Craigslist creeper brought child to sex meet up

Craigslist creeper brought child to sex meet up
James Taylor

25-year-old James Taylor, of Quechee, Vermont, thought he had a friend (see what I did there) in a 15-year-old girl he was allegedly meeting for sex through craigslist. Instead, it turned out to be the police from West Lebanon, New Hampshire. The West Lebanon police received a tip about a craigslist ad that appeared to be posted by someone looking for underage children. Police posed as a 15-year-old girl and set up a meeting with Taylor at a baseball field. To the surprise of even the police, Taylor is said to have had his two-year-old child in tow with him when he was set to meet the girl at a baseball field.

Taylor has been charged with both child solicitation and child endangerment. The child is now in custody of the child’s mother. But honestly, who takes their kid to an illegal sex meet up with a teenager? Your typical craigslist creeper, that’s who. Sadly this is not the first instance of one of these cretins bringing their kids with them to something like this, and until craigslist decides to start monitoring its ads for creeps like this it won’t be the last.

Union Leader
Vermont Standard

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