The exorcism of Damien Echols in Salem


Damien Echols (Why can’t I fool all of the people all of the time?)

Not an actual exorcism but you’ll get the joke in a minute.

As you should know by now triple convicted child killer Damien Echols lives in Salem, Massachusetts because he’s a 13-year-old goth girl. A few weeks ago a screening of Echols’ ‘documentary’ West of Memphis was held and the following day Echols participated in a forum called “Truth in Documentaries”. I know, sometimes the jokes write themselves.

Before the film was screened in Salem Todd Moore, father of West Memphis 3 victim Michael Moore, wrote a letter to the Salem News voicing his displeasure with the Salem Film Fest glorifying Echols and rightly so. Mr. Moore still lives in Arkansas so I imagine attending the film or discussion would be very difficult. Enter Mike Blatty.

Mr. Blatty is a resident of Salem, Mass. and just happens to be the son of author William Peter Blatty who penned, The Exorcist. I know, a long way for that reference but stay with me. In the interest of transparency, Mr. Blatty and I have briefly exchanged e-mails in the past about our mutual opinions of Echols. Mr. Blatty attended the forum where Echols appeared and I just had to share his story

Interesting experience a short while ago at a “Truth in Documentaries” discussion at Salem Visitor Center at which Mr. Echols was one of the speakers. Also on hand was a film critic and two REAL filmmakers, so the creepy factor was about 50/50. Mr. Echols, who apparently recognized me at the back of the auditorium, took a good long look at me before the event started from his seat at the front of the theater. When I draped over the seat directly in front of me a yellow boy scout scarf in honor of little Michael Moore whom he has pleaded guilty to murdering, it was like the effect of garlic or wolfbane on a werewolf as he studiously avoided making eye contact with me for the entire conference, even when I was directing a question to him.

Things got off to an ironic start when one of the panelists (a very nice lady whose name I don’t recall) invited everyone to come up to the front rows as there were only about 30 of us in an auditorium that accommodates hundreds. I chose to stay at the rear for safety’s sake. This nice lady then said, “Don’t worry, you can come closer – none of us bites!” And then looked briefly in the direction of Echols to her left and said, “At least I don’t think so. Anyway, I don’t!” Made me wonder if she is even aware of his well-documented history of having sucked the blood of a schoolmate who had cut himself which led, in part, to his being hospitalized some time prior to his murders.

Echols, when he spoke, recited his usual memorized, robotic speech about how his jury thought he was satanic and the justice system tries to kill you and you can’t trust what you read in the press and blah blah blah. It was so clear to me that this was a canned speech he has given probably a thousand times in the last few months.

The good news is that, judging by so meager a turnout at which Echols was present as a panelist, it would appear that his 15 minutes of fame in Salem at least are nearly over.

Silly me for imagining that documentaries are supposed to be about conveying the truth about the topic under consideration!

First Mr. Blatty let me say bravo in your tribute to Michael Moore. I only wish I could have joined you as I would have loved to have seen the look on his face when it happened. It was almost like an exorcism. What I really take away from Mr. Blatty’s story is the attendance. Thirty in a room that seats hundreds. Much like his appearance in Memphis Echols’ ‘celebrity’ is waning.

Echols thinks he’s a big fish because he has tons of supporters through the films and the internet and us ‘nons’ as they refer to us are just a vocal minority. That’s true. However, in the grand scheme of things people outside of Echols’ ever-shrinking sphere of influence have never even heard of him and if they heard or read the stories they would think he was guilty too. Echols may have the support of such celebrities like Johnny Depp and Eddie Vedder but I bet it eats at him that no matter how hard he tries he’ll never be them. Then his house of cards built on the blood of three innocent children will come crashing down around him.

You know I remember another guy with a following who wanted to have rock star type status. He even wore douchey sunglasses.

David Koresh

It didn’t turn out well for him either.

Thanks to Joe for the tip.

134 thoughts on “The exorcism of Damien Echols in Salem”

  1. sweet baby Jane, would someone just slap those fucking sunglasses off of him already??

    and bravo to Mr. Blatty. that was so far beyond awesome!!


    1. That’d be funny if jadecrow slapped them off of him and then they landed perfectly on someone else. That would really be something.


    2. They are prescription sunglasses……….. Some one should slap you for being ignorant to the whole thing………… Spend 18 years for something you didn’t do then see how smug you are


        1. you should be aware of it given this article is you being an attention whore and drama queen… HAHA.. YOu know you are in some corner bastion of the internet and no one cares what you think right? Have fun with all that hate you walk around with every day. Depressed? Anxious? Apathetic? Eat shitty food and don’t exercise enough? I bet those are ALL true. Gee I wonder why? Oh that’s right because being hateful externally only shows that you have hatred internally and that eats you alive. Good job whatever your name is.


  2. I guess it was a shock to Echols how few people knew who he was . I agree someone get those glasses off of him . Like most people say ” Who is Damien Echols ?”. The monkey in the cage act for Johnny Depp and Eddie Vedder didn’t work and it is as he was just their groupie . He is just left with 30k twitter fans and that is far less then reality game players.. I know that speech is getting boring and that monkey’s PR team needs to update it . Jump Echols good monkey .


    1. “I guess it was a shock to Echols how few people knew who he was.”

      Maybe they DID know who he was. Probably why they “didn’t” come.

      (“twitter” fans.
      A place where everyone wants to be one of the “friends” of someone, they don’t care who. “I’ve got two hundred ‘twitter’ friends. How many do you have?” (reply) “I’ve got three hundred. (reply) “Wow, you have me beat. I’ve been trying to ‘grab’ everyone I come across on twitter.”)

      I realize that some people use facebook and twitter to communicate with family members, and “real” friends,
      but I personally cannot stand “fake-friend” sites, nor do I want to “share my life” with complete strangers,
      so, have never had a facebook or, twitter (and never will have.)

      So…he has 30K “fake-friends” (If that # is correct)
      (and some of those people, if not most, just wanted to add a “number” to their “twitter” list.)

      Yeah, you have a big “twitter” list, you must really be “somebody”.


      Vedder of “Metallica”.
      (“Metallica” was mentioned, and here he then comes out of the woodwork.)

      and Dep
      (I think there was a posting online awhile back, where people were talking about, who they thought would be good at playing the part of Damien Echols, if they ever made a movie about the case (itself) Someone said that, they thought, maybe Johnny Dep, because he had the “look” for it, the dark hair (etc.)
      Maybe he saw that online posting on that forumboard.)

      were/are using HIM, as much as he was using them.

      Actually, they were doing the most using (to try to get some attention for themselves, but maybe he didn’t *snap* to it. Although, he doesn’t care anyway, as long as he was/is getting something out of it.)

      And then, of course, you started seeing all of the
      “photo shoots”
      of ‘models’ Johnny Depp/and side-kick ‘butt’ ty, Damien Echols, popping up all over the place online.

      (Nothing but “media propaganda”)

      Same thing it has always been, just a “media” campaign.
      (and which has always shown, how “desperate” the “defense” attorneys are.)
      It is just a “media” circus.


          1. Wow, I guess because he knows more than you, he gets banned. Pretty soon this is going to be a very lonely guys can keep telling each other the same story over and over, that is why you believe the way you do now.


          2. you must not be looking for honest debate. Just praise for your opinion. I don’t know if they did it or not. I do know this isn’t how to handle disagreement.


        1. Like people (including the batty blattys) still believe in a middle age myth like “Demons”. The ignorance is inbred. How dare Blatty stick his nepertistic oar in when he is priveliged by the use of demons through his fathers book!


  3. Weirdly enough I think that there’s a part of Echols that honestly thought that once he got out people would forget what he was in there for because he was “innocent”. It’s probably what’s been keeping his delusion alive – as long as he can play the wronged man he can milk public sympathy. It never occurred to him that people wouldn’t forget -nor would they let him forget either. Kudos to Mr. Blatty for taking such a stand!


    1. even if not guilty, the public sympathy wears away – all this narcissism “me me me” and pseudo celebrity will turn on him, if he wants to stay in the limelight for real, he needs to adopt a genuine position and cause and stop trying being an attention whore, or pseudo scientist fake witch


  4. So what was your great question you asked Damien? You failed to mention that and Damien’s answer. Try again.


  5. Nailed it again Trench, this admitted, convicted child murderer is only fooling a small minority at this point, your right his 15 min. is fading fast. He’s a sad, sad little man who will never be nothing more than a convicted child murderer.


    1. And what are you today? Why did your wife get away with murder? Why did you lie before God…you promised to be with your wife until death do you part, I see you moved on to a new one…I hope she is not a drinker. Did you make that same promise again? Once a liar, always a liar!


        1. I understand the victims family was very upset at the lenient treatment she received also. You seem to be having a jealous streak over the celebrity supporters. They’re never going to apologize for their intelligence, a quality needed when sifting through the bs prosecution case. There is nothing pointing to the guilt of the 3, but there is physical evidence and a plethora of circumstantial evidence pointing right at Terry Hobbs and you’d have to be deaf, blind and stupid not to see that and continue to harp on this as some santanic cult killing that has been disproved over and over and over again.


          1. that is wrong, there is not a plethora of evidence against terry hobbs – go look into the facts and science of the dna found, it doesn’t rule him out but it certainly does not definitively i.d. him as the killer. 1.5% of the population share the same mtDNA – it could even belong to one of the cops who investigated the cite and handled – contaminated – the evidence. There is as much evidence against WM3 as there is Hobbs or anyone else for that matter. The real issue is the unprofessional police handling of the crime scene, mishandling of evidence, etc. The problem I fear is that we may never know definitively who is guilty. And you support Echols because you believe the evidence was not sufficient in his case, yet rush to judgment against Terry Hobbs or anyone else where there is equally insufficient evidence. Hypocritical. Playing the blame game.


          1. I believe that Mrs. Moore should have had that same sentence also, the courts didn’t think so.


      1. “Why did you lie before God…you promised to be with your wife until death do you part, I see you moved on to a new one”
        The same could be said about Lori.


  6. Guy reminds me of OJ, so guilty he could write a book about it.

    Echols name used to come up occasionally on huffington post. I would be quick to comment that he’s a convicted child killer and that an Alford plea is a guilty plea. Almost everyone that replies is against my opinion, and points me to that documentary, which of course I’ve already seen it and consider it the most bias-motivated thing since the last time Michael Moore (the fatty director, not the Echols victim) attached his name to a project. Yet he must be innocent, because his tattoo matches Capt. Jack Sparrow’s. Cry me a fucking river, emo girls, I’m not drinking the Echols kool-aid.

    I guess I should take it as a sign of his diminishing celebrity that his name no longer pops up on huffington post.


          1. Maybe Moore. He knows more than he says..and should still be questioned.
            According to the states star witness, Vicki Hutcheson, who the Moore’s knew, stated in 04 that she was coming clean with God and says ALL of her trial testimony was a lie and that ALL of the parents were on meth before and after the murders, including the Moore’s.
            I’m going to tend to believe that, rather than her lies on the stand that Moore must have known were complete bullshit. It took a look at Mark Byers to finally catch Hobbs in his many lies. Pam Hobbs at one time accused all three fathers of involvement. Why?


          2. And don’t forget, Todds wife actually did kill someone and she didn’t do one day in prison. She pled guilty and had to pay a fine, but that is okay with the righteous Todd Moore!


          3. At least? I guess that life was not important to you. A murderer is a murderer. I don’t see you calling her a convicted murderer. She struck a better deal with the courts, not one day in prison…she is just as worthless as the killer of the 3 boys.


          4. I only have one suspect in mind. I also believe when he dies someone will find a couple of the trophies that he kept.


      1. Ok first of all, I think if Echols was the real killer of Michael Moore and the other 2 little boys, given the nature of the crime and the personality of the type of person that would commit such a horrid crime,I don’t believe that Mr. Blatty presents would at all bother him, in fact I think he would be thrilled at the attention he was receiving. Just curious if it is ever proven that someone other than the wm3 committed this crimes and they are convicted, will you opinion of Damien Echols change?


  7. if echols hung himself tomorrow in that 200-year-old house he lives in, in Salem, MA, there would be supporters claiming a vast conspiricy.


    1. Maybe a short line, for a short length of time, but some of those people in Arkansas, this is what they do in their spare time. (It is part of their online activity.) They look around searching for a case, in which they can then holler about (in order to try to draw attention to themself)

      In the past, it was those cases in which the crazy Dr. Malak (Arkansas State medical examiner) botched
      (deeming murders, as a suicide, etc. – making crazy conclusions, on the “paperwork”.)

      Mara Leveritt wrote that book, “Boys on the Tracks”

      (and now THIS case, is her “new” hobby)
      And then there are those two young girls (the sisters) who put up the “WM3” site.
      (They, too, look around for Arkansas cases, to see if there are any that look possibly “hollerable”.)

      Oh yeah, in the scenerio you speak of, there may be a holler of, conspiracy, but it wouldn’t last long (would be off to find some other Arkansas case, to holler about.)

      You see, a dead Damien Echols, does THEM no good.
      (There then wouldn’t be any way for them to try to get attention for themself.) They would be off, to find another case to “holler” about.

      You see, some of these people are the SAME people, who have “hollered” about other cases, in the past.

      (I guess some people are not aware of that.)


      1. And one more thing, in regard to those, SAME people, who have “hollered” about other cases, in the past,
        it isn’t “just” about THIS case,
        it is about, they “try” to go after Arkansas officials (the state they live in),
        every chance they can get.
        This is another reason (if not the MAIN reason), that they search around on the internet, trying to find “Arkansas” cases
        – that they think they can “holler” about.
        (and then they, go through the same “steps”,
        sending letters to the Governor of Arkansas, complaining, etc.)


        1. (and Vedder and Dep, and the other ‘celebrities’, have now stuck their foot in a “pile of sh_t”,
          whether they know it or not.
          It seems that they don’t know it, because why would you “continue” to stand in a “pile of sh_t”, if you noticed that you were standing in it.)

          [and no, I do not live in Arkansas, but I know about this because it became very obvious, as I read in the past about some cases, and kept seeing the same names pop up
          (because the same people were, “hollering”.)
          I then realized what they are doing, what they are “really” doing.]

          If you do some “homework”, you will see exactly what I am talking about.


          1. But, I guess “to each their own”.
            Some people have different “hobbies” than others.


          2. When it comes to the supporters, they have no valid reason for getting huffy at non-supporters,
            because the “ball is in their court”. (the supporters) They ‘set themself up’ on that one.
            And after all of these years, it still remains the same: There has been no “proof” that these boys were innocent.

            They were found “Guilty” in a court of law.

            And now, they have pleaded “Guilty” to these murders, and the judge sentenced them to time served.
            (And in fact, after they pleaded “Guilty” to these murders, some supporters then stated that they were now non-supporters, because, they said, they know believe that they are indeed “Guilty”.)


          3. Yes, it must be a vast conspiracy of celebrities, movie makers, attorneys, investigators and supporters to get three convicted child killers released from prison. Get real. They are walking free because the state knew damn well they’d get new trials and then the state would lose and get sued for $60 million dollars. The state folded.
            After the juror misconduct in the Echols/Baldwin trial, I do not blame the three for taking the Alford.


          4. What the hell are you smoking? Please go read a book or go back to school…there are enough idiots in the world!


          1. So who is writing the non story and when does it come out? Are you working on it? There were two sham trials, how can you overcome that fact and still tell a story that can’t be refuted and debunked??


          2. Actually, I am reading William Ramsey’s book. I think he should have read a few more books before he decided to do a book on a subject he knows nothing about.


          3. I think you, Blatty, and Moore should write a book. I would actually buy it. You could call it “The Three”.


          4. I don’t have to write a book. Echols and his flunkies are convicted killers with a conviction that was held up multiple times. I would say justice was done but since the three are walking free instead of in prison it wasn’t.


    2. Yes we would and you would be the first one that I would direct the police to, and if it were tried in Arkansas, you would probably be convicted for wishing it to happen πŸ™‚


    3. The only vast conspiracy I’ve seen here is how three drunken satanic cult members killed three little boys in those woods w/out being seen or heard by a damn soul and leaving not ONE shred of physical evidence at the scene. They put the whole damn narcotics squad on a triple homicide. If you’re not asking yourself why that is, maybe you should be.


  8. Listen. They are out now. I think they are innocent. It doesn’t matter what I think or you think Trench. Leave him alone. Hopefully the truth will come out one day.


      1. Do you know of a scenerio in which that situation can possibly occur? (Besides killing, again, I mean.)

        I mean, if something was going to be “overruled” (or something of that nature), wouldn’t it have been done BEFORE he was let out.

        I agree with you though.
        I believe that the State should not have agreed to a “Plea deal”.
        (at least at THIS point in time.)

        What I mean is, “Plea deals” are usually only done at the beginning of a case,
        and usually, they are not even offered in a Capital murder case, or,
        one of “heinous” nature. (etc.)

        (Although I do realize that they were NOT let out for the reason of, that they “are” innocent.)

        They pleaded “GUILTY”,
        and the judge sentenced them to, time already served.
        (I understand that part of it.)

        What I don’t understand is, why the State agreed to a “plea deal”,
        and especially a case which was a “Death penalty” case.
        (a case which was, very “serious”, in nature.
        And was the murders of three children.)


        1. Also, doesn’t Arkansas have
          “Life sentence without the possibility of parole”?

          If so,
          if they were going to do a “plea deal”,
          why didn’t the state say it would have to be that,
          for Damien Echols. (who was sentenced to Death)


          1. The state realized they were going to be sued for $60 million and some peoples political careers would be toast.


      2. Not going to happen, remember he entered a guilty plea and was released on time served. According to the courts, he has done his time. He could run through the streets shouting how he did it and would still be a free man!


      3. That’s called stalking. Why doesn’t Moore sue him?
        I know exactly why, but let’s hear your take first.


    1. “Hopefully the truth will come out one day.”

      For those who didn’t get it the first time, second time, third time,

      now, you also have this:
      they pleaded “GUILTY” TO THE MURDERS.

      (and same as with other “plea deals”,
      they also, agreed with that statement of, that the State had enough for a conviction.)

      It doesn’t get much plainer than that.

      The judge then sentenced them, to time already served.

      (For those who would like to, “maintain” they are innocent,
      there is that (crazy) “Alford plea”,
      named for Mr. Alford, and is why it was “invented”.
      A clause was added, which stated he could: “maintain” he was innocent.
      Of course, does not mean that a person “is” innocent.
      And last I heard, “Mr. Alford” never did “prove” that he was innocent.

      Has anyone, who accepted that type of “Plea deal”,

      [which is actually like any other “Plea deal”.
      (The only difference is, it has that clause added to it,
      after it states: I am GUILTY.)]

      ever “proven” that they were innocent?

      Now you see why alot of states will not even accept an “Alford plea”,
      because they consider it to be, not of common sense.

      (Actually, it seems to be one of “appeasement”.
      pacify. After the,
      I am “GUILTY”.)

      In case you didn’t notice, the I “maintain” (say) innocent, clause,
      isn’t nearly important as the,
      I am “GUILTY” part.

      (and which is the main document)


  9. Blatty is an idiot trying to live off the fame of his father because he will never be famous himself. Todd Moore is a hypocrite, his wife killed someone and didn’t serve one day in prison. Does he send letters to the places she will be, stating how she took a life and only paid a fine?


  10. In the interest of transparency while I’m all for open discourse I will be banning any and all who try to use my personal information as what I perceive as an intimidation tactic.

    I will not be intimidated but I don’t have to put up with your bullshit either. My site, my rules.


      1. If you are referring to my dog…I’m a vet tech and saved the dogs life after being abused and starved…you should look in the mirror before calling someone a pig, doesn’t look like you have ever missed a meal!


          1. Let’s see. I never killed anyone. I’ve been with my wife for 15 years. Raised some pretty good kids. Yep, I was raised well.

            By the way, you insinuating that I am gay is not only ineffective it makes you look homophobic and as crazy as Pam Hicks and Mark Byers.


          2. Let me see, I have never killed anyone, never have even had so much as a speeding ticket in my 46 years. I have been married 26 years, also raised a son..that happens to be a man now and if he were to ever call a woman that he did not know or know anything about, a pig, he would not be walking. That is how a man should be raised, you evidently were not.


  11. I used to back him…and over the years came to my senses. So many of my Wiccan groups spouted “Free the West Memphis Three’…and sadly, just like any religion, I followed. To a point. I came to my senses. This guy is a murderer. And a douche. Sickening at best.


  12. I only began researching this case a couple of months ago after viewing Jackson’s documentary, West of Memphis. This trial and subsequent efforts to exonerate the three convicted is a daunting task due to the corrupt legal system and the lack of credibility of witness statements. I began studying the overwhelming documentation with an objective stance and without partiality for the defense or prosecutors. When analyzing the crime scene and autopsy photos there were two types of wounds that caught my attention. One was the bite mark/turtle bite on Stevie Branch’s forehead with what appears to be an x mark in the center. There are only theories to what made this wound. The other wounds appear to be an impression of an object that transferred x marks similar to what you would find on rebar. It may just be coincidental, but Echols has a trademark X tattoo that his chubacabra’s are waiting in line for. Is this coincidental, Damien, or is this your dark humor at work?


  13. all three convicted accepted a guilty plea only with great struggle, and all three denied the murders in their plea noting only that they are begrudgingly taking it because they knew the state needed to save face in order to allow their release. in regards to our courts and justice system its appalling, really.


  14. So are you a Christian shits or what? DNA evidence doesn’t match Damien. You believe those hillbilly cops in West Memphis? You, my friend, are a shits.


  15. So what about Terry Hobbs? Are you really stupid enough to believe he had nothing to do with it? Unlike Echols and the remaining WM3 there is actual evidence and motive to support him as a suspect.


  16. I pray none of you or your loved ones go through a trial like that. We are supposed to have fair trials in America. These 3, now men, were already presumed guilty before the trial began. Just because someone is convicted does necessarily mean that they did the crime. Go to the Innocence Project website &amp look at the people there that ended up being innocent. It’s disgusting. Nonew of you should judge. Shame on those that have. Mr. Blatty is a despicable man.


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