More Mall Mutant

Just some more news tidbits about Robert Bonelli the New York State mall shooter.

According to the Albany Times Union when Bonelli was questioned by police he said that if he didn’t go to the mall on Sunday he would have gone to a school on Monday. No word on which school he would have gone to.

The New York Post states that Bonelli dropped out of school at the age of 16. No word on why he dropped out.

So let’s put the timeline in perspective. He drops out at age 16 for whatever reason, becomes obsessed with Columbine at age 19, then 6 years later shoots up the local mall. It will be interesting if the true motive is ever revealed.

One thought on “More Mall Mutant”

  1. :!:I am so relieved to read that no one was killed.I just pray that this man finds God in prison, and His life is changed.I pray that those affected by his actions have no emotional scars from this and that they can move on to live a peaceful life.


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