Columbine Lawsuit Appeal

Appeal of Columbine settlement rejected:

Seems like we have some news tonight after all. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Michael and Vonda Shoels, parents of Isaiah Shoels who was killed at Columbine, cannot back out of a settlement with the parents of our favorite rotting in hell killer scumbags Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. The Shoelses’ say that the family accepted the settlement because of a mistake made at their lawyer’s office. Which may be entirely true. However, what gets me is that between the 13 families and others the settlement is only $1.6 million. I know you could never put a price on losing a family member but $1.6M between dozens of people seems like an insult to me. Another term of the settlement was that the families would drop lawsuits against the Harrises and Klebolds for letting their mutant offspring stockpile weapons. It sounds like the families may not have been well represented. And speaking of shady lawyering check out this quote from the Klebolds’ lawyer…

“We hope this means the end of Columbine lawsuits and that the healing in the community continues,” said Frank Patterson, attorney for the Klebolds.

Translation: Please stop suing my clients because if they don’t have any money I don’t get paid. Spare me. As we’ve all heard the Klebolds don’t think they did anything wrong and offer no apologies. They don’t want the community to heal. They just want the community off their backs because they feel like they’ve done nothing wrong. I guess you can see where their kid got his fucked up priorities.

2 thoughts on “Columbine Lawsuit Appeal”

  1. the parents did NOTHING WRONG place responsibilty where it belongs on eric and dylan i guess its easy to blame other people right?


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