Another Red Lake Victim

Wounded Student’s Mother Shows Signs Of Recovery:

I guess we can officially say the Red Lake shootings have claimed another victim. I told you about Jeff May here and how he was shot in the face by Jeff Weise after stabbing Weise with a pencil while trying to defend two girls. After he was shot Jeff May suffered a stroke. His mother, Jodi May, also suffered a stroke on April 30th. Family members attribute it to the stress of the unimaginable situation that she and her family are going through.

It’s been a week since Jodi’s surgery, and her family has seen what they believe to be signs that she will recover. Doctors have removed the tube that was draining fluid from her head.

“She gives us the thumbs up or down when we ask her questions,” Trisha said, the same communication Jeff used during the earliest stages of his recovery.

“She opens her eyes,” Shane added. “She squeezes our hands when we ask her to.”

No one can say for sure whether she understands everything they say. But they believe.

Please keep the May family in your thoughts and prayers.

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