Damien Echols wants to stop talking about what he won’t shut up about

Damien Echols. I heard he has a PhD in Attention Whoring.
Damien Echols. I heard he has a PhD in Attention Whoring.

There was recently an article in the Village Voice about Mr. Douche Goggles himself, triple convicted child murderer Damien Echols. I was going to let this one go by since it was talking about his and his crazy wife’s new book. That was until I read the first line of the article.

Damien Echols doesn’t want to talk about the West Memphis 3 anymore.

You’re kidding me right? He doesn’t want to talk about the think that’s kept him marginally in the public eye for the past 20 years and has gotten him his celebrity buddies? Of course this is nothing more than classic Echols attention whoring except now it’s reverse attention whoring. The ‘don’t look at me/look at me’ kind of attention whoring. An attention whoring reach around if you will.

Echols really wants to talk about his tarot card classes which is just more of him fleecing his gullible Echolytes. However I do want to take issue with the closing paragraph of the article.

“The things they tried to murder me for — my love of witchcraft, the tarot, my spirituality, these are the things I never changed about myself during all the years in prison,” he says. “The guards couldn’t beat it out of me. People thought I was crazy. But what can I say?”

Wrong again Mikey. They tried to execute you because you brutally murdered three children.

The only thing about cards that Echols truly understands is playing the victim card.

8 thoughts on “Damien Echols wants to stop talking about what he won’t shut up about”

  1. OMFG, that Village Voice article was so full of Damien Echols’ BS that I now need to go shower. Funny how he was supposedly able to get a razor blade in his DEATH ROW CELL. Riiiiight. This is the first I’ve ever heard about his tiny little tarot dick, I mean deck. I CALL B.S.


  2. Damien Echols’ Desire for Fame and Attention, Through the Years

    1992: “He said, ‘WHAT I WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IS TO BE FAMOUS,’ … That always stuck with me.” – Damien’s Aunt, Patricia Liggett, recounting D’s stay with her in fall of that year

    1993: “Damien reports being told at the hospital that he could be another ‘Charles Manson or Ted Bundy.’ When questioned on his feelings he states ‘I know I’m going to influence the world — PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER ME.'”

    1994: “I kind of enjoy it because now even after I die, people are going to REMEMBER ME FOREVER. They’re going to talk about me for years,” he told the documentary filmmakers.

    1995: “When I conducted one of the first death row interviews with Echols in 1995, I noted that he seemed to enjoy the ATTENTION. Was it true, I asked. He grinned. ‘Yes,’ he nodded.” – Reporter Marc Perrusquia

    SOURCES: Marc Perrusquia, “Memoir’s Missing Element,” http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2012/oct/07/memoirs-missing-element/
    Paradise Lost … and the Report of Sherry Dockins, Clinical Social Worker – http://callahan.8k.com/images/500/050.jpg


  3. I think he might not be happy when he sees my new book when it comes out there Tabetha Jones is my publisher on this one — especially when this was a guy in my generation. I think I will reblog this myself I will show you my book and if you want to do a blurb about this one there are a lot of crime reference in this.


  4. Johnny Depp will regret the day he was conned by this man and ruined his career and fell for the whole thing. I read the love book out since someone gave it to me I thought both sounded like they were nuts. Lorri is so far out of her mind and was his biggest fan like a fanish girl for some rock star she was obsessed with him and he saw a good nut to help him get out too so he played her good. Watch him leave her for someone his own age soon enough or a young woman. Maybe his good friend Johnny Depp can set him up with a teenager.


  5. Echols told everyone he’s “homicidal” in his welfare application.
    Magick, Wicca–and now yoga and tarot cards–are simply abject expedients. Expedients to channel the anger of being an abandoned nobody in poor Arkansas. Expedients to excuse mutilating and drowning helpless kids.


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