TX Lt. Gov. offers ineffective protection against school shootings

TX Lt. Gov. offers ineffective protection against school shootings
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (still an assclown)

Hey, look at me working on a current story. Go me.

Anyway, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced today he will be donating metal detectors to the school district where the Santa Fe High High School shooting took place. Earlier, I tweeted that this was tantamount to closing the barn door after the horses get out. What I mean by that is it’s extremely rare for a school shooting to take place at a school where one has happened before. Off the top of my head I can’t even think of one instance but if I’m mistaken please feel free to correct me.

Getting back to the metal detectors, not only is it too little too late, but they really don’t discourage anyone from committing a school shooting. If someone is determined enough to commit a school shooting, they’re not going to automatically stop at the site of a metal detector. Unless these mental detectors carry strong electromagnets that can rip the gun from an assailant or a laser grid that would slice them to bits, school metal detectors are nothing more than security theater. Again, I have to point to the shooting at Red Lake High School in Minnesota where a metal detector and an armed resource officer failed to prevent nine from being killed.

Considering this is the same man who blamed the shooting on everything from video games to abortion, his cluelessness should come as no surprise.

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