Mepham: The Final Chapter

Fourth player to get probation in hazing scandal:

The fourth and final suspect in the Mepham hazing/sexual assault trial was sentenced on was sentenced on Wednesday and again another one escapes with a cushy sentence. The mystery suspect only has to do 50 hours of community service, write a letter of apology to the victims and compose an essay describing how the case has affected him and others. Why didn’t the judge just make him write “I will not shove pine cones in other people asses” on the blackboard a hundred times. I seriously do not understand what Judge Robert J. Conway was thinking. He closed of proceeding to the public, instituted gag orders for all those involved, tried none of the four as adults, and gave mostly light sentences to the offenders. It seems like he thought that this was just a case of boys being boys. That would be true if they were trying out for the football team in ATTICA!!!!!!!!!!!

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