VT student who tried to buy 5000 bullets expects ‘victorious return to China’

VT student who tried to buy 5000 bullets expects 'victorious return to China'

I originally posted about Yunsong Zhao here. He’s the 19-year-old Virginia Tech student from China who allegedly was in illegal possession of a firearm and tried to buy 5000 bullets.

First, a little clarification on my last post. In that post I said that it was illegal for Zhao to own a firearm since he’s in the US on a visa. That was incorrect. The actual violation is because police say that he owns an AR-15 with a 30 round capacity magazine. The 30 round magazine is what makes the gun illegal. Zhao’s lawyers state he only owned a 20 round magazine which of course makes things much safer but according to reports is legal for Zhao to own. Let’s also not forget that while not illegal, Zhao was supposedly searching for how to obtain body armor and had purchased a police cruiser that still had markings on it. When you add all those things together nothing good can come from it. Not surprisingly, Zhao has been ordered held without bond.

VT student who tried to buy 5000 bullets expects 'victorious return to China'
Yunsong Zhao

However, his current predicament doesn’t seem to have changed Zhao’s sunny disposition much. According to prosecutors, Zhao has said in prison phone calls that he’s a hero, famous, and is expecting a “victorious return to China.” For what? While on paper China may still be a Communist country they’ve become very interested in capitalism in recent decades and rely a lot on American money and they don’t want anything upsetting that apple cart. If Zhao were to be returned to China, he’d probably end up somewhere where he would be longing for the American prison system.

To my knowledge, no alleged motive or plot has been made public yet, but if this was politically motivated as an anti-American attack he sure seemed to be playing the long game.

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