Columbine parent claims bullying caused Columbine

Columbine parent claims bullying caused Columbine

First off, screw you Westword. Your website is an atrocious abomination of ads and pop-ups that could kill any browser.

Now, on to the matter at hand.

A man by the name of Randy Brown, who claims to be a Columbine parent, wrote an op-ed piece for the Village Voice Media-owned Westword. In it, Brown claims that bullying was the cause of the tragedy at Columbine.

Many students stated that bullying went unchecked at Columbine. Parents reported bullying. Jewish children were bullied, and black children, too. The Regina Huerter report, ordered by Governor Bill Owens’s Columbine Review Commission confirmed it, as did so many of the survivors.

As did the killers.

If this is the Randy Brown I think it is, he’s the father of Brooks Brown who was an acquaintance of Eric Harris. Speaking of which, didn’t Eric Harris bully and harass your son endlessly? But I digress.

Back to the matter at hand. For 20 years that narrative has been pushed by those who want to make the Columbine cowards of Harris and Klebold look like sympathetic figures. For 20 years I’ve been looking for the same information that no one has been able to provide for me.


Give me a name of any one of the supposed bullies who bullied Harris and Klebold. Don’t give me the name of some jock who didn’t even know them. Don’t give me some nebulous story that can’t be verified. Give me documented proof that either one of those spoiled and entitled invertebrates were bullied. There’s documented evidence of Harris’ and Klebold’s mistreatment of other people prior to the shooting so why is there no evidence of their supposed mistreatment? Because it didn’t happen.

I’ll wait another 20 years for someone to give me a name and I bet I still won’t have one.

Some people just can’t grasp that horrific things are done in this world purely for the sake of sadism. Sometimes malice is the only reason.

3 thoughts on “Columbine parent claims bullying caused Columbine”

  1. “Give me documented proof”
    What does this even mean? You think the bully would even come forward 10+ years later? Would they remember?
    I was bullied in grade school.. a LOT. Let me ask my bully if they remember, they most likely won’t. It hurt… that is why I remember. Is bullying dangerous & bad? or is it not? Which is it?

    Why on gods earth would you assume anything? They shot themselves too, it is a part of the puzzle. I don’t have sympathy, we all want to understand so we can prevent these things in the future. Bullying? Hormones? They wanted to fit in & have Love/Sex? What if they just shot themselves? .. no one would care at all.

    Throwing it all away via assumptions does not fix a single thing going forward.


  2. Of course people cant. That stuff can put people at risk.

    Now, its kind of hard to document this stuff, but if you google interviews with Nate Dykeman,Chris Morris, Devon Adams, No Easy Answers by Brooks Brown, you will find accounts which suggests that they were bullied.

    Now, of course, that doesnt mean that bullying has to be a one way street. Usually, in that case, they will occupy the middle ground, which is called bully- victim.

    So I believe its possible that they were bullied and that they may have done some bullying, too, but I dont think any of this explains why they did it. Its not an adequate explanation


  3. So to say that bullying Caused Columbine, thats Just blatantly false. Cause its misunderstanding the issue as a whole. Bullying is a factor in many of these cases, but its not a direct cause.

    We should be nice to people and not bully people, because its the right thing to do. Basically. Because bullying affects people and their emotional state. Whats even more disturbing is the amount of adult and workplace bullying going on. Its good to see that people have put more attention to bullying over the years. People actually committ suicide over this stuff. Thats why we should care. But to narrow school shootings down to bullying isnt good enough. Another problem is that people look for someone to blame. This happened when Breivik shot up Utøya, also. People Just assumed that it was muslims until it turned out to be completely the opposite. Our rush to find simple explanations for such attrocities is something we should always be careful about, given that it can end up the wrong way. Factual based opinions. Thats the thing.


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