Lost Boys

The Lost Boys:

This is a great article from Boston Magazine that goes over the entire Marshfield saga in great detail. When you get a chance read the entire article to get a look into the mind of Joseph Nee.

I found it interesting that the night Joe Nee showed up at the Kerns’ house this is what happened…

Two days after Joe Nee showed up at the Kernses’ door seeking shelter on the night of May 6, Ben Kerns called the Nee home. He says Joe’s mother told him Joe had punched his father and that Joe was the abusive one. “We don’t want him back,” Ben quotes her as saying. “If you don’t want him, throw him out on the street.” Tom Nee declined to be interviewed for this story.

Yet Tom Nee keeps saying…

Tom Nee told reporters, “There was no Columbine because my son had courage and conviction to seek out a police officer.”

At one point you throw him out of your house and say you don’t want him back then you say he had courage and conviction. It sounds like to me that a cop is refusing to admit that his son might have broken the law. But that’s just my opinion.

I still have yet to receive any comments or e-mails in defense of Joseph Nee, and this article will probably make it harder for anyone to do so.

8 thoughts on “Lost Boys”

  1. I can’t believe all of that shit. I think that Ben Kerns should have said something about Joe before all of this had happened. I’m not trying to blame him, because I can understand how he’s feeling, what with his son being in jail and all, but if you think about it, if he had been more involved in his son’s life, maybe it wouldn’t have come to this. Then again, maybe it would have, but we’ll never know, so it’s kinda pointless to do the whole shoulda woulda coulda thing.Now all that we can really do is hope that everything gets figured out, and everything turns out alright.


  2. When I said that, I didn’t mean it as a way of saying that he was wrong, and if that’s how it sounded, I apologize. And to be honest, I don’t think I would have doen anything different. It’s a bad deal for all, and I understand that. Whereas I can (gladly) say that I’ve never had to deal with what you are going through, I hope that everything gets figured out soon, so life can continue for you and everyone else involved.


  3. It’s really to bad that when something like this happens people are really quick to point fingers. All the boys are just as responsible for all that happened. Joe Nee is not the ringleader he’s an easy target for angry parents. What you should really be doing is thanking him for preventing disaster. Toby might say he was going to tell but he didn’t Joe did. Joe is such an easy target because of who his father is and his problems. We should be just as angry with all the other boys. They cant possibly be such angels if they were at all involved in this. So what i’m trying to say is Joe is a kind-hearted kid who made a stupid choice he along with his friends will pay for it. I highly doubt this was all Joes’ idea. And just so everyone who reads this knows Joes family is great, as any family with a troubled kid has they have made mistakes but they still remain some of the nicest caring people I have ever met. Thank You –April (Joes cousin) we all make mistakes some bigger than others nobodies perfect!!!!


  4. Dear April,I am Toby Kerns’ Aunt. I wanted you to know that I am thinking of and praying for all of our families. This is truly a dark time for all of us.May I ask a question? Do you have any idea of why the other two students have not been arrested.Be Well, Marsha


  5. No i have no clue why the other two boys havent been arrested. i wish i did. Thank you for not being closed minded and respecting my comment. I am also praying for all the families. —april


  6. I knew Toby from a summer camp in maine back in ’03. He was actually my closest friend that year. He never seemed like someone who would do something like this. He never got angry at anyone or about anything., he was justa normal kid. He didnt do anything out of the normal. i was completly shocked when i heard about these charges on him. and i hope to god there not true and i wish i could get into contact with him somehow and if theres anyone out there who can tell me how can u please email me at ntsouprake@yahoo.com


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