Kik announces safety board, not for the reason you think

Kik announces safety board, not for the reason you think

Kik, the mobile messaging app that’s home to sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors, recently announced they were forming a safety board. However, it seems like their motivation is more based in greed than user safety.

If you read not only this article from Venture Beat, but Kik’s press release as well, it seems the only reason they’re even discussing safety is because of the cryptocurrency Kin, they’re planning on launching.

“We’re bringing [the advisory panel] on now to help us inform this strategy, so as Kin evolves and there are a few iterations, we will have a wide breadth of expertise advising us on making these product decisions and the strategy decisions with Kin,” Kik’s head of trust and safety, Catherine Teitelbaum, told VentureBeat in a phone interview.

Kin will only be able to used by users who are over 18 but so far Kik hasn’t said how they’re going to verify ages. I’m not exactly a cryptocurrency expert, but I don’t see why a messaging app need its own version of Bitcoin. To me it sounds like it could be another tool that could be used by predators to groom their victims. “Hey kid, send me some pictures and I’ll give you some Kin”

Again, the only defense between your kids and online predators is you. App creators like Kik don’t really care about your kids and only care about the bottom line.

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