Man arrested after offering $10K Facebook bounty on ex-girlfriend

Joshua Payne
Joshua Payne

Kentucky man offered $10,000 reward for help finding woman who fled from him:

There are few things more frightening for a woman than when she’s trying to escape an abuser. Even though you did nothing wrong, you’re on the run like a criminal. Always looking over your shoulder, afraid of your abuser finding you. It’s even worse if you have a child, always wondering if your child is safe while not in your immediate view. Now imagine that not only your abuser found you, but finding out that someone you thought was a friend sold you out to your abuser. That’s what investigators say exactly happened in Longmont, Colorado.

Police say that 29-year-old Joshua Payne of Kentucky posted on his Facebook page that he would give anyone $10,000 for information leading to him finding his ex-girlfriend. His ex had fled Kentucky with her son to get away from Payne and with the assistance of a woman’s shelter, she made her way to Longmont. She was in the process of changing her name and Social Security number in order to better hide from Payne.

Payne’s ex was befriended in Longmont by a woman named Madison Greenfield. She had told Greenfield all about Payne’s abuse and the fact that she fled with their son. Greenfield is said to have Googled information about Payne where she found his Facebook page and the $10K offer. Greenfield allegedly gave up the goods on the woman to Payne.

A witness tipped off police in Longmont, and they tracked Payne as soon as he entered Colorado. He was arrested when police found him parked outside his ex’s building. Greenfield has also been arrested on charges of conspiracy.

Unfortunately, the story isn’t over yet. Payne was able to post bond and is out walking the streets.

This coward shouldn’t have even been given bail, in my opinion, especially considering he had to cross multiple states to get to his ex. Things like restraining orders and pending court hearings do not stop violent abusing pussies like this.

I can only hope that the victim is under some kind of protective custody.

Thanks to Cynical Me for the tip.

UPDATE: Payne is back behind bars after being arrested on a Kentucky warrant for custodial interference.

11 thoughts on “Man arrested after offering $10K Facebook bounty on ex-girlfriend”

  1. maybe you should hear both sides of the
    story before you decide to convict someone as guilty ? You need to find out the
    facts on the ex-girlfriend and find out that she was using the system to hide,
    she never went thru and proper channels in Kentucky to validate any of her claims
    of abuse, or maybe this would have ended in Kentucky. Never the less does he
    deserve to have his child taken away from him to be never seen of again ? Josh
    has NOT been convicted of any crime!


    1. “maybe this would have ended in Kentucky”

      It might have ended in Kentucky, but it wouldn’t have ended well.  Also, you left off the “yet” at the end of your last sentence.


    2. I DO know him personally and he is exactly where he needs to be, if his ex had not filed the correct papers then why the warrants and why would she have been placed.  Speaking from previous experience, this is not enough for this man, there is a HUGE history that you have no prior knowledge of.  How about you research him in KY and on hot topics for Glasgow, see what you learn, Heck even look at the jail site for warren county regional jail!!!  Not his first, won’t be his last!  Besides what in Heaven’s name would make stealing a child or paying for a child ok??


  2. I’ve heard of this guy.  He thinks he is above the law and that the law does not pertain to him.  I seriously hope he gets whats coming to him.


    1. “He thinks he is above the law and that the law does not pertain to him”

      Which is pretty much the sum of a lot of people in that state, 21 years experience. Entitled do-nothing’s, think they OWN people, mostly welfare frauds, assist/excuse pedo activity, have to look UP to see the bottom of the barrel. I’d say I could write a book on these people I’m allegedly related to alone but I’ve already started one LOL They’ve BEEN disowned and so that’s my final straw to do everything short of exterminating them with RAID to get my point across.

      The only association I want with that state is some unfinished business with a cold case the local donut disposal’s never investigated in the first place. And this is from 1991. When I call these people “lazy slags”, I ain’t joking.


        1. I’ve never been to Colorado but if I remember correctly, they, Utah and the “Bible Belt” states had the highest numbers in America of the most online adult material searches and viewership. Known to be conservative but just as “sinful” as everyone else LOL So that tells me they could be on the same level of child-related crimes, just not as widely reported, if not protected and excused in those smaller towns, even smaller than most in Florida (lived there 2 years).


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