Florida Man Accused of Raping 10-year-old Girl He Met on Snapchat

Florida Man Accused of Raping 10-year-old Girl He Met on Snapchat
Austin Altman

Again, not all pedophiles are creepy old men. Case in point, 22-year-old Austin Altman from Pasco County, Florida is accused of allegedly raping a 10-year-old girl that he met on Snapchat.

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Altman reportedly drove to the girl’s home in Hernando County, picked her up late at night and then drove her back to his home. The victim states that Altman raped her by holding her down by her throat and ignoring her demands to stop.

Police were able to track down Altman who denied even knowing the girl before police found the girl in his bedroom.

Snapchat is rated T for Teen on the Google Play Store. According to its own terms of service, users have to be 13 to use the platform. That being said, no 10-year-old child needs to be on Snapchat for any reason. If your child has any kind of mobile device whether it’s a phone or tablet, all they need is a wifi connection to access Snapchat or any other questionable app. Please learn how to use the parental controls on whatever device your kids may have or else the device is just an open window to your kid’s bedroom for predators.

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