’ committed the crime?

      The Devil’s Knot is just more WM3 propaganda.

      I compare them to Casey Anthony because they’re all child killers that got off.


  40. The writer s absolutely insane. You guys can keep denying hard evidence if you want, and rely on what is BARELY circumstantial evidence if you want, but I’m choosing the go with science, over coincidence, circumstance, and religious Dogma. I’ve studied this case for so many years, from both sides, and I have YET to find evidence of murder. I HAVE found totally exonerating evidence, but I suppose nothing will ever change your minds, so have fun hating, and sleep tight, because there is a child killer on the loose, and it’s NOT the WM3.


  41. You guys and this page are so full of shit. These boys were railroaded, plain ans simple. There is no way in hell they would let 3 monsters walk that were guilty of horrendously torturing these 3 little boys. No way in hell. And if they made the WM3 sign an agreement NOT to sue the state of Arkansas, what does that tell you?! There will always be people that believe both sides, but I support and have supported them the whole way, and truly believe in their innocence.


  42. Hi there my name is felecia i loive in Nz and i “pray for many survivors of (S R A) (and mk-ultra) as a prayer intersessor and prayer warrior. Im so disgusted that these “sociopaths” “have gotten off this (O M G!!!!!!!!) Thats America and “Justice” for you isnt it!!!?????? i only saw this case on a crime channel recently on TV here in N Z I belive they are all guilty !!! (echols) help” for Im so disgusted i cant beleive it and what celebs paying for their legal fees and stuff o m g!!!!I (i want to puke !!!!) I have many F B friends who are survivors themselves of (S R A) and( Mk-ultra/governmental mind control programming) so i know that this “evil” exists in america/and other countries “big time” Its a huge cancer all over this earth all and occultic /ritualistic crimes The Main perps are “illuminatti/whitehouse/FBI/CIA/police departments/ /CPS/judges on the bench/lawyers/therapists/all are re “occult infiltrated” and “run” By occult “elite shadow government” Like illuminatti/and freemasons/ My friends have educted me about these things as they have survived this evil themselves. 😦 😦 these places are all corrupt (and all occult elite societys) and all “are the main “perps” of ritual abuse /and Mk-ultra that are creating “dissocitive identity disorder Mk-ultra “robot slaves” “for The (N W O) an army run and programmed “robotic MK “slaves” By the devil himself Only Jesus Christ can stop these Vile evil satanic crimes crimes committed against His people as the casulties are so very many Its still happening to this day in 2012 (i pray for them all to be free from S R A/and MK) (amen) God bless


    1. uhmm sorry but if N Z means you live in new zealand, hate to inform you, but the “Devils advocate” DE is there now with his financial “nuthugger” peter jackson..staying until christmas according to reports..lock your doors..


  43. Lucy ur a dumb cunt.. the state did not prove they murdered those children, thats fact..its regulation that the state allows you to leave ur cell atleast one hour a day that doesnt mean u have to and that doesnt mean they take you outside. sleeping pills are as easy to get in jail as they are on the street, 40 plus people were executed in Arkansas since 1994. your the liar. your also a dumb cunt. i hope your falsely accused of the same crime some day..oh yeah ur a dumb cunt


    1. Wow, just wow. You calling anyone dumb is mind-blowing.

      The state did prove their guilt. Multiple times in fact, The only reason they’re out now is because a prosecutor saw it as a way of advancing his career.

      But you just keep on foaming at the mouth like the rabid dog you are.


    2. Vile language from a VILE supporter of the VILE baby-killer Damien Echols. He was on camera in an interview ADMITTING that on Death Row he was allowed one hour outside per day, but he refused to go out because it was ‘filthy’ out there in the yard. The man is a psychopath who lies continuously without any guilt whatsoever. He has zero conscience. Damien Echols is GUILTY as sin and is an open Satanic witch to this day. He has a Cult of Personality due to his Ted Bundy like ways. He is intelligent, well spoken and charming. And he is a MURDERER.


  44. “The first reason is that to me the West Memphis 3 fit the profile of school shooters. If they were born just 5 or 10 years later I think they would have been prolific school shooters.”
    Are you saying school shooters didn’t exist at the time? Are you saying school shootings didn’t occur until 5 or 10 years later? What does when they were born have anything to do with the possibility of them fitting the profile of a school shooter? This makes no sense. If they were prolific school shooters, they would have shot up their school. Many people fit the profile of a school shooter without committing violence. I am not stating whether I think they are innocent or not because I simply do not know. I have not yet read all of the information to form an opinion on the subject. I just felt that your comment about school shooters does not support your claim in any way and makes you appear as if you are unintelligently grasping at straws.


    1. Hey, thanks for putting those words in my mouth, I was feeling a little hungry. Although next time I’d prefer a cool ranch flavor rather than the taste of bitterness and angst.

      Since you’re obviously mentally incapable of grasping my comment I’ll spell it out for you. Obviously there were school shootings prior to the late 1990s but they did not become the cultural phenomenon they are in this country until the late 90s with such shootings as Paducah, Jonesboro and of course Columbine.

      So like I said earlier had the WM3 been born 5 to 10 years later than they were their names would have probably been spoken in the same terms as Eric Harris and Cho Seung Hui instead of the convicted multiple child killers that they are. But either way a mass murderer is a mass murderer.


      1. I didn’t put words in your mouth. I simply asked what you meant. To continue your little play on words, that taste you got was not bitterness and angst. It was plain and simple confusion. You stated in your original article that you think they are guilty because they fit the profile of a school shooter but you fail to show how that makes them guilty. You failed even worse in your most recent response. Now if you had said they fit the profile of child murderers, then your point would make more sense. It’s like you just randomly grab labels out of thin air. First it’s school shooter then it’s mass murderer. In order to be classified as mass murder, four or more people would have to have been murdered. Once again you are grasping. As far as my mental capabilities go, I agree that I am incapable of grasping your incoherent ramblings.


          1. Once again you avoid my original question. How does your assumption that they fit the profile of a school shooter support the idea they may be guilty? I’m genuinely curious as to how you can to that conclusion. Please don’t list similarities between Echols and Harris. Just answer the question.


          2. I know that it is only ONE of the reasons you think they are guilty. I simply want to know how you came to the conclusion that fitting the profile of a school shooter can support the idea you think they are guilty. You listed this as a reason, I’m just asking you to back it up. If you’re going to respond, answer my question please. Or just don’t respond.


          3. Let’s see, how about his history of violence, his psychotic episodes, his multiple commitments to mental institutions, the animal abuse, his bragging about the murders, testifying how he ‘would have’ committed the crimes, blowing kisses in the courtroom, Miskelly’s multiple confessions even after conviction, and his conviction being held up by the Arkansas Supreme Court multiple times. Are those enough reasons for you?


          4. you know i am far from being a supporter, but Miskelly’s confessions should have never been allowed. he’s dumb as a box of hair. i mean literally 2 i.q. points from being considered mentally retarded, not to mention the only people who heard the confession were the cops in the car and a known jailhouse snitch.

            the rest of it stands on it’s own as far as i am concerned.


  45. I think you are the real killer. no one has ever seen you. You just sit behind the keyboards, hide your identity or make multiple identities and use it in other sites.
    haaaa? Reynold! why shouldn’t we think that you are actually a sick person with a criminal mind? tell me, why shouldn’t we?
    If you are not a coward, which I think you are, write a book and cross your point.


    1. Omg it all makes sense! To think he’s been under our noses this whole time … And he would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you, you meddling kid! -_-


  46. I tried to see an injustice here, but sorry, can’t do it. DE comes off as another Scott Petersen, another Oswald (“I’m a Patsy!!”), another Jeffrey McDonald…. all liars, all with cult followings.


  47. You can not tell one is guilty because “he fits the profile of a school shooter”… You need a proof, not feelings…That’s it. Bye


  48. They haven’t fooled me Trench. Their silly and stupid supporters are the ones fooled. Say does anyone know when Johnnie Depp received his homicide dick license? HIs CSI certification? Where did he hone his top investigative skills? I hope he’s proud of himself for being a part of freeing three baby killers. When Damien devil child kills that wife of his what will say? Oops?


  49. There is a general progression here when people learn about this case:

    1) They watch ‘Paradise Lost’ series and are probably convinced these kids were railroaded by small town cops for being weird.

    2) They read the callahan case files. When presented with all the information, they change their minds about the wm3 being innocent.

    The majority of people who know about this case only get to the first bit. This is why the innocence movement is so large. Even celeb supporters appear to know nothing about the case other than what comes from the Paradise Lost films.

    Now if someone made a movie that summed up and presented the information from callahan site …. well a lot of people would be shocked.


  50. Echols may or may not have committed the West Memphis murders. Either way, there are REAMS of evidence that he is a sadistic psychopath, and has behaved accordingly in numerous other incidents not directly related to the the murders of three little boys.. This evidence alone ought to be sufficient to place him in prison for a long, long time.
    Misunderstood goth persecuted by Bible Belters my a**.


  51. Casey Anthony should have been convicted .. Damien Echols should not have been that is the real problem. Enough of his life has been stolen. Its clear who the real killer was the problem is Memphis would rather turn a blind eye than admit all their mistakes.


    1. If it’s so clear who the killer is why have there been multiple finger pointings over the years by the WM3 team? First it was the Bojangles guy, then it was Mark Byers, now it’s Terry Hobbs. Next it will be Jack Ruby or D.B, Cooper.


  52. It’s nice to see that not everyone kisses the ass of Damien Echols. I have no judgement as to his guilt or innocence, but I find the following he has received since is appalling.

    It is indeed Manson like.

    People could be supportive without becoming a sheep in the Echols flock.


    1. Thank you for your comment Mandy. Like I keep saying this isn’t about the occult. It’s all about a plain old cult. If Echols told his supporters to commit suicide in his name I bet a large chunk of them would.


  53. …I just don’t understand where Jason Baldwin fits in anywhere in this BESIDES being friends with Damien. I’ve gone over documents, statements and affidavits of people involved with or who knew of Jason in 1993. They all read pretty much the same. Quiet, shy kid who liked Metallica and loved to draw. Looked after his two brothers, had a mom who had mental troubles of her own. Wouldn’t hurt an animal got in 1 fight over someone stealing his brothers Chicago bulls cap. Based upon on his journal entries showed no signs of depression and the most trouble he was ever in I believe was in 91 when him, his brother and 5-6 other lakeshore kids got in trouble for breaking lights of old cars. According to Steve Jones his probation officer he was no trouble, never talked back and stated he was the kind of kid who would get in trouble once and never be heard from again.


  54. Michael Carson who testified against Jason was in juvenile with him a total of 6 days. There are 5-6 affidavits of other men as well as other guards in charge who were in the same facility at the time that have stated this incident just didn’t happen or was highly impractical….that Jason once again kept to himself, was quiet etc. Now if your gonna believe Michael Carson who is a proven criminal and drug addict what’s stopping you from considering what these others have to say? Not to mention Carson has apologized to Baldwin and recanted his testimony. What evidence beyond a reasonable doubt is there to place Jason Baldwin a the scene?


  55. From William Ramsey

    Today is the first day of a Kickstarter campaign intended to raise money for post-production costs related to my documentary about the West Memphis Three. You can obtain more information here:


    The film is currently in post-production. As 150 minutes of material has already been compiled, all that is needed are some additional funds to complete the project. Please help if you are able.

    If I can surpass the amount I’m looking for, I’d like to add an additional disc to the DVD case with visual information on the following provisional topics:

    Mara Leveritt and the Devil’s Knot: Grinding A Dull Axe

    The Defense Rests: Obfuscation and Omissions in all Defense arguments

    Fools on Parade: Hollywood and journalistic dupes, etc.

    I also just completed a small article about a data point many researchers have missed—the pentagram tattoo on the chest of Damien Echols. See here:


    Thank you!!

    William Ramsey


  56. You’re a dumbass, they wouldn’t release a guilty man from death row because he’s a good showman. They were all released because there is zero evidence against them.




  58. Why did misskelley confess 6 times, why did Echols grasp at an alibi that had no consistency, why does Echols consistently exaggerate or completely make up false truths. Why was he, during conviction, smiling and laughing and joking around, he was not a child, he was 18, so that is no excuse. Why does misskelley now that he has been released refuse to go near Echols or Baldwin and stay out of the limelight. Why do supporters ignore his 500 page psych report as well the fact that he was fascinated with aleister Crowley who is a well know satanist NOT WICCAN. There is definately a satanic undertone which the media willingly bury. People open your eyes, Echols is a sick narcisstic sociopath and a pathological liar. If he was innocent there would be no need at all to lie in so many interviews past or present…


  59. YOU are a total idiot!!!! ” I think they would have been prolific school shooters.” REALLY??? How the Hell did you come up with that pile of crap??????
    Have you ever met Damien/Jason/Jesse?????
    Have you EVER seen Paradise Lost 1, 2, &amp 3???????
    You would NOT be spruking this shit if you had!!!!
    Are in, in the slightest way, up on the finer details of this case??? AT ALL???? I think not.
    Best if you sell your PC rather than try to spread garbage……..
    and I’m sure I speak for thousands of us, DON’T CALL US IDIOTS!!!!
    DNA evidence DOES NOT LIE!!


    1. Another Chalupa that saw Paradise Lost and a few episodes of CSI Miami who thinks they’re an expert criminologist.

      Why yes, I am familiar with the finer points of the case and in my opinion all evidence still points to Echols and crew. To keep believing that they’re innocent in the face of all logic is to believe in a conspiracy theory that is more flimsy than the 9/11 conspiracies. Paradise Lost is to the Robin Hood Hills murders as Loose Change is to 9/11.


  60. If anyone still thinks that the three are innocent…look at some facts.

    1. Three different knots.Indicates 3 killers. The defense claim the kids were killed somewhere else. The kids were found naked and underwater. With their clothes staked into the bottom of the water with a large stick.

    So, Hobbs must’ve stripped them, killed them and taken them to the Woods. Buried them AND TAKEN THEIR CLOTHES WITH HIM!!!

    Do you see how stupid that sounds.

    First the defense claim it’s some nutjob nicknamed Bojangles.

    Then it’s Byers.

    Then it’s Hobbs.

    Who’s next?

    Still no alibi for the three after all these years.

    Anyone with a brain can see it. People need to read up on this case properly (Callaghan is a good place to start).

    Look at Echol’s lies!

    The guards beat him. He used meditation to deal with his extreme physical pain. His probation officer would threaten him and others with jail if they didn’t give him a blow job. The girls lied on the stand. His lawyers ‘forgot’ to call witnesses that could’ve given him an alibi. He was only ‘depressed’ and not a total psycho. He had never been in trouble with the law. He wasn’t cruel to animals. He has healing hands. He wasn’t familiar with Crowley. He was raped in jail. He was scared of being stabbed in jail (despite him saying he was in solitary 24/7)

    I fell hook line and sinker after those documentaries. I feel like a fool now.

    Depp and Jackson can go f themselves. Well done guys. You’ve released a bunch of child murderers.

    I urge all everyone to read the case files.


  61. Everybody has a different story and that is the problem. Nobody on either side tells/told the truth. The Judge was a complete incompetent idiot. The two Echols and Jason were right to get another trial if it went forward. Simple fact is because that Jury heard of Jessie’s confession. A complete joke that the phone records could not be obtained.
    I have a hard time believing that these three stooges could pull off a crime like this and not leave nothing at the crime scene and not having anybody reliable as a witness to put the 3 together. A fiber that might of came from a robe or a shirt is not that strong. Blue Wax from a candle holds some power IMO but still would of liked more concrete certain links.
    Jessie’s first confession is a complete joke. That was not a confession. Where are the people he talked about that they would bring into the cult if they would eat part of a dog? Where are the women that they were with and had Orgy(s) with during the cult activities? Jessie’s original confession during the Police interview is just ridicules.
    The case on Echols and Jason was super weak and I have no clue how they could get a guilty verdict other then the fact that the foreman keep bringing up the Jessie confession and that should not of been put in play.
    I hate to say this but in a case with little evidence like this I would of been a fan of making a deal that would of been very good for Baldwin if he would confess and testify against Echols. That would of been the only way to get to the bottom of this case. Everybody told so many lies.
    The Paradise Lost are as much of a joke as the Judge and the Police investigation was. No real evidence links the WM3 to the case but here comes the part that I can’t get over.
    They lie so much and every lie they provided collapses. I am talking about 10 or more different stories the 3 combined have tried to use as a Alibi. Not 1, not 2, but all 3 of them have no Alibi! How can that be? It makes no sense and that is the 1 part that makes it very hard for me to say they are 100 percent innocent. I think they are the only real suspects in this case. I just wish that the Authority would not of reacted so fast and arrest the 3 until they had more evidence. I mean how hard would it of been after Jessie’s confession to get Jessie to call Echols or Baldwin and get a confession on tape of Jessie having a conversation with 1 or both of them. Bad Police work,A unfair Judge, and complete hog crap “Paradise Lost” is why this case will always have doubts. Paradise Lost had no problem ignoring the Facts that did not fit with what they were saying. They were irresponsible and a lot of gullible people refuse to do any research and just started saying the WM3 were innocent. The other side did the same thing when this happened and without doing any real investigation, they believed it was devil worshipers running wild
    The one thing that will never clear the WM3 names is the simple Fact that none of the 3 have Alibis and all 3 of them are Compulsive Liars. Unless real new evidence comes up, they made a plea of Guilty and are walking the streets. And I will always acknowledge that they are guilty.


  62. I can’t believe I am still coming across these type of arguments against and for WM3 support. It is always one side who “only” watched the documentaries, against the other “more educated” side the that saw the movies AND read the Callahan files. The “more educated” if the two, like to spit out how everyone, other than them, are sheep who blindly go along with what the mainstream tells them to. For instance, the “journalist” of this junk, who titled it “Damien Echols has fooled you all”, wants to show that, not only is Echols guilty but everyone else is not as smart or independent minded as himself. He isn’t going to buy what the celebrities are selling. Because he knows that Eddie Vedder &amp Johnny Depp would never have spent the same hour or so it took this author to “investigate” the whole case online before they spent millions of their dollars &amp months of their time to support the WM3. Not to mention that attaching their name to this cause would be professional suicide if the WM3 were absolutely proven to be child murderers. Nope, this author would have you believe that none of the celebrity WM3 supports are as educated on this case as he is. In fact, he would tell anyone who disagrees with a guilty verdict to go educate themselves beyond the paradise lost movies. Because to him, anyone who supports the West Memphis Three never bothered to look beyond the movies. This type of person loves to point out all of the glaring facts omitted from the documentary, proving how bias the film makers are. Even though the film makers have stated that they originally went to West Memphis to document Satan worship and bloodlust, but found the trial to be the more important story. After the author compiles all of the facts you missed, because you didn’t do as much research as he did, he then adds them up using elementary basic fingers in the air type math and gets the sum of =GUILTY, OBVIOUSLY! It doesn’t Behoove him that the WM3 never got their fair trial because, well, look at his math! numbers don’t lie! Damien Echols is a wack job. Damien Echols is capable of murder. Damien Echols is dark, therefore Damien Echols is the murderer. The original jury, yea the one that acted with gross misconduct, found Echols guilty why shouldn’t you? They didn’t need all that much evidence to convict an 18 year old to death, why do you need so much evidence? Are you trying to be a sheep to the hollywood flock? Peter Jackson isn’t privy to all the facts like this author is. Then, to seal his argument of guilt, he will demand proof of the WM3’s innocence. Because if you are going to go any further with this, then he is gonna need some proof as to how they didn’t kill them kids. Why would someone falsely confess? GUILTY! No alibi? EXECUTE! With all the misconduct, lack of evidence &amp mass hysteria of the occult during the investigation and trial of these three teens, this guy will still put it out there as “if they didn’t do it then Who did?”. He will side step every new bit of DNA evidence found and toss out bits about bloody necklaces &amp 500 page documents proving how much of a killer Damien Echols could be. Then he will let you know about confessions given multiple times or about a knife found in a pond. All of which you can read for yourself on anyone of two websites. He won’t, however, tell you that the confessions or the bloody necklace were never evidence used in the trial or that there most likely wasn’t any knife wounds on the victims. Or that there really wasn’t that much evidence at all to convict Damien Echols of murder. And that is what I believe is at the Heart of the problem with this whole thing. I was led to believe we are all innocent until proven guilty -beyond a reasonable doubt-. And that didn’t happen in the original WM3 trial. Damien Echols very well might be weird, sick, dark, crazy or what ever else, but the burden of proof should have been on the prosecution &amp it wasn’t. I believe we all should be afforded a trial by an impartial jury of our peers &amp the WM3 didn’t. No one can speak absolutely about the guilt or innocence of Jessie Misskelley, Jr., Jason Baldwin or Damien Echols, but we should all be thankful of the Paradise Lost movies, because without them the West Memphis Three story would be long over &amp we would have missed this lesson of injustice and prejudice. Because, either we are ALL innocent until proven guilty or NONE of us are.


    1. *sigh* I can’t believe there are still dinguses out there who don’t know the difference between a blogger and a journalist. Your argument is invalid.


  63. You poor stupid religious conservative fool. They were railroaded by incompetent cops and bigoted judges. Two of the three mothers don’t believe they were guilty, but we should believe your stereotyping instead? To the other idiot below, they did NOT admit go guilt. It was an Alford Plea. Those cops must have lost a lot of sleep. More than likely it was the Probation Officer, or a religious Christian nut


  64. One thing I’m thing I’m sure of after reading about this case. I wouldn’t want to live in West Memphis if the rest of the world was nuked. That’s just me. From reading about this case almost everyone there seems very shady. Maybe it’s like that everywhere, though, and it just takes something like the Robin Hood Hills murders to bring it out in the open. The saddest thing is the lives of Christopher Byers, Steve Branch and Michael Moore seem to get lost in all the hoopla concerning the WM3, and that’s a shame. These little boys suffered before they died and they never even got to know the reason why.

    Everybody has a theory about the murders and I have mine. I believe the WM3 are guilty. This is just my theory and these are just my opinions. I believe Jessie Misskelley told a jangled-up version of the truth. Reading his confessions is enough to give you a four alarm migraine, but he holds firm on several points:

    1) It was Damien who called the boys over

    2) Damien grabbed one boy and the other little boys attacked Damien trying to help their friend

    3) Jessie and Jason grabbed a boy apiece and commenced whaling on them

    4) One of the boys got away and Jessie caught him and brought him back

    5) Damien appeared to be inserting his member into one of the boys

    6) Jason, who had a lockblade knife, cut one of the boys

    7) Damien hit one of the boys with a big stick on the head

    8) One of the boys were still alive when he was placed in the water.

    Many points have been made by WM3 supporters about Jessie being “retarded” and that his confessions were coerced. We know that Jessie made several confessions, even when his lawyers pleaded with him not to, so the coercion argument doesn’t hold up. I don’t think Jessie is dumb. In fact, I think Jessie thought he was quite smart. I believe he thought he could get the reward money that was being offered for information on the crime while downplaying his role in it and wound up having to reluctantly admit more and more of his culpability as time went on. I think Jessie’s memory was hampered by his consumption of Evan Williams the night of the murder and by his intentional desire to hide his full involvement in the crimes. Possibly his low IQ prevented him from expressing himself concisely and articulately as well, but his main points stayed consistent throughout his confessions. One thing that Jessie said really stuck with me. He said they had been shown a photograph of the three boys on their bikes at a “cult meeting” prior to the murders (see his confessions at http://wm3truth.com). This seemed really odd to me, right up until I read about Tim Cotten whom law enforcement gave little credence to. Tim Cotten stated that his cellmate, L. G. Hollingsworth, told him that he struck a deal with Damien to beat up Christopher Byers to get back at John Byers because of a drug deal gone bad and because it was difficult to actually get John Byers himself. This scenario rang true for me. It explains Jessie saying they had been shown a photo of the boys at the cult meeting, it explains L.G. Hollingsworth saying that he would be next to be arrested after he heard that Damien had been arrested (information on all these points also at website listed above). It explains why three teenagers would attack three small boys. There are numerous documented cases where teens have been hired as hitmen for relatively small amounts of money. Damien, being the leader and suspecting that since Christopher Byers was usually with playmates, was able to get devoted Jason and slow Jessie to go along with him in the plot. None of the three were boy scouts although Jason has been presented as nearly being so by WM3 reporters. I think the original plan was to beat up Chris Byers, hurt him real bad, and then things got way out hand, resulting in their murders. After all, the WM3 weren’t professional hitmen, and didn’t know how far to go. I think Damien had counted on the three young boys being together, hence recruiting the help of his buddies, but I don’t think they meant it to go as far as actual the actual murder of any of them and when they realized they had killed the boys threw them in the ditch to try to cover it up. I think this crime also had a sadistic, controlling aspect to it. Perhaps even a sexual one. There was no need to strip the boys to hogtie them. No need to castrate one to “hurt him real bad’. This went above and beyond the job description. These actions were the products of a sick and twisted mind. We should be worried.

    It is also my opinion that Domini Teer knows exactly what happened that night, as did L.G. Hollingsworth (killed in a car accident in 2001). I think there are people who helped the perpetrators cover this crime up which is why there was less evidence of the WM3 being perpetrators of this crime than there could have been. All in all, I believe that “the cult’, drugs, the desire for easy money in an economically depressed area and familial. twisted friendship and romantic ties had a lot to do with muddying the waters of this case just enough to create sufficient doubt to effect the eventual release of the WM3. It is a lot easier to wave the flags of “satanic panic” and “misfit scapegoats” than it is to fanatically defend and support three teens who thought they were going to make some easy pocket money and make a name for themselves as badass legends in West Memphis who were not to be toyed with. Who knows, maybe it would have resulted in a career in the drug business which was a job opportunity in that area a bit more profitable and glamorous than bag boy or fast food. Teenagers think this way which is why they get caught up in situations like this. This is mostly conjecture. I believe there are people still alive who know the truth, but they aren’t talking. Those who support the WM3 have a right to their opinions, I have just as much right to mine.


    1. The saddest thing is the lives of Christopher Byers, Steve Branch and Michael Moore seem to get lost in all the hoopla concerning the WM3, and that’s a shame.

      Couldn’t agree more.


  65. These murderers walking free are guilty. They are not the victims in this case, the victims were three eight year old little boys who had no real way to defend themselves against these monsters. Another group of victims would be the families of those boys, their mothers in particular. Just because a bunch of celebrities take up a cause it doesn’t make them right. The confessions (multiple) of Jesse Misskelley are those of a guilty teen who was trying to lessen his involvement but was disgusted by what he considered the homosexual, sick parts of their crime. Jesse was a-okay with beating up those little boys, but he drew the line at the sexual abuse. The boy he attacked was not sexually mutilated. The other two boys were. There actually was quite a bit of evidence pointing toward these convicted killers who have now voluntarily plead guilty in exchange for their get out of jail free cards. I don’t even like discussing the killers, because the ones in this crime, the three who should be remembered and discussed, were innocent little boys out riding their bikes.


    1. So much bullshit I don’t know where to begin. Have you even researched the case? There was NO physical evidence AT ALL pointing to those teenagers. They were targets from the beginning and the whole case against them was based on a completely made up story dumbass. You are just as ignorant as the fucking cops who coerced people into testifying against them. The boys were victims but so are the Memphis three.


  66. The fact that you quote Damien Echols as “wah, wah, wah” only demonstrates how dogmatic you are regarding the case and that you are unable to even consider competing ideas. Your “article” is ignorant and poorly written. All of your opinions are based on hearsay testimonies from witnesses who have openly admitted to perjury. The entire case against the three was completely based on a testimony from Vicki Hutchinson and her son, both who later recanted and even claimed to be coerced into their testimony by the WMPD. As for the other “witnesses” they are just bigot assholes who are hateful towards Echols solely because of the way he dresses and his interests. There is no doubt in my mind that the real killers are Terry Hobbs, Jacoby, Hollingsworth and Buddy Lucas. All of them were linked with ACTUAL DNA EVIDENCE to the crime not a bunch of “he said, she saids”. Do some real research buddy.


    1. I couldn’t agree with u more! This article is beyond ignorant but then again, what do u expect from Terry Hobbs ( AKA Trench Reynolds )
      Those 3 boys spent most their lives in prison, convicted on zero evidence. Nobody stops to even consider this could happen again, anytime, anyplace, in our supposedly innocent until proven guilty country.
      Everyone always overlooks the fact the 1 of the boys had proof that they had been at a school wrestling match. Did the school district lie? Let me guess, the entire district is part of “the cult”.
      People like Johnny Depp aren’t going to risk their entire career by speaking openly about supporting getting a ” convicted murderer” freed without believing in that person’s innocents.
      Let me guess, Trench Reynolds has his usual worthless and pointless answer to that as well. Hell, he probably accuse him of being a member of ” the cult” . In his mind that’s probably why he has had such success in life.
      The cold hard truth is, Terry Hobbs should be kissing the ground those 3 walk on. Thanks to them and the Plea they took, his murdering ass will never spend time behind bars!


      1. Yep, you got me. I’m Terry Hobbs. I created almost 20 years of content on this website where .01% of it deals with the WM3 just to hide my tracks. Imagine my surprise when someone else got doxxed by Echols’ fanboys.


  67. I totally agree with this article. If someone would have hauled me into court as a teenager and accused me of torturing and killing children, my reaction would not be to laugh. Or to confess. Or to take it as a joke. I would be petrified. But that’s because I would also be innocent.


    1. …and that’s you. The thing about people, Tom, is that they can have a wide degree of reactions to things like being falsely accused of murder.


  68. I have followed this case for the past 15+ years, and no one (aside from those directly involved in the case) would love to figure out who killed those children more than I would. Your argument here is so weak that it doesn’t even constitute a valid argument.

    First, there were SO many false statement. accounts, testimonies, eye-witness reports, etc., that no right-minded person seeking the truth would lend an ounce of credibility to any of it. These poor children were living among the single largest concentration of criminals, wackos, and deviants that any damn one of them could have committed these crimes! I am not at all convinced that the convicted were responsible there was NOTHING BUT reasonable doubt. Even if they were in fact guilty, their convictions were a travesty of justice. That is NOT the way our justice system is supposed to work.

    However, I am not at all convinced that any of the “regular suspects” (Byers, Hobbs, Bojangles, etc.) are responsible, either, although they support the most logical scenarios in terms of brutal child murders. I think that the convicted sex offender, Martin, who actually provided a more accurate possible scenario for the way the crime went down as well as motive than Misskelly’s confession, is highly suspect. I also have huge suspicions about Todd Moore as well as the other scout leader. His alibi was not at all rock solid, and it’s quite curious that no one really followed up on that. In fact, out of tens of thousands of pages of documents associated with this case, there is nothing more than a blurb regarding Todd Moore, even though he would have been at the very top of my list of suspects, for obvious reasons.

    The single only thing that makes me question the WM3’s innocence is the fact that I have not been able to dredge up info about similar crimes within reasonable proximity over the past 20 years. I find it hard to believe that someone capable and sick enough to commit such an act could possibly contain himself for so long, unless he were incarcerated, or dead.

    If people really want to solve this crime, these are the things they need to consider. I think that the fact that people are so one-sided in this case is exactly reason it hasn’t been solved. Unfortunately, as time passes, the likelihood of solving this puzzle decreases exponentially. The sad part is that it has probably been right beneath our noses the entire time…


  69. I think we may never know who really killed those poor little boys the police botched the entire case. Why in heavens name was there not a police search of those woods the night the boys went missing? We’re not talking about a couple teens or tweens who ran away, but three 8 year olds. Would it have killed the police to at least have searched the woods that night. Secondly, there is plenty of reasonable doubt as to whether the WM3 are guilty. The mystery guy in the Bojangles why did cops not take a huge interest in finding this guy who was all muddy, bloody and acting weird at the time of the murders extremely close to the area where the murders happened? Why didn’t the cops get really suspicious if they knew the had weird guy covered in mud and blood in the local Bojangles and three missing little boys? How could that not send up some red flags with a police officer?

    Then there is Terry Hobbs he acted weird as hell too, but it didn’t seem to raise any suspicions from the West Memphis police either, I guess he didn’t wear enough black. Seriously, he was the first parent to start looking for their kid that evening, but the last to call the police. He didn’t go to Pam’s work to let her know her son was missing. There are gaps in his timeline of that evening. The fiber evidence, his criminal history both before and after the murders, his drug use, his not sticking by his wife in the weeks after the boys bodies were discovered, the pocket knife Pam found. All of the adds up to just as much circumstantial evidence that he killed the boys as their is that the WM3 killed them in fact the fibers and knife make for more physical evidence than there is that the WM3 did it. I’ve always marveled at how the police think three teenagers could have committed such a crime and left so little physical evidence?


  70. The Satanic connection–brought up by the original prosecutors–should not be dismissed. Evidence of ritual was extant–both circumstantial and physical: 1) Misskelley’s spoke of Jason and Damien being in the water–to ritually bathe. 2) Michael Johnson told of a nightgown (Robe) from which fiber evidence was present at the crime scene. 3) Misskelley spoke of Danien saying a prayer–candle wax was found on a victim’s shirt.

    These clues do not point to an angry stepfather. No, instead, they point to someone embracing ceremonial magic. Someone who was using such practices to justify anger-driven homicidal acts, like mutilating and drowning children.


    1. Thank you. Damien Echols is a great fan of Aleister Crowley, who literally wrote the book on doing Satanic sex magick child sacrifices to gain ‘power.’ Echols is a Satanic Witch, there is no doubt about it. His ‘art’ he does now…which gains him thousands of dollars, a comfortable living, is nothing but Occult and Satanic sigils endlessly repeated. And images of skulls, dead people, devils and demons. He is the Ted Bundy of the 90’s. Charming, intelligent, a compulsive and easy liar…and he is GUILTY.


  71. I have read every document on the Callahan website, up to the N’s in the alphabetical index. Wow. I have been taken all over the place so far…ONE thing that really bothers me and I have yet to find an answer. WHY are there no phone records??? Am I wrong to think that they had the ability to get these in 1993? It seems to me that 1. they could have confirmed/dismissed Damien’s phone alibis on the 5th and 2. confirmed/dismissed Jessie’s confession(s) that other 2 called him before and right after the murders and a great big 3. could have proven which suspects and their friends/family were in contact with each other!!!! DUH. One thing that makes the mind numb in the Callahan documents is the incessant back and forth of who talked to who, who went where with who, who KNEW who, who was friends with who. P.S. I have watched all documentaries. I have been researching this obsessively for about a month now. I tend to think the WM3 are innocent, but am not 100% sure. The Miskelley confessions really bother me. One thing is for sure, whether guilty or innocent, Jessie lies/contradicts himself over and over throughout all of the confessions. **I am not interested in the cult/insanity aspect of this case. **I am not interested in any hearsay. **I am interested in both of the stepfathers as suspects. It would be impossible to prove 21 years after the fact. However, HELL yes I think either Byers or Hobbs “could” have done this. These are both men with violent criminal records. In fact, there were PLENTY of suspects in West Memphis. WOW. This place sounds like a real hell hole. I guess every place has its share of bad people, West Memphis just happened to be put in the spotlight.


  72. Very well written. I just know hes guilty along with the other two drones. Its repulsive how these bastards not only got away with murdering innocent kids but Echols is living in the lap of luxury…Call me crazy but the way Hollywood has been all over these monsters,,,glorifying them and propagating propaganda proclaiming their innocence has me suspicious…Also the stepfather of one of the little boys whos supporting them needs to be shot,..period


  73. Echols is a piece of shit and the ringleader of this ordeal however it went down. The other two cohorts were demented, bitter fools with no mind of their own. Echols will take information he knows about that night to the grave and the public will never hear it, especially now that he’s a free man. It’s sickening that so many people eat up the bullshit in movies and books and adopt it as the truth. Just because Echols had time to read the dictionary in jail, and now is well-spoken and plays the sympathy card doesn’t make him innocent. I’d personally spit in his face and then tell him to cast a Wicca spell on me if I ever saw him and his mutt Lorri in public.


    1. He will likely confess on his death bed and have a good laugh. Echols is a complete and utter psychopath. Superficial charm, easily lies, no conscience, thinks himself superior…all of it. I happen to think the creeps from Hollywood helped him out because they are also Satanists. They got the same tattoos.


  74. Tati, I concur… with massive facepalms.

    Just because the general public have access to case files, everyone suddenly thinks they are qualified in legal matters. What we do know is that there was absolutely ZERO evidence in the WM3 case that linked the boys to the murders. Absolutely NOTHING. No witness, no DNA, no other physical evidence and none of them were at the scene of the murder at the time.

    Lets just look at this guys reasons for his decision to quit supporting the WM3 (thankfully they no longer need your support)

    Firstly he just compared Casey Anthony to the WM3 and then sarcastically linked that to Wayne Williams.

    Next he does exactly what the prosecution did when the boys were arrested back in 1993, by neatly boxing them in to stereotypes, then stating that they ‘fit the bill of school shooters’ and suggesting that if they were born a few years later they would have been prolific as such. Ok, the thing is, NO SCHOOL SHOOTER HAS EVER BEEN ‘PROLIFIC’. You see, they tend to get shot/arrested or kill themselves after the first go. One does not make a career out of school shootings.

    He then describes the WM3 as “Jason Baldwin and Dylan Klebold-like sycophants”. Why exactly? Because Echols was a bit of an outcast? Shit, back in the day. I also wore black and hated my entire school too but I never murdered anyone. But then, it would have been much harder to shoot up a school in a country that doesn’t sell guns in supermarkets.

    Perhaps Jason Baldwin and Dylan Klebold wouldn’t have been able to do what they did if they had not had access to fucking massive guns.

    Regardless of the unfortunate trigger happy epidemic currently faced by the US. How can you possibly predict that any of these guys WOULD have been school shooters? Are you actually psychic?

    “Damien Echols was a known animal abuser?” Was he? really? Where is your actual solid evidence for this or is this yet more hearsay? A teenager bragging about shit is hardly a reliable source for truth.

    “A witness testified” Yes, lots of witnesses testify. Words that come out of peoples mouths are not solid evidence.

    “During testimony Echols testified how he would have committed the killings if he was the killer.” Jesus fucking Christ, Even I could fucking testify on how I would have committed the killings if I were the killer but I definitely didn’t do it cos I was 12 years old and living in England.

    “Kind of like that book OJ Simpson almost put out called “If I Did It”. You’ll notice that those details were left out of the ‘documentaries’.”

    Yes because it was fucking irrelevant. And just how many other comparisons with ‘famous murders’ are you going to compare this too?

    “West Memphis 3 supporters can’t decide if it’s the mysterious Mr. Bojangles, Mark Byers who is now a supporter of the WM3, or Terry Hobbs. It depends on which one of the supporters you ask and how well they’ve been paying attention”

    Really? Have you interviewed and spoken to every single WM3 supporter in the entire world or is this speculation based on obsessive internet research?

    Thankfully this case is no longer reliant on what WM3 supporters may or may not believe or anyone else.
    Sadly the real perpetrator was never caught.

    “Notice I made no mention of anything even remotely occult related.” Until then, when you almost did.

    But you did just compare Damien Echols to the Columbine shooters, O J Simpson and then Charles Manson, all in one go. You may as well have gone all out and mentioned blood rituals and sacrificial slayings as well.

    How on earth is Echols in any way like Charles fucking Manson? He is not proven in any way to be linked to the murders of which he was originally convicted. Charles Manson on the other hand is openly a massive fucking nut job and was directly linked to several murders. He was also already a grown man when he committed his crimes. Damien was just a school kid.

    You seem to have a bee in your bonnet about the fact that a few celebrities went to his aid. Echols is not some sort of mastermind. He is just a normal dude, slightly nerdy and into goth culture.

    Celebrities without PHD’s is not a reason to accuse someone of murder. Celebrities are merely in a position to help voice injustice in that cases like these are able to be re-opened. It’s all perfectly fucking legal by the way. No one committed any crimes by helping these guys.

    “It’s that cult of personality that Echols has culled over the years combined with the ‘CSI Effect’ that has led to their recent release.”

    NOPE, it’s actually because it was a totally botched up case and in the end Arkansas had to face that they massively screwed up. The case got attention because of MISINFORMATION about the case. The entire case was originally a bunch of misinformation.

    That is why many highly trained individuals willingly worked alongside these celebrities without PHD’s in order to highlight the misinformation.

    You are of course, completely entitled to both have your opinion and voice it. I am just greatly relieved that none of us here will ever have a jot of influence over the future of any of these men.

    In the friendliest way possible, May I suggest … you sir, perhaps watch too much CSI and spend way too much time reading unsolved cases.

    Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love an unsolved murder to read about. I can’t get enough of serial killer documentaries but… a fairly normal and uninteresting guy like Damien Echols who only became a ‘person of interest’ because of what was done to him by a massively flawed legal system. Comparing him to Charles Manson? Seriously?

    Dude, if you love investigating crime so much, sign up and study it properly and go for a job in crime scene investigation.

    Love n hugs – Bea 🙂


  75. I’ll throw in my two cents. I am not from the “Free the WM3” camp, nor the send them back to jail and let them burn in hell brigade. I’m searching for the truth and I believe somewhere in this mish mash of information the truth lies. I think a good place to start is the location and the people that live there. Firstly I don’t buy this devil worship nonscence as a motive. I think this was focused on by the first “Paradise Lost” doc. as a root to base their movie on to discredit the Arkansas prossecution. As for the Wika religion and listening to Slayer and Metallica- more nonscence to fan the flames of “that could have been me”. There is no doubt that there are deep religious beliefs in that area but there are also deep roots of criminality. I don’t wish to offend anyone from the area, that is not my intention but I think this is an important point. There are few people involved who don’t harbour a secret or two which makes them vulnerable to accusation(Terry Hobbs, Mark Byers,LG Hollingsworth,David Jacoby &amp Buddy Lucas). All of which have been accused by WM3(except Jacoby) after they incriminated WM3 in some way. This to me is a major red flag to WM3s guilt (If you cross me I will accuse you of the murders- so as to discourage any future critics). There is a major problem with this unfortunate situation which resulted in three young 8 yr old boys being beaten to death. Everybody is lying to some extent to protect a family member or friend through mistrust of the police. This must be taken into account when analising statements. I cannot find a stable thread through the whole case where a statement is not contradicted by another, recounted or denied. So where do you start. Personally I have tried to make sense of it through assumptions based on reason. If we start in the begining, I don’t believe it likely the young were targeted. I believe they stumbled accross something(a secret). I don’t think a single person could have done this. There is no way three energetic young boys could all be controlled by one purpotrater. I also don’t think the motive was of a sexual nature(there was no evidence of rape). I actually am open to the animal predation theory on the young Byers boy because it is possible(however fortunate for the defence). I believe one or more of the boys were attacked which led to a violent situation where there was no coming back from for the purpotraters. The boys being stripped and hog-tied is a diversion I think to make it look like a paedo attack so as cover their tracks in a state of panic and make it look sexually motivated, when in fact there is no evidence of sexual assault. I’m not even going to entertain devil worship mumbojumbo. From the grim evidence of the autopsy reports two of the boys died from trauma and drowning indicating they were alive and thrown in the ditch like garbage. The third died from trauma and bleeding, indicating he was the first to perish. So this means one of the boys died at the scene from a beating of some sort and the others were beaten, stripped and tied and then dumped in the water to drown. This is all very disturbing stuff. I only learnt of this attrocity a few days ago when I watched the “Paradise lost” trilogy and then “West of Memphis” and have found it hard to accept these accounts. So I had to delve deeper and try and find the truth because I knew there was more than meets the eye and I wasn’t being presented the whole story. So who did it? personaly I don’t have any doubt in my mind, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelley(along with others possibly) committed this attrocious act of deprevation on three innocent young boys. Michael Moore, Stevie Branch and Chris Byers may you rest in peace If I am correct we have a very serious situation to contend with being that they have fooled a huge audience to follow their “cause” and donate money their foundations. I hope I am wrong but I sense I am not.


  76. Lovely comment Lea. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Which is why I didn’t 🙂 i also just started researching this case because I happened to watch Devils Knot on Netflix ( not knowing it was a based on a true story) and then a few days later stumbled across the 3rd Paradise Lost documentary. All by coincidence. Trench Reynolds used to believe in the West Memphis 3s innocence, but then he read a witness statement about Damien Echols killing a sick dog, and heard about a comment that Damien Echols made to Mr. Griffis about already having 3 for his coven. As for Mr. Griffis, his having been a former police police officer and a supposed expert on all things occult, does not convince me that he was qualified to testify. In his blog entry titled The exorcism of Damien Echols in Salem, he even compares him to David Koresh for pity’s sake. Trench Reynolds also applauded Micheal Blattys efforts to vilify Damien Echols in Salem Ma. community message board salemweb. Micheal Blatty was quoted by Bostonmagazine.com as saying as saying ” if he ( Damien) had moved to Salem and I’d heard he was living quietly and avoiding press, just trying to make a new life, I’d have left the guy alone, but he hasn’t.” In Esquire.com June 19, 2014, Blatty is quoted as saying ” I’d like to think I ran him out of town” ( Damien Echols and his wife moved back to New York the month before) As much as the people of West Memphis were caught up in a witch hunt not entirely of their own making, but one made up out of unbearable grief and fear. Trench Reynolds, supposedly a seasoned crime reporter and Micheal Blatty, who should know fact from fiction if he’s read ANY of his fathers books ( although maybe that’s where he gets his particular bias from) are conducting their own witch hunt, not one borne out of fear and grief, but quite frankly, one out of small mindedness and prejudice. After all, no one likes the smart nerdy guy who wears black and doesn’t seem to care what people think about him and who doesn’t conform to societal norms or our preconceptions. There was no justice to be found in any aspect of this case. Anywhere. Not for Micheal Moore, Chris Byers, or Stevie Branch. Not for their parents. Not for Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin or Jessie Misskelley. And while it’s true that the trio’s attorneys did initiate the Alford plea, it’s also true that the State accepted it. Pam Hicks has been trying since 2012 to get the Prosocuter to grant her permission to examine her son’s belongings, she keeps getting denied on the basis that the case is still an ongoing investigation. Yet, insofar as Damien Echols, James Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley are concerned, the case is closed. So the case is still open but also closed. It all depends on what the courts of Arkansas want to do depending on what type of lawsuit or hearing they’ve got on the docket concerning that case. I’ll leave you with a website to look at… Ftpcontent3.worldnow.com or Callahan.8k.com


    1. I couldn’t find where I could edit my post, so I’ll add this, I too have my own preconceived ideas about how people should act. I think that crime reporters ( or any reporters, for that matter) shouldn’t be biased or sensationalize the stories they report on, nor should they preface or pepper their reporting with their own snarky remarks. I’ve read a few of your stories on here and have noticed a distressing tendency to do just that. Seems a bit , oh, I don’t know, childish for a crime reporter. And as for Micheal Blatty, a man whom you applaud for his intolerant behavior, hes nothing more than a wanna be minor celebrity with a famous father who’s only claim to fame is starting another witch hunt in Salem.


      1. While you may not consider yourself a Reporter, in actuality that’s exactly what you are. You gather facts and information from difference sources and report on them through your blog. That’s the definition of a Reporter. Anyone can be a Reporter. You don’t need to call yourself one in order to be one. What you aren’t is a Journalist, for that title you need a degree.


  77. I think if you dig deeper, regardless of your views of Mr. Reynolds you will find a huge ammount of incriminating evidence against WM3 online. The trial testimonies are available for all to see. Some are very chilling. There is quite a detailed account from lots of witnesses about the search that ensued for the boys as soon as the alarm was raised. Hobbs no doubt has his skeletons in the closet but if you look at these particular testimonies and familiarise yourself with the terrain and infrastructure of the area you may conclude as I have that he simply didn’t have time to carry out these murders……and if he did, he would either have to walk through the neighbourhood quite a distance and cross the pipe bridge to reach the crime scene or drive through the same area and park his car at the dead end outside the mayfair appartments where there are also plenty of inhabited homes or drive the whole way out of the neighbourhood, head towards the interstate, enter the truck stop and either park or drive his vehicle down to the woods entrance without being spotted by anyone. And then return home after commiting the crime(also with no witnesses). Testimony was given by the Hollingsworth family that they could identify Damien Echols and Domini on the road beside robin hood woods covered in mud on the evening of the boys dissapearance(a detailed description was given by all). None of this was covered in the Paradise Lost documentarys or West of Memphis. And there are many more chilling accounts including Chris Byers older brother who heard splashing in the water when searching for his little brother and friends in the woods after dark and fled, on the evening of the boys disapearance(indicating someone was still at the crime scene during the search). I personally believe a lot of people have been deceived by the coverage of this case. Satanism, heavy metal music, Stephen King novels etc…. and a community heavily influenced by fundamentalist religion. I grew up listening to Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth &amp was given to reading the odd Stephen King novel and I think it a big mistake to get distracted by the mess the prosecution made of the case by following their own prejudice and religious vigiour and baseing a large ammount of their case on it. The rights and the wrongs of the legal battles that have been fought over this case is one thing but getting to the bottom of who did this terrible attrocity is another. Investigate for yourself &amp make up your own mind………….. Don’t let this whole proWM3 vs antiWM3 nonscence influence your judgement.


    1. My only issue with Mr. Reynolds is his writing style. I’ve only just started looking into this case because of a coincidence. If I hadn’t stumbled across the 3rd paradise lost documentary a couple days after watching Devils Knot, it never would have crossed my mind to delve further into it. At first, I didn’t even realize that Paradise Lost WAS about the case, but I vaguely remembered the moniker West Memphis 3 and decided to watch. I really haven’t made up my mind fully about the guilt or innocence of anyone yet. All I know right now is that the trial was totally FUBAR. Those boys didn’t get a fair trial, guilty or not. im not totally in the west Memphis 3 camp of they’re innocent, nor do I think that they are without a doubt guilty. I’m doing my own research, reading transcripts, listening to audio tapes ect. And in the end will make up my own mind.


      1. Join the discussionDamien has had my twitter account suspended.I raised the issue how can convicted child killers profer from hawking their shit on social media
        Even Twitter supports this turd!


  78. From what I have read the state did bungle the case by pushing the devil worship aspect, knife and some other things. But the so called Hobbs evidence is no evidence at all against Hobbs. The kids were in and around the the Hobbs house, that hair could have gotten there in any number of ways besides Hobbs being the killer. If you say Hobbs is guilty then your just as guilty as those who rush to say Echols did it. I think Echols is a very disturbed person and now he has celebrity backing reinforcing his behavior. Why the left does this kind of thing I don’t know. Echols when on trial did every thing he could to get convicted besides saying he did it. It almost seemed to me at best he wanted the attention if he is innocent of being the killer and at worst liked the attention if he was. The way the kids were killed does not point to a Hobbs IMO. If you had an estranged relationship with a child, why strip them ect? Why chase them in to the woods and why all three? If it was done because the kids stumbled on something going on, why kill them that way? The lies Damian told like I changed my name to some obscure saint is an obvious lie. He was using the Omen character as a role model. He also lied about Alister Crowley and now emulates him in poses. Does this make him guilty? No but it dose not bode well for his character.. .I would put his guilt at 75 percent. I can not say he did it, there is no direct evidence. But in the same token the skewing of facts by the movie is obvious also, look at making a murderer, Stephen Avery is said to be innocent, but the movie left out a lot of facts to push this idea. The same is done for Damian. If not for the occult aspect of Damian I doubt the celbs would have given a rats ass if the other two lived or died.


  79. Was recently going through my older CDs and came across the benefit album Henry Rollins cut. At the time I bought it, I had zero idea who the “trio” was, assumed they had been sent up for life for possession or selling LSD or something. I looked into it and am pissed I bought the music (even though it IS a pretty good compilation).

    I can’t say for sure they did it, but if I had been on the jury I would have convicted them and been confident doing so.

    The three different knots, Misskelly’s repeated confessions, even to his own defense lawyer containing details that could not have been guessed or made up, Echols history of beating the dog to death exactly as done to Moore as well as his other mental background. Etc etc. I don’t know how anyone could ignore the evidence. Though much is circumstantial, taken in totality is far more convincing than the argument they’re innocent.

    Rollins is known for tilting at windmills a bit, but I really should have done my homework before helping these killers out with their legal bills.


  80. I think it’s unfortunate that so many see this as a matter where you must either support the position that the WM3 were railroaded innocents or cold blooded killers who got off the hook (albeit after serving nearby 2 decades in prison).

    I don’t think there is enough evidence in this case to declare with confidence that the WM3 or any of the others who have been suspected in this case over the years are guilty.

    That said, I think the Paradise Lost and West of Memphis documentaries and what has now become the generally accepted narrative of this case (that the WM3 were railroaded by superstitious self righteous rednecks) is in many ways BS.

    I personally suspect that the people who made the original Paradise Lost documentary for HBO were surprised to see it spur a celebrity led movement to free the WM3.

    Knowing what we know now and the subsequent Paradise Lost films it’s hard to see the original documentary as anything but a pro-WM3 production.

    But I remember seeing it when it first came out, and at the time it did not strike me as a film that was intended to promote the notion that Echols, Baldwin, and Misskelley were railroaded.

    Echols is NOT presented in a favorable light in the original documentary. It shows him smugly styling his hipster haircut during the trial, fumbling on the witness stand, Jason Baldwin telling his attorney he thinks Damien probably was guilty, Damien seemingly bragging about being remembered as “The West Memphis Boogeyman” etc.

    The original documentary also shows that there were problems with the prosecution’s case, and bias against Echols due to his ‘weirdness’. Neither the families of the accused or the victims come off looking very well.

    But my impression at the time the first doc aired was not that these elements were included in order to give the film a pro-WM3 spin but to simply add some complexity and dramatic tension to the narrative. Their only agenda was to make the most film as interesting as possible (and this unfortunately typically involves creative and misleading editorial decisions – a problem not unique to the first PL doc but to all documentary films).

    I think the filmmakers only became unambiguous supporters of the WM3’s innocence AFTER high profile celebrities rallied to the WM3’s cause. The following films make no pretense to objectivity regarding the WM3’s innocence.

    The fact is, much of the narrative created by the film series is BS. For one thing, there wouldn’t have been anything particularly ‘weird’ or unusual about a fan of heavy metal in the early 90s in rural Arkansas. Echols was seen as ‘weird’ for 2 reasons:

    (1) He actively cultivated an image of being “that weird kid” into ‘witchcraft’ and such

    (2) He WAS ‘weird’, with a long history of runins with the law and treatment for mental health issues.

    Misskelley is presented in the docs as a good natured simpleton, when in reality he had a well earned reputation as a violent bully.

    All of the WM3 gave numerous conflicting accounts of their whereabouts at the time of the murders. Echols admitted in a televised 48 Hours interview to having admitted to the killings at that softball game just as the prosecution witness testified, though insisted he was joking (poor sense of humor to say the least).

    NONE of this means the WM3 are guilty of course, but it does indicate that the narrative of wholesome if somewhat ‘weird’ looking kids getting railroaded by stupid rednecks is not an entirely accurate or fair representation of the events surrounding the case.


  81. One simple comment the defense attorney said had me convinced they’re innocent. He said if the state really believed they were guilty do you think they would agree to turn the three loose on society? I think not. And even Jason Baldwin said he did not want to take the deal and was prepared to spend 2,5 10 more years in prison to prove his innocence, the only reason he took the plea was bcuz Damien’s health was failing. It’s common sense people


  82. lord knows i am not a lawyer or a criminal investigator, but like johnny depp, i could play one on tv. so that alone gives me just as much influence in knowing the truth as him. so here it goes…………
    motive: if you have read callahan(and if you havent dont even dare respond to this comment, because i dont have time to hold your hand through the facts) you know that Echols was such a fervent follower of the child sacrificing advocator aliester crowley, that he was one of the 4 most important people in his life during the trials.
    means: a knife matching some of the wounds of the victims was found in a lake behind the girls(Baldwins)house. the knife found was identified by Echols ex girlfriend as similar to one he had while they were dating.
    also, eyewitnesses in 1993 reported seeing the accused walking around west memphis carrying wooden staffs.
    Echols used to live virtually straight across from the pipe bridge. exhibit 500 which speaks for itself.
    Opportunity: if the accused had a reliable alibi in 1993, then we wouldnt be talking about them right now. even Echols admitted on stand that his alibi was constantly shifted to cover times in question. and dont forget the eyewitnesses placing hin near the crime scene on the night of the murders.
    bojangles? why hide the crime if you are going to walk bloody into a restaurant?
    Byers? air tight alibi. Hobbs? maybe a motive if there was life insurance on the stepson. dont forget that he fell to the ground in tears on the advocacy film while Echols smiled and waved at the grieving families.
    so there ya go, and i dont even have to touch on the numerous confessions by the selectively retarded misskelly.
    or the 3 knots, or the fact there were no similar murders by the serial killer on the loose during the 18 years those 2 lovers and misskelly were locked up. get the point? trench is spot on, and if he wasnt, there would be evidence compiling to exonerate them instead of trying to get a lame ass, chicken crap petition movement going.
    i swear this country is ridiculous, a blind man can see they are guilty as hell. and if trump was in office when this was going on, echols would have visited old sparky by now. so, all you supporters can do like depp and go smack your old lady around, or like echols just draw crappy art which an 4 year old kid can see is depicting the crime and shove it. BECAUSE THEY PLED GUILTY!!!! and like it or not, they thumbed their nose at you just like that prosecutor ellington did to us by doing so. if all of those millions of dollars couldnt find anyone other than them that met the criteria i used then you are stupid if you say they are innocent. they were not found innocent and they did not plead innocent. so go find some more child killers to support and leave trench alone.also, is ramsey still making a documentary, because i want a copy.


    1. Oh boy…usually, I find that someone who professes loudly to possess “common sense” actually seems to lack severely in it. Case in point: Jeff. PEOPLE PLEAD GUILTY WHEN THEY ARENT ALL THE TIME, JEFF. Jesus Christ, are you familiar with false confessions, plea bargains, etc.? Job shadow a detective, a prosecutor and a public defender for a few months, Jeff. Also, the death penalty is fucking dumb. It is not a deterrent, as has been demonstrated time and time again throughout history, and it costs more on average to execute. We’ve also executed a hell of a lot of innocent people over the years. WHOOPS! I suppose you could get rid of/reform the appeals process and piss on the Constitution, but whatevs, right, Jeff? Also, are you even remotely familiar with the concept of “innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”? Jesus. “Hunches”, “gut feelings”, and weak circumstantial evidence don’t cut it in a court of goddamn law, Jeff.


      1. yep, i have heard of coerced confessions, but those usually dont involve the defendants lawyer coercing a confession from his client……that is right BRADLEY, the selectively retarded Msskelly duing the infamous bible confession, confessed against the urges of his own attorney. so i guess that meets your definition of coerced? pull out the dictionary son, and find out what the word means before you spit it out. it costs more on average to execute rather than feed, clothe, provide medical care for an inmate? sounds like you need to go back to math class. for someone who acts like they think they are a lawyer, there are a lot of holes in your arguments. noticed that i made valid points based on proven facts, while you made argumentative phrases based on nothing. typical of the “failed to read the facts” supporters who jumped on the bandwagon because they were picked on in high school for wearing a megadeth t-shirt. those 3 little boys did not shove any of the supporters into the locker. we just want the majority to know the truth. please go read callahan and educate yourself. then we can make the same points based on evidence and fact concerning the still guilty, not exonerated, trio of convicted child killers. you should applaud trench for his article, instead of arguing against it, based on your past.


        1. Yes, JEFF, it DOES COST MORE ON AVERAGE TO EXECUTE. You’re fucking embarrassingly uneducated if that’s the first time you’ve encountered that fact. Look it up, dude. I dare ya.


          1. i have a fact for you to encounter bud, found guilty, pled guilty, and cannot so much as throw a beer can out the window until 2021 or they are going back to crawling through holes in cell blocks to satisfy the big boys. am not wasting my time looking up your bleeding heart innocence project b.s.
            because it doesnt matter at all to this case anyway. the crime was committed, the killers were found and served 18 years and have 5 more years to be on their best behavior or go back to the pokey. if they were innocent, they wouldnt be sweating out the next 5 years. so maybe you should send some love letters to your pals in the slammer and use that higher education that you insinuate you have to end capital punishment once and for all. pour your energy there instead of arguing an article without any ammunition.


        2. Hahahaha…”I don’t care to actually research other points of view or evidence that might challenge mine, because it’s immediately ‘bullshit’, even though I haven’t even looked at it and I have an unwavering opinion and clearly anyone who pleads guilty and/or is charged with a crime is always guilty. You see, it’s completely logical to say that if they weren’t guilty, they wouldn’t be behind bars, because the legal system is absolutely flawless and never wrong. In no way is that a literally retarded point of view, nor am I doubling down on my total ignorance as to the statistics of capital punishment.” Your lack of basic critical thinking is amazing in its staggering level of absolute stupidity. Cling to your bizarre and narrow-minded conviction that you possess “common sense”, Jeff. Maybe it will finally get you somewhere someday If I came to the argument without ammunition, you don’t even have a cap gun here, boy.

          P.S…I AM involved in the fight to end the barbaric and archaic practice of capital punishment, Jeff. Guess I’d rather be a “bleeding heart” than a blathering fool who wears his ignorance as a badge of pride.


  83. Not too sure you’d make a good attorney there, Trench. Your entire argument seems to hinge on “well, it just seems like they were guilty! Just, like, look at them! They wore black and (purportedly) abused animals, and listened to metal and stuff! If they’d been born 10 years later, they’d have shot up their school (as if school shootings originated in the late 90’s). As far as the animals thing goes, I can’t stand animal abusers, but I grew up in the sticks, and the “good ol’ boys” used to think it was funny to shine deer, then beat them to death with baseball bats. And the whole school (including the teachers) knew, and just laughed and said “oh, them old hick boys!” And do you know how many kids in any given high school in America like to shock people by talking about murder and mayhem, and wear black all the time? Contrast that with the actual amount of school shootings. I realize that this isn’t a court of law, but give me a fucking break. You do realize, right, that our entire criminal justice system hinges upon “innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”?! You ever taken a gander at the Innocence Project’s statistics of how many people are exonerated every year, on Death Row and otherwise? It’s actually scary and infuriating how *relatively* often that police coerce confessions through intimidation tactics, from people who are actually not guilty. Is it the norm? Of course not. I do believe most cops are good people with integrity, and that *most* people behind bars are guilty. But railroading still happens far too often, and I’m glad to see that’s changing, with increased accountability for police officers. I feel like, respectfully, you’re extremely ignorant as to how coerced confessions work and how surprisingly easy it is to get them. Basic human psychology, son.


  84. For a case with such an amazing amount of written material, as well as filmed footage, it is still a bit of a mystery I think. While I tend to believe that many times overzealous law enforcement “herds” things along ( read: forces or scripts confessions) in this case, there is a chance they may have got it right. Being in the medical profession, what I go back to again and again are the medical records that outline a very ill individual. It is interesting that the comments above mine reference basic human psychology. I wonder if that commenter read the same medical records that I just did. Sad that Damien was not treated as an Inpatient for a significant amount of time. That may have saved 3 lives from a terrible death, and 3 lives from living with an unimaginable guilt load. Of course, it is a leap to go from mentally ill with suicidal ideation/ thoughts of patricide to child murderer, but there are precedents for that to occur. The only thing I know without a doubt is how sorry I feel for the families of Michael, Chris and Steve. All things come around that go around, so in that regard, if Damien is innocent he has nothing to fear. But if he is guilty no lawyers will be there to defend him when he comes to his end.


    1. Not suicidal ideation/thoughts of patricide. LITERALLY THREATS TO KILL HIS PARENTS. They were so scared of Damien that they had him committed to a mental institution multiple times. He is guilty as sin. He led the other gullible boys to do it, and his intentions were a Crowleyite sex magick child sacrifice. Sorry, the facts are very ugly.


  85. THANK YOU, Trench Reynolds, for this expose! I did some research on this topic recently…and I agree with you that Echols is GUILTY AS SIN.


      1. Stumbled into a rabbit hole and found myself here…and the only word to describe my reaction is stunned, absolutely stunned!

        Living just a county away in a town of 250, I once asked an older farmer if he was aware of the case…he was…I then asked him if they were guilty…he answered ‘oh yeah’…then I asked him why he thought so…he replied ‘they were devil worshippers’.

        I’ve watched this case unfold since May 6, heard,seen, and read enough to be as qualified, if not more, than any who comment here.

        My formal education is in the sciences, chemistry and biology, to be specific…the only reason I say that is because science trains you to reach conclusions by applying logic based on facts without passion for a particular result, no matter the question.

        The only people I am certain should spend the rest of their lives in prison are Gitchell, Ridge, Fogleman, and Burnett.

        There is not one, let me repeat, not one piece of evidence linking any WM3 person to the murders of Myers, Branch, or Byers…period. If you can’t do the math on that then I can’t help you.

        But, I welcome the opportunity to discuss this with Trench, et al…

        Furthermore, the depravity laced, hate-filled comments directed at supporters of the WM3 is as disturbing as the apparent lack of intelligence one must possess to believe anything other than the complete innocence of the WM3. Is the irony of your comments in the context of this case COMPLETELY lost on every single one of you? Stunning.

        I am not a WM3 “supporter”, I am an Arkansan who would like to know why and how an elementary triple homicide of children laden with evidence, leads and suspects remains unsolved, while one of the most unreasonable criminal prosecutions and convictions in American history happens simultaneously in my community. Stunning.

        I welcome the discussion Trench.


        1. what was their alibi? and by alibi, i mean one that stood up in court? who was seen covered in mud by the crime scene? what about the lake knife? what about the confessions? i respect your opinion, but when you say there is not one shred of evidence i do believe that is a leaving a little bit off the table. they promised to find the killer, have they? they said they would find contradictory evidence, have they found strong contradictory evidence? if they were so innocent, why the alford plea? because hutchison was dying? where is the proof? he seems to be getting along just fine to me. they took it because there wasnt anybody else to find and there wasnt any other evidence either. they did it, and at the first chance to get out they took it. they were never going to get any money, because they are guilty. they would have did more time in the pen for all of that cash. hell, they were living like kings. all the commissary they could want, which of course means all the friends you could want. movies made glamorizing them, they were untouchable. there lawyers told them that this was the only way out. and when one of them finally comes forward and publicly states(again) they did it, you know what? people like you still wont believe it, there will be another excuse, oh damien was sick in prison, and he has brain damage, or jason is just saying it because the real killer cant be found. thats right, because you sheep cant believe anything unless it is spoon fed to you on tv.
          who else had the motive, the means, the opportunity? come on and educate us, tell us who did it if they didnt. now remember before you bring up hobbs, even there own hired guns said that was weak evidence. was it byers, was it turtles, was it bears, come on and dont just bitch, give us something backed up by fact, or just stop posting based off of what you saw on a made for tv documentary. this case isnt a tv show, it is real life, and sometimes killers wear black t-shirts, listen to metallica, and worship the devil.


  86. First thing on here is immediate prejudice i.e (just look at them. They fit the profile of school shooters). That just goes to show where this guys mind is. They look weird so that must be some sort of a red flag. I get that a lot myself being white and muslim. People profile me as being racist towards blacks just because im caucasian and others suspect that i must be anti american/ evil because im Muslim. People like that have already made up their minds before any sort of edivende is produced because they’re basing opinions on emotions. Ignore this crap. There will always be people like this in the world. May Allah bless the freed west memphis 3


    1. Like most WM3 supporters you assume that I am focusing on their physical appearance Far from it as I was a black clothes wearing metalhead when I was a a teen.

      In my opinion they Damien Echols fits the psychological profile of a school shooter, Eric Harris of Columbine infamy to be specific. They both thought they were smarter and better than everyone else and both had their followers. Both were looking to kill to make them famous. As I said, if Echols were to have been born a decade later he more than likely would have been a school shooter.


  87. Thank god someone else with sum common sense. I hate how everybody watches the documentaries and start saying stuff like “you need to do more research, they are innocent” and “no evidence” or my favorite “you can’t take Jesse’s coerced confession seriously he is retarted” blah blah…
    If anyone actually would look at the case files themselves they will see way more evidence than the documentaries let on.
    In fact they leave out many things. Not one of them had alibi….but most importantly, Jesse Misskelley confessed multiple times even after he was convicted.

    Jesse confessed to his own attorney (Dan Stidham) twice in private. It is all documented and he explains in detail how they murdered the boys.

    Believe what you want, but please do sum actually research people. Don’t let HOLLYWOOD think for you…

    Link to Jesses confession to his lawyer February 8, 1994

    Link to Jesses confession to prosecuting attorneys
    Febraury 17, 1994


  88. All I know from extensive reading is that the entire place seemed like a cesspit full of shitty people with crime, drugs and abuse seemingly accepted as the norm. Hardly surprising if some of the kids raised in such an environment ended up less than sane. The whole thing is heart breaking. But there simply wasn’t enough to prove the three guilty, and more than there is enough to prove parents/bojangles/or anyone else guilty. No denying the utter incompetence of the law enforcement involved though.


  89. I have some questions and statements:

    Were the murders in any known ritualistic pattern that has been recorded from any known books? Ritual books?

    The murders could match or be similar to that of ritual killing connect with known satanic worship.

    Before Columbine mass school shooting it was rare to or non existent to know that existed until it happened, now congress and the FBI has used that as a basis to profile individuals who may have potential to doing such a thing.

    These 3 convicted murders got caught. Were their plans to get fame and glory in a small town they hated? Did the 3 victims represent what they could never be or what they hated about the small town they grew up in?
    Were the 3 victims picked for a ritual killing connected to an occult way of thinking that would bring them some delusional power of some sort?

    Why castrate one victim? what is going through a persons mind to do so? Hate? Anger? what is the deep seeded root of this type psychological behavior?

    It is very much a possibility that Damien convinced the other 2 to participate in these ritualistic murders

    Why castrate one victim and not the other 2 victims?

    We know there was 3 victims how does one stop all three? Hold them down and hog tie them? Were they knocked out first then hog tied? What did the autopsy reports conclude?

    The bite marks? why were they not compared to any tools or anyone’s teeth patterns during the case?

    Were the hog ties all tied differently on each victim ?

    The most valuable evidence were the victims bodies, were they properly examined and store any tissue samples for future analysis if needed?

    Were these 3 convicted murders ever profiled by a trained FBI profiler?

    Were the 3 convicted murders ever given a psychological evaluation?

    The Murders seem to be planned. As if the 3 kids were already known to bike ride together. The murders seem to be planed by these 3 individuals and Damien was the leader of them all.

    Did the police properly investigate the homes of the 3 convicted murders?

    The 3 victims were sexually assaulted in what means were they? Why was one boy extremely mutilated than the others?

    The site where the victims were found some say that was a dumping site others say that was where all of it took place. If there was a staging place of the murders of such capacity where would these 3 convicted murder done the murders in privacy without anyone seeing anything?

    Did the 3 convicted murders describe in detail how they committed the murders?

    a few things that come to mind


  90. Why should you?? Cuz you created a page to point the finger at them. If you’re going to make these claims, back them up. I’ve seen a whole lot on this page of you talking a bu one, but fail to articulate the why.


    1. So over the past three days you spent roughly ten hours on this site leaving close to 20 comments both from work and at home. I think someone has a little crush on Damian. ❤

      Seriously though, you've offered little or nothing to the conversation and have just mostly hurled insults. Why don't you come back when you're a little less fanatical m'kay?


  91. Also, Christopher Byers dad was a drug informant. He was on methadone on day of the killing so this suggests he was also a heavy drug user. This tells us that the man can be bought. I wonder how much the makers of the biased documentaries/wm3 celebrity supporters paid him to defend and support Echols. I’m not buying that he genuinely believes they are innocent.


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